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Several Alignment/Stitching Issues1649

thebiggerpicture private msg quote post Address this user
Maybe I'm being to picky but my most recent scan is riddled with small alignment/stitching problems. In almost every scan I can spot an area that is off.

I have the Manfrotto 4 section tripod with the Desmond DLEV-1 and the camera mounted straight to it so all-in-all a very sturdy setup with practically zero wobble. I level every position before I start the scan.

I've read Dan's post about managing client expectations. Maybe I need to manage my own expectations?
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geoffllerena private msg quote post Address this user
wait a minute, what's your showcase skin? Looks very good.

Good luck in finding the answers you need.

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thebiggerpicture private msg quote post Address this user
I use WP 3D Models by @rpetersn. It's referenced quite a bit around here and I highly recommend it.
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3D Renderings
AEC Elevation Drawings
ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user
I've noticed that too in most (only the most recent, or all? I'm not sure) of my scans. I also have a pretty stridy setup...
If someone has a solution, I'm all ears (and eyes).

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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
I think you're being too picky, don't forget most people have never seen an immersive VT so they'll be amazed and won't even notice any flaws. You're not shooting professional snaps so be happy with the excellent job you are doing. There is nothing currently that can even come close to what MP and you can offer your customers.
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3D Renderings
AEC Elevation Drawings
ArchimedStudio private msg quote post Address this user
I totally agree with you Gary. Most people are amazed when they see and use the product.
But what's the saying again... Don't let perfect be the enemy of good
It's my attention to detail (in my other 3D rendering activities) that sets me appart from competition. Being picky is a strenght (and sometime a costly weakness!).

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danmorell private msg quote post Address this user
I would agree with @garysnyder as well. I've had a group of agents around a computer and I could pick out all the problems but they didn't care and loved the tech.

I did get some advice from MP support. Scans too close will cause misalignments as well as not enough scan data/scans to stitch together.

I've seen some post to scan, scan and scan some more until you have all areas, black spots, behind doors all scanned. It takes awhile but decreases (not prevents) the misalignments.

I've scanned in bathtubs, showers, over toilets, higher and lower knowing the entire time these scans are just to ensure higher quality, reduction in alignment problems and the dollhouse and floorplan view just looks better. Also, you just turn them off once you're in the workshop.
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thebiggerpicture private msg quote post Address this user
All very good points here. Thanks @GarySnyder, @ArchimedStudio, and @danmorell for the feedback. I agree with Matt in terms of attention to detail. With over a decade of experience in print design, branding, web development, and photography, I've learned the details expose strengths and weaknesses.

That said, I totally understand the technology is cutting-edge and I'm still getting familiar with maximizing potential and respecting limitations. I'll err on the side of more scans and see if I notice any difference.
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