I apologize to all forum members about my poor english command but I believe that what matters is the content not the command in this issue (Thank you Dan].

Dan, you are doing a wonderful job when sharing with all the forum members your know how and "intelligence".

The 360 and 360-3d market is growing. VR will become a important new market and I think VR is not limited to headset contents.

AR (augmented reality) will benefit a lot from VR and will find use in several vertical markets, probably with a much more important role than VR.

I am convinced that the current growing offer of 360 and 360-3D cameras is just a small part of the top of the iceberg.

We are living in interesting and challenging times and taking the full picture of what is happening is very difficult. More, if we start thinking about other technologies on the horizon, some how, are related to 360-VR-AR, like big data, LBS, IoT, machine & learning and artificial & augmented intelligence, robotics and so on.... well... where are we going ?

The digital world is mixing with real world for sure. And people, companies and institutions will face also challenges. And every challenge request effective solutions.
So I wonder what role can I do in the future. "Can I be a solution provider?" and "How do I fit in?". "What role can I play?"

I believe everyone should ask those questions, even knowing that no one knows the correct answers.

Cheers to all

PS. In this forum we are a very small community but we may find ways to cooperate...