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Do I need a Custom MP VR App for this?3712

3rd Party
Myrtle Beach, SC
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
I just left a creative brief with a new client and they have an awesome project, but I need some advice.

1. In a VR headset, they want to show a 60 second video clip and at the end of the video, they want it to automatically load a Matterport tour. How can I pull that off? The video will be 2D and they would like to show it as a screen like the "Void Theatre" on Samsung Gear VR.

2. Also, do Mattertags work in the VR environment? And if not, is there plan for them to any time soon?

Thanks in advance!
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3rd Party
Myrtle Beach, SC
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
Also, this is for a Tradeshow presentation, so it needs to be as idiot proof and with the least complicated navigation possible.
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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@ArtisticConcepts This seems to be why they have a Showcase VR SDK. I'd jump on this ASAP and perhaps contact another member (@DannyBasting) who has access to this and may be able to do this as this seems like a very simple task -- but daunting if you #1) Don't have the SDK and #2) Have never published an app.

I know that with Android, it's painless to sideload APK files -- thus an unpublished, custom app is easy to put on a device. I'm not sure how easy it is with a stock iPhone.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
I've been playing with this Unity Asset but I haven't tried it with Matterport Gear VR models.!/content/20454

It lets you launch another app. But, even if you could do that, your users would have to wait for the Matterport App to load and then select a Showcase model to view. Unless, there's a way for the initial app to trigger that magic URL. The magic URL is that URL you tap on your phone to launch a Core VR model. That would be a fun experiment to try, but even if it worked, the client would have to go through the tasks of side-loading an unofficial Gear VR app. That's not a two-step process and the client would have to trust you that the app is not malicious. I'll have to imagine that the upcoming SDK lets developers manipulate models at a low level making it possible for apps to run Matterport models.
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3rd Party
Myrtle Beach, SC
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you guys! What about mattertags in VR?
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