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Big Alignment Problem2689

Wandsworth U.K.
RobinLycka private msg quote post Address this user
@JosePino Notice the strange looking part of the door that extends out in the room, I´d say that this is an indicator that something would be wrong with the unit, it´s not capturing the right distance from the camera to that part of the structure. Also it seems like it´s not capturing the middle part of the room as it has no texture, this could be just that the camera is close to the walls, I´m not sure.

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JosePino private msg quote post Address this user
3DscannUK thanks for your suggestions but I've tried it everywhere. close to the walls, in the middle of the room, room with no windows or mirrors, but always is the same.
I think it is definitely a unit problem.
I'm trying to contact customers support in US and UK for them to give me a possible solution.
Thank you again!!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Good news....

I have reviewed your scan + mini-map, and while it is possible that your camera needs re-calibration by Matterport, more likely a perfect storm consisting of the following:

1. The wall of odd-shaped glass looks like a mirror
2. The Camera sees sunlight coming through the window
3. The solid white walls confuse the stitching process
4. The close proximity to walls creates stitching challenges

I recommend ....

1. Start in the middle of a big, open space, and ...
2. That does not have mirrors, and
3. The Camera does not see direct sunlight

When you get to the "perfect storm" space ...

1. Use the Trim Tool to mark the wall-of-glass as a mirror
2. Use the Trim Tool to mark the window as a window
3. Scan from the middle of the space
4. If possible, add something like a plant against a white wall (to help the processing see common points rather than a blank wall)

If you still have trouble when you enter the original space...

1 Set the tripod on the lowest height, and ..
2. Scan that space, and then ...
3. Set the tripod on the regular height
4. Scan that space
5. In Workshop, hide the scans that were on the tripod's lowest height

Once you try the above, please let us know if this helped.

Please do let us know what Matterport Support says. To get a callback sooner from Matterport, read this.

The We Get Around Referral Network Emergency Support Hotline offers 24/7 emergency support ($$$$$) for Matterport Pros. It's like Uber meets support: Pros race to answer the call on the first ring, because We Get Around pays them to provide Matterport Support.

You get your choice of instant one hour live 24/7 support - or up to an hour scheduled Skype call with me during regular business hours (Atlanta time zone) - when you pre-pay for a We Get Around Standard Membership for one year.

Also, with 1,850 Members in 74 countries, it's likely that we can provide a free referral of a Matterport Pro for training in the language of your choice. Or, reach out to a Matterport Mentor – Pros that have been scanning at least one year.


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JosePino private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Dan, but all the scans I've tried had the same.
Strange weird lines crossing the black circle of each scan.

Those are several scans in an interior room with no windows or mirrors in it.
It doesn't look normal, does it?
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Ah! I have NEVER seen that.

Plus, I have read most of the 21,000 posts among 2,500 discussions and have never seen this issue.

We have had just a few Members report Camera problems that resulted in Matterport either re-calibrating or replacing the camera (grinding sound).

You might try reaching out to the Matterport rep that sold you the Camera in addition to using this Matterport Support Form.

About the appointments that you have already booked for paying gigs, please PM me if you would like referrals to Matterport Pros that you could engage to scan your client's spaces.


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JosePino private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks again, Dan
For me at this point is good to know that this is not a normal error of the camera, so it should be replaced for a new one.
I sent messages to Matterpot support team yesterday and also this morning. I hope they answer me ASAP.
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