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Matterport workshop with macbook1765

htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
2 questions.

1)I have an older macbook pro from 2011 upgraded to 8 gbs of ram. The fan sounds like its taking lift off every time I open any tour and especially when I am working in the workshop. Does anyone else have this issue and or found a way to fix it.

2)I'm also huge fan of chrome, has anyone found a workaround to get chrome working with workshop?
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ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user
Unrelated to this very specific preoblem, but my workstation used to sound like it was going to lift off everytime I demanded a bit of processing power...
I cleaned the inside (expacially the fans) that was packed with dust, preventing the fan to work properly to cool down the inside of the case.
My workstation is back to being very silent, like brand new.

I hope you have the same problem. If so, it's an easy fix. If not, good luck with fixing thisone (of buying a new computer)

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htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
I'll take it apart tomorrow and make sure it's not clogged up. But i think it has something to do with the demand of this out of date software matterport is using.
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3Dwalkmethru private msg quote post Address this user
works fine on pc and internet explorer had no issues when I switched browser after having issue with chrome ... Most issues are with Mac for some reason .. Good luck maybe a PC can solve the problem after all is about productivity ...
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htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
Funny how everything matterport does is built for iPad which I had to but being a android user. Only apple item I have is MacBook and their editing software runs terrible on it. The joys of being in with a new company.
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ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user
I had to buy a Samsung S7 and GearVR to run their VR software (not yet compatible with Apple products)... together we've gone full circle @htimsabbub23 ahah
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jntooker private msg quote post Address this user
Your macbook may be working too hard. I have a macbook pro 2011 with 8Gig RAM as well. I used to have this same problem with the fan when I ran demanding software programs. I installed a hybrid solid state hard drive and haven't had that problem in over a year now. I would highly recommend doing the same - the solid state drive works more efficiently because it doesn't have moving parts like a typical hard drive. I got the hybrid because it's 1/3 of the price...still way more efficient and way faster! I can walk you through which one to get (they're around $100) and how to install if you want!
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gofastpro private msg quote post Address this user
I have a late 2010 MacBook Air with SSD running tours and workshop in Safari just fine. The fan does run during workshop but no more than it does when I am running video on YouTube.
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