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DmitriyReev private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All!

I'm from ... Russia and started to develop local market since end of September. I have one big concern before I get a lot of clients for 3D tours))) I hope you help me.

Let's imaging, I find a lot of clients such as hotels, restaurants, designers, home repair companies, etc. I do tours for them, they pay me. If you paid for tour, people would think that they will have this in pocession for ever, it's their property. So, they don't know that I pay every month some fee to Matterport to store these tours on their servers. Imaging now again that I decide in some time to stop my business or sell it to somebody over here. What it means? I stop paying fee to Matterport and all my previous clients will lose their tours because Matterport blocks them? I hope I don't need to pay for storage of tours for ever even if I will stop doing my scanning business. This situation is really bothering me a lot and I can't go straightforward into business spending time and money for marketing. I'd appreciate a lot your ideas about it.

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Cleveland, OH
CLE3D private msg quote post Address this user
Most of us have some kind of plan in place for clients like this that will have annual or monthly hosting fees. This way you won't have to pay out of pocket if you decide to stop scanning and keep the tours active. It will also take care of the additional hosting fees if and when you jump above the limit of models available within your current Matterport plan.
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Louisville, KY
JohnLoser private msg quote post Address this user
You might consider one other thing that many of us do. Claim the copyright for all images and license the 3DTour model to the customer. In essence, they do not own the images; You do. You can give an "exclusive" license to your customer, while holding back the use of the images and the 3DTour model for your company promotion needs.

I have had success with this with all my customers. As long as I don't let others use the model without their knowledge and permission, they are comfortable with the licensing arrangement.

We also have terms for the license; we have a 6 month license and a 12 month license. The customer gets a 6 month license as a part of the original sale and it will renew automatically. They may choose a 12 month license on renewal.

Best wishes for success.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Like @JohnLoser says, plus ...

We Get Around use Stripe paired with MoonClerk to do our monthly billing (automatically).

Clearly, Matterport has not addressed the "when I exit the business" question.

If Matterport will allow We Get Around to offer a hosting plan for say half or less the number of models – with no publishing – we would offer this service to Forum Members, provided that Matterport would transfer the Matterport Spaces to our account.

(A good reason NOT to delete your models because you could also be a Collaborator and upload the models to another Matterport account (like ours). Again, I do not know if Matterport would allow us to be in the hosting business (using our Matterport account).

This would be a moot point if Matterport offered a hosting plan that did not include new uploading of models. Then, Pros like you could decide confidentially buying a Matterport Camera knowing that if/when yo exist the business, you have an exist strategy for your clients that are paying you monthly or annually for hosting.

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terrygrant private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Dimitry
If I understand correctly (I just tried it by putting my Ipad into Airplane mode and it seems to be the case)
You or your clients can download the Matterport 3d app to their Ipad (I presume it works on Iphones as well) then download the model they wish to treasure forever and it will be available on that device even if you delete it from your account or close your account. Its not quite the same as being able to host it independently of Matterport on your own website but Its a close second :-)

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DmitriyReev private msg quote post Address this user
Good day, all!

Today I had another problem with potential client and can't solve it w/o your help!..I proposed to one SPA (300 m2) who has already panoramic tour on their web page to replace it with matterport tour as they can use mattertags and VR. They were interested from the beginning, but when I sent offer to them where was annual hosting fee (46 USD/year) starting after 6 free months, they said NO. They don't pay anything for their current panoramic tour they say, why they need to pay for hosting of matterport tour. Also they asked: is it really our tour? etc. May be you can advise me how to handle with such type clients and questions? thank you! Dmitriy
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