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Interactive 3D Shopping the right way.3163

3rd Party
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
I've been looking forward to Mattertags going live and now that they are, I am ready to pick your brains.

I know that Alibaba did a VR store option, and that's nice, but what I am interested in, is creating the Virtual Shopping experience for boutiques using Matterport and the Mattertags.

The obvious solution would be to create a link in the mattertag for each item that links directly to that product's page in an online store, but I'm afraid that some shoppers would not be savvy enough to return to the 3D showcase after opening their first item and it would break the experience by being too clunky.

I'm wondering if it is possible to use the Mattertags to create links that would open details about the item in an overlay or lightbox and then let the customer choose a quantity or options and add to cart. Then at the end of the shopping experience, they could check out on an actual e-commerce site (either their own existing site or one that is built specifically for theVirtual Store.)

Basically, the goal is to keep the experience smooth, enjoyable, and contained in the same window and then handle checkout through a true e-commerce solution.

I am pretty sure we all have a large pool of potential clients for this type of service if it’s possible to do it right.
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VRealExperience private msg quote post Address this user
I dont think so - there is what I believe to be a 160 character lenght.

I guess what it would come down to is what framework are mattertages built on, and in that language there is a section of code short enough for a quantity/add to cart function, AND Mattertags would execute the code rather than just displaying the text.

I think.
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3rd Party
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
I wonder if a URL shortener would help? I know it only works with "http" and "https", but I'm wondering if you can use a URL shortener to pull off a longer expression.

I'm more of a designer & UX person than an actual programmer. I can reverse engineer enough to be dangerous, so for those of you who speak code as a first language, I apologize if these questions seem silly or elementary. 😬
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grmngrl private msg quote post Address this user
I don't know if you are aware that you can only have 5 mattertag URL's in one model. Seems limiting to me.
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3rd Party
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user
Oh! Per model. I thought you could put 5 links per tag. I missed that. Thank You!
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3rd Party
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user

Good News! It is per post. :-)
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