Scanned a home today and the laundry room and 1/2 bath was 2 steps down from the rest of the main floor. I kept all the scan points for this area as if they were on the main floor. Then they had a basement (about 10 steps below that) which was created as a separate floor. Now that the model has processed, when you view it in dollhouse, the laundry room shows up half on the main floor (upper parts of the walls)and half on the basement level and the half-bath is showing up only on the basement level. I tried to tweak a few things in capture and re-upload hoping it would fix itself, but that did nothing. Also, the stairs leading up to the top floor are showing up as a part of the main floor when they were scanned as a part of the upstairs. Has anyone ever experienced this issue and have any ideas on how to correct it?