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Virtual RealityVR

Lockdown Oculus Rift and Matterport App3526

immersiveprop private msg quote post Address this user
I am setting up a Gear VR for a client and want to make it as easy to use and error free as possible. I have already locked the phone down to just VR apps without knowing a passcode.

I want to lock down Oculus and possibly configure it so it goes straight into Matterport. Has anyone done this or have tips on forcing users straight into the app and prevent them from installing other Oculus apps?
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
I don't know if you can shut down Oculus. However you could install QuickShortcut Maker on the phone. You can then use it to put a shortcut to the Matterport App on the home screen. Click that icon and the phone tells you to put the phone in the Gear VR. When you put the Gear VR on, Matterport launches, bypassing the Oculus welcome screen.

The only problem there is if your client chooses to exit Matterport and go to the Oculus home screen, the home screen shows up. As you've seen, there are lots of enticements there that may tempt someone into checking other apps out and installing them with a few clicks.

Sounds like a good idea -- making it like a Kisok dedicated to nothing but Matterport. But I'd guess that Samsung made the Gear VR so that pressing and holding that top right button gives anyone the option to go to the Oculus Home screen.
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Jacques private msg quote post Address this user
I thought that Matterport 3D models could not be seen on Oculus. It seems that I was wrong...

Although it is not officially supported by Matterport, can you please confirm that it works?

To be honest, once the wow effect of putting on a kind of Google Cardboard VR headset past, I was disappointed by the quality (too many blurs when moving/rotating).

Probably it's because of the amount of cpu power needed, that's why an Occulus could appear as the best option for Matterport VR (unfortunately much more expansive).
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3rd Party
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
@Jacques, I think the thread is accidentally mistitled and that's probably the reason for the confusion.

@immersiveprop is referring to the Samsung Gear VR which is powered by Oculus, not the actual full blown oculus rift system which is what I assume you are referring to.

Samsung Gear VR, however, does display Matterport Core VR Tours, and quite wonderfully, although the navigation between models seems a bit clunky to me.

I hope that helps clarify. Concerning the rift, I am not sure of its capabilities concerning Core VR, as I haven't had the luxury of using it just yet.
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Jacques private msg quote post Address this user
@ArtisticConcepts, You're right; thanks a lot.
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immersiveprop private msg quote post Address this user
Yes @ArtisticConcepts is correct. I am referring to the Oculus platform inside the Samsung Gear VR rather than Oculus Rift.

I will try out the QuickShortcut Maker and see if it will make things easier to navigate. I am trying to cut down on the confusion and support calls when someone navigates to a wrong screen. If I could prevent them from downloading other apps that would be great but I don't think that is possible.

I would also like to remove the default tours that come with the Matterport app and just have mine, but that doesn't seem possible either.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
If all you want to show them is CoreVR, here's another option.

1) You create a browser page that has nothing but links to Core VR models on it.

2) You deactivate the phone's Gear VR service using the Package Disabler app found on the Play Store.

When someone taps one of the icons, the phone says something like, "Put your phone into your VR headset"

After you put it on, the Core VR model downloads and runs using Google Cardboard. You can never get to anything related to Oculus because you've deactivated the Gear VR Service. However, the Gear VR still shows you the model and the Gear VR's button works. The Gear VR becomes an improved Cardboard app viewer.
I've used Package Disabler for over a year now so that I could run Cardboard apps on my Gear VR. If you ever want to reactivate the Gear VR Service, do it in Package Disabler. You'll have to restart the phone to make that change take effect.

So, ideally, the only app they'd see on the phone would be the browser. It's open to the page that has your CoreVR links. If you host that page somewhere, you can always update it so your client always sees your most current models. That browser page becomes kiosk.

If you didn't want to use a browser, perhaps there's a way to convert a URL to a CoreVR model into a clickable icon. I don't know how the process of clicking a URL to open an Android app works so I don't know if this would be an option.

Another possibility would be to create a simple Android app that functions as your kiosk. That app would consist of a Webview control that functions like a browser page. That page again would show your CoreVR model's links/buttons. Here's info on the Webview ..

The app becomes the kiosk full of Core VR models that are always up to date as long as you keep the hosted Web page up to date on your Web server.
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immersiveprop private msg quote post Address this user
That might be a good solution and I will see if the workflow fits.

One question: Do you have issues with the micro USB port on the phone since you have to put it in and out of the Gear VR so many times?

My phone doesn't charge well anymore and I believe it is because of putting it into and out of the Gear. I was hoping to just have the client leave it in the Gear so that would not be an issue but your solution may work for me.

Thank you for the great information.
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UserName private msg quote post Address this user
Funny you should ask because recently my charger's plug wouldn't fit into the phone's USB port. Inside the port is a there's a little metal prong that can get bent. You can use a small object to carefully unbend it so the charger plug slides easily into the port. Maybe Samsung should issue a warning about that since you confirm that I'm not the only one that had the problem.

A faulty charging cable can increase charge time. I had that problem too but replacing the cable solved the problem.
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Vince_MccrayT private msg quote post Address this user
These are the kind of exciting yet grounded articles I like on this sub
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