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2.5%+ of all homes sold in the US had a MP3632

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
"We’ve established a leading position in residential real estate, where after 2 years in market we estimate that already more than 2.5% of all homes sold in the US had a Matterport 3D Space," says this Matterport job opening for Vice President, Software Engineering.

Is that a lot or a little?

And, is this VP opening a new position - or replacing someone that left (and why)?


P.S. Other interesting items in this job opening:

✓ "Our 370,000+ 3D Spaces have been viewed over 100M times, and we currently serve over 8.5M unique model visitors per month."

✓ "a training dataset of over 300 million RGBD images (and growing) on our platform to extend our lead in 3D reconstruction, semantic understanding, and search."

✓ "We’ve doubled our headcount and revenue this year - leveraging recent Series C funding."
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StevenHattan private msg quote post Address this user
2.5% of ALL homes sold...I'd say that's not bad.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
Interesting read. In the job description they said

"Our Software team has a strong core competency in computer vision, and we are leveraging deep learning capabilities to take advantage of a training dataset of over 300 million RGBD images"

Machine/Deep Learning are often associated with apps that attempt to understand human speech and understand pictures. Google's deep learning software, for instance, can do this ..

The software, not humans, captioned those photos. The computer understood what it saw. Since Matterport's probably not interested in speech recognition, maybe they're working on a way for it's software to understand rooms and room contents. Imagine the possibilities if

1) The software could auto tag things like granite counter tops and french doors
2) The software could emulate the Talkie tours. You walk near a fireplace and a voice tells a story about it
3) The software could group panos, ie if there's a bed in a room, it's probably a bedroom.

Machine learning and computer vision advancements might also help the software create better models more efficiently and photographers work faster. This is all speculation, but machine learning, particularly in the area of imagery, seems like something Matterport would be researching.

Show and Tell: image captioning open sourced in TensorFlow
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New Orleans, LA
PetraSoderling private msg quote post Address this user
Interesting. According to this data *) about half million homes were sold in 2015. If they estimate the same for 2016 that makes 1 million homes. The 370K spaces is more than 2.5%, on the other hand some of those scans were not homes so maybe their estimate is accurate. I think that is a lot! This is very encouraging.

370k scans divided by 5000 cameras sold is 74 scans per camera over two years. That is not a lot. Could there be a 20/80 rule in terms of small number of cameras making most of the scans?

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New Orleans, LA
PetraSoderling private msg quote post Address this user
@UserName They are using Computer Vision at least for trying to automate floor plan creation. We've seen some evidence of the results (in this forum somewhere but cannot find the links at this moment). There is still a long way to go with that but if they are able to generate patents there it will be very valuable to their investors.
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New Orleans, LA
PetraSoderling private msg quote post Address this user
No wait, I made an error. 370k scans out of 1 million homes sold is 37%. Something does not add up. Help anyone?
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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
While I usually like to post happy things, I cannot help but think that this statistic (2.5%) is ridiculous.

If, as Petra is pointing out, they did fuzzy math with # of homes sold and # of scans that were done and came out with 2.5%, sure. But that's just the # of scans vs. # of homes sold... making the assumption that every scan is a unique home (as opposed to a scan of a hotel room, apartment, test scan, etc.)

I think this is a silly stat.

@UserName For the short time that 'MatterXport' was live, we were able to take a look at all of the assets that were generated from tours which included some pretty rough data along with floorplans generated from Three.js and the model (similar to what you see when viewing floorplan mode for a tour - but as a flat file in maximum quality).

It's my belief that Matterport is sending over their best data to the Schematic Floorplans team, which is outsourced talent in a country that creates the floorplans for peanuts.

I have nothing to go on but suspicion.

Go American, and use Petra
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
@PetraSoderling - I think locking up all the patents might help cement Matterport's in the 3D model creation market.

Here's an interesting recent virtual tour patent, #20160148413, that Everyscape Inc filed last May ..

Method for inter-scene transitions

Summarized, it states that current VR tours consisting of panoramic images have a problem. The patent says,

"Current panoramic virtual tours have significant limitations. Two panoramas are not inherently capable of describing how the panoramas are connected and oriented with respect to each other. it is often difficult for the viewer to mentally connect the two scenes."

The company's solution is to provide a system for creating specialized scene transitions ..

"Motion between the scenes is simulated by displaying transitional images that include a transitional scene based on a transitional object in the first scene and in the second scene."

I'm guessing that their system doesn't simply involve inserting a standard fade or dissolve effect between two panoramic images. Anybody can do that. It sounds like they want to emulate Matterport Showcase transitions via software even though a tour is not a 3D model.

If Everyscape does have a magic scene transition generator, I wonder how that would affect Matterport Showcase models. Showcase scene transitions are one of Matterport's major selling points since they make you feel like you're really moving between two locations in a home.

I don't lose my orientation when I move through a Matterport Showcase model. They do a good job in many areas to make that possible. However, I can lose my orientation when I move through a regular VR tour made out of panoramic images. I'm not sure if CoreVR's momentary "blackout" helps or hurts the situation. In real life a blackout doesn't occur when I walk from the chair to the TV. If you explore JonJ's model onscreen or in Gear VR, motion's perfectly fluid because you're inside a real 3D model that requires no transitions.

But I think the Everyscape has a point. If I'm looking at a fireplace in a VR pano and I click to move towards that fireplace, my mind may have to briefly "figure out where I am" after the scene transition occurs. That's even harder to do if, as in some VR tours, I don't wind up looking at the fireplace after I click to move in that direction.

Samsung has a more recent September patent named

Method for navigation in an interactive virtual tour of a property

That makes you wonder if Samsung's getting into the VR Tour business. They've already invested in it and there are rumors about an advanced Gear VR with AR/VR capabilities. I guess Matterport's aware of everything that's going on in the patent world. If I was in the VR tour business I'd hate to have to take on the Samsung/Oculus/Facebook alliance and everybody else who works with those companies. "Facebook VR Home Tours." I can see it now.
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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
I'm not sure if there's a HUGE market for getting into VR Home Tours. When you already have Matterport, iGuide, RealVision and other solutions all competing and no lack of availability for photographers -- it seems that the only way to get into the market is to be as distruptive as Matterport was in the first place...

I think the next big thing is going to have to be a drone that automatically navigates the house and captures everything without human interaction. Introducing: Matterport Pro Drone Camera.
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Viewing private msg quote post Address this user
From a marketing/legal pov, Matterport made the 2.5% statement, not us. Use that stat to your advantage I say. For us it makes no difference if the figures are a lovely caramel fudged flavor. Up that figure to 20% next year please.
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