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Question of the Day: Do you offer discounts on Matterport tours?15554

Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: FAQ: Should you offer discounts? | Video courtesy of ourPPA YouTube Channel 12 March 2021

Question of the Day: Do you offer discounts on Matterport tours?

Hi All,

The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Wednesday, 8 September 2021:

Do you offer discounts on Matterport tours??

(This WGAN Question of the Day was inspired by the PPA video above.)


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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I do. I am even happy to sell my service in bulk when a customer can buy a bundle of total in square meters and then distribute them over time for a few properties. It gives the cheapest rate for my clients and should guarantee me some work in the future with full bulk fee paid in advance. No bites for it yet as it has been indented for real estate agencies and I do not target them anymore. However when I do more than 1 property in one location I usually give a big discount based on quanity.

It does make sense as there is only one travel & setup time, one customer with one tax invoice and they are usually very happy that there is a discount. I once have done a big job for my partner for 13 apartments in one complex, giving them my biggest discount and planning to finish in 10-12 hours over two days. However I managed to do it in one day and it was the biggest fee I earned in a day while tours were very cheap.

I also have one property marketing group as a regular client that I charge a fixed fee per tour no matter of a property size. However it turns out that most of their properties are less in size than I was expecting when I setup that fee. They do send me sometimes to a property that is not ready and I have to leave without any scanning. However considering they have 27 tours done by me for them in less than a year and they have recently paid 5 months of hosting fee for 22 active tours I do not see any reason to complain.
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Orchard Park, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
Only for commercial customers who commit to over 20,000 square feet and that rate is $0.05 per square foot.

When I start selling real estate in a few months, my visual digital marketing package I'll include with every listing will be valued over $1,000 (photo, 3d, vr, floor plans & narrated walkthrough videos. Free when you list with me.

That will then be my regular price with no discount. Considering the average sale price is $400,000 in the US at just 5% commission that's $20,000 in earned commission, not a bad profit for just $1,000 for the images and virtual tour that will sell the house for you.

How many people are willing to pay $1,000 in return for $20,000. Looks like a pretty good deal to me.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by GETMYVR
How many people are willing to pay $1,000 in return for $20,000. Looks like a pretty good deal to me.

They are kind of feeling they do not need it as it is going to be sold anyway and fast these days.

I have started noticing that some of them bragging that the sold something off market or even worse.. to a first viewer. That actually is the worst thing they can do now... everybody knows and agents know it for sure that in my city any property will receive multiple offers(most of them time 4 and much more).. Then where is a benefit or any good reflection on an agent sales skills when they sell off market or to the first person with an offer? Who would even do that working on commission and in their seller's interest?

I have decided to poke one of them recently asking why they accepted the first offer without letting other buyers to see a property and make their offers? I did it helping them with the answer "Did the first buyer offer x times of an asking price?" And they could not find anything else than replying & picking on my hint "pretty much".
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