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How Matterport Should Charge for Street View4630

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Matterport will charge for converting Matterport Spaces to Google Street View when it launches later this year [2017].

Instead of charging per conversion, Matterport should consider adding three new pricing tiers here:

✓ Basic Plus
✓ Professional Plus
✓ Business Plus

These new tiers would include:

1. Publishing of Matterport Spaces to Google Street View
2. Conversions of Matterport Spaces to CoreVR
3. Creating of Matterport Spaces to 2D Schematic Floor Plans

The challenge with ala Carte pricing for the above by Matterport for Matterport Service Providers is that clients think they should only be charged only for the incremental additional expense that Matterport charges us. By creating these new Plus categories, Matterport would protect Matterport Service Providers so that we can charge much more than the incremental expense that Matterport charges us.

I could imagine that you would disagree – if you only occasionally plan to order a Google Street View, CoreVR or 2D Floor Plans.

While - presently - you may only be doing residential real estate (that is not appropriate for Google Street View), if Matterport priced as I suggest (above), this would help Matterport Service Providers pursue this business opportunity (restaurants, hotels, event spaces, gyms, etc.)

Matterport to Google Street View will NOT be free (though it is possible Matterport will offer a "window" for free conversions to prime the pump (as they did with CoreVR).

What do you think? How should Matterport charge for Google Street View Conversions?


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Viewing private msg quote post Address this user
I think two questions decide what Matterport should charge...

1. Is it an automated service their end that only involves the MSP doing the work?

If it's automated it should be free.

2. Is there a high level or any level of 24 hour support dedicated just to GSV conversion?

If there's not it should be free. If there is they didn't cover all angles when building it - not our fault, don't charge us.
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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user

It needs to bring in revenue in order to recoup R&D; recoup marketing; recouping ongoing employees for support and further development and fund presence at past and future GSV conferences/public forums. costs me $25/mo. GoThru is automated in that the developers don't have to manually do anything - I just login and use their system to build and publish a tour.

And yes, there are employees at Matterport dedicated to GSV.

This is a big difference with CoreVR -- that is an automated 'conversion' -- and unless I'm ignorant, I don't actually think it's a conversion -- it's just a different display mode. Matterport built up the infrastructure for us to customize the VR tour separately (simplify the # of points), they built up marketing for it, they support it and have developed new experiences such as the Daydream viewer with tens of thousands of lines of code.

I think that CoreVR is a bit difficult to charge for as it's one of those things that most of us wouldn't pay for -- but it's existence is a strong suit for Matterport as a platform. To put it simply, it checks a very important competitive box on the checklist.

-- was billing $59 for conversion of 1 tour from 40 - 100 panos. If Matterport charge $29 (1/2 my price) for the same service, allow it to be instant, turn-key and open the opportunity to go back, edit, and republish - then it's EXCELLENT value. Compare to manual editing with GoThru -- it takes me about 60 minutes to publish a 60 pano tour -- so if time is money, my hour is worth more than $30. No matter how you look at it, Matterport are going to be offering an amazing service at a 'nominal fee'.
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We'll have to wait and see what the nominal fee is. I just can't get my thinking away from the fact that we would be paying Matterport to publish their own 3D tour to Google. Bill Google if they're going to bill anyone. Don't bill us or the client by default as it's neither ours nor the client's 3D tour to publish to Google Street View.

The greatest respect as always and I do appreciate the staff commitment to making GSV happen. We shouldn't be charged for it though in my opinion.
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