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Multiple FloorsStrategyTips

Kickboxing gym3815

Ramblinman private msg quote post Address this user
We've been asked to scan a new kickboxing/gym and we need to know how we should handle scanning the boxing ring. As your all aware a boxing ring is a few feet off the ground. The facility is all on one floor. So do we treat the ring as a 2nd floor or just scan the entire facility as one floor? They want us to scan from inside the boxing ring so ppl get the feel of being in the ring.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Cool! Sounds exciting. Perhaps they would give you two boxers and a referee to "freeze" while you scan

Treat it as one floor when scanning.

Note that the model may show as 1 or 2 floors: regardless of how you show it on your iPad (which is only for your visual convenience.

Some Challenges with this Space (and potential solutions)

1. The ropes: try to scan 4 feet from the ropes to avoid the ropes not stitching correctly. I would over scan so that I would have lots of options about which scans to hide

2. Unless the floor of the ring as a design, you are at risk of scan failure because the stitching process will have a hard time to find common points between images to stitch them together. If you start experiencing scanning failure, put the camera on the lowest tripod setting possible. This should help with success scanning. Then, scan at normal height. In post, hide scans at the lowest height.

Please do post the finished scan here and comment about any challenges shooting the space.


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VisualSpace360 private msg quote post Address this user
Good points, but also be aware the ring floor is malleable, when walking around the tripod the rope may not align. I suggest a remote triggering device and stay away from the tripod.
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TrustedPhotoDC private msg quote post Address this user
The height of the ring should not matter. If the camera can see the top of the ring when scanning from the floor, you will just add additional geometry. If you were to add a second floor(i.e. the ring), Matterport would most likely combine in the stitching and publishing and give you back only one floor.
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