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Matterport Vs. Google2923

Gibbsboro, NJ
Radie842 private msg quote post Address this user
I have purchased my camera and have launched my business. I am getting ready for a meeting with a potential customer and noticed google view for business. Has anyone else seen this and if so how do "we" compare/compete?
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Buenos Aires
jfantin private msg quote post Address this user
MP and GSV are two different animals that happen to use similar concepts. In my opinion they complement each other but are not direct competitors because the value proposion is different.

Quality is different and the navigation experience is superior with MP. The dollhouse is a killer feature for some customers (although not to everybody).

While with Google StreetView you get more exposure because any time a user searchs for a business or a category of business there the street view tour will show up in the search. You get more vissibility with Google Street View because you will be in Google Maps and in Google Search, while with Matterport you work exclusively with the customer's website and some presence in the social apps.

But there is a downside with Google: you have no control over the images. They will put your tour in the order they want and perhaps your customer will feel dissapointed.

When I work with hotels and restaurants, I always go for a combo proposition: Matterport + Google Street View at a reduced price if they purchase both. Some chose to stick with Google because they feel their money will be best invested, while the more image conscious clients embrace Matterport.

I wouldn´t say that they compete. But if you are planning to make a living out of 360 imaging I would suggest you to purchase a 360 camera as well (Iris360 for example) so you can do both (extracting 360 images from Matterport tours is still in a grey area where even if it is technically possible it is against Matterport Terms of Use).

I hope you find this useful but I am sure others will be able to share their points of view.
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