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Transcript: WGAN-TV: 20+ Great Real Estate Photography Websites to Inspire15323

Atlanta, Georgia
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WGAN-TV: 20+ Great Real Estate Photography Websites for Inspiration with Kansas City-based Show & Tour Founder Josh Mais. Josh is also a real estate photographer/owner of Sherpa Media (@sherpa_media). Episode 112 | Aired Live: Thursday, 22 July 2021

Hi All,

Transcript below ...

-- Thinking about redesigning your website?
-- New to real estate photography and starting from a website from scratch?
-- Curious about great looking real estate photography websites?

Then plan to watch on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (www.WGAN-TV.com) today: Thursday, 22 July 2021 (recording above).

WGAN-TV: 20+ Great Real Estate Photography Websites for Inspiration

My guest for this show and tell WGAN-TV Live at 5 show was Kansas City-based Show & Tour Founder Josh Mais. And, like you, Josh is a real estate photographer. Josh is also the Owner of Sherpa Media (@sherpa_media).



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Transcript (WGAN-TV Live at 5 video above)

-Hi all, I'm Dan Smigrod, Founder of the We Get Around Network Forum.
Today is Thursday, July 22, 2021, and you're watching WGAN-TV Live at
5. We have an awesome show for you today: 20 Great Real Estate
photography Websites for inspiration. Here to talk to us is Kansas
City-based Josh Mais, Founder of Show & Tour. Hey Josh, good to see

-Hey Dan, glad to be here. -Josh, you put together this amazing
list of 20 great real estate websites. Before we jump into that, how
about telling us a little bit about yourself and about your company?

-Yeah. Sure thing. I've been a professional real estate photographer
and virtual tour provider for the last seven; eight years. Very much
in the trenches myself started as a solo photographer slowly built-up
a team and so now I've got a small team in Kansas City which can help
me keep up with things.

As the photographer myself, I was always looking for ways to innovate,
to add value, to improve my brand and so early on I did start to build out
software for my company exclusively to manage projects; create property

Property websites were always a big part of my business and so I've started
a business trip called Sherpa Media. I setup in Kansas City.
Just recently – the last two years – I've also been pushing into the new
business Show & Tour.

Show & Tour, as I hinted: it's software specifically for our industry,
for real estate photographers; virtual tour providers; to manage your
projects in an efficient way delivered to your clients professionally;
with project delivery pages. Then create value adding tools like
property websites and custom players. We call it a media player to
combine all the things we created into one embeddable player.

Tools like that just for you to add value and so it gets me excited and it's
fun to offer something that I personally needed – to the rest of the
community and other photographers. That's my history.

Recently I've been working on the blog for Show & Tour, and I like to
focus the blog on resources to help photographers. That's what brought
out this recent posts of 20 plus websites for inspiration.

I've personally designed my own photography website years back
and I'm always iterated and tried to improve on it. I've had my mind
in this for a long time and then I've also personally scanned thousands of
sites of other photographers to pick out some good ones and different
elements that I think people can learn from.


WGAN-TV Short Story #2347

Before we jump into: 20 Great!

Real Estate Photography Websites for Inspiration, I just wanted to
mention that we'll have two special Show & Tour offers coming up later
in the show and that's Josh's company, Show & Tour, spelled with an
ampersand – Show & Tour – and the website is actually ShowandTour.com
AND spelled out: ShowandTour.com We'll talk a little bit more about
that later in the show with the two special offers.

I did want to mention, Josh, I'm so excited. When you did this blog post, I reached
out to you because I thought that anyone in the We Get Around Network
Forum that was thinking about redesigning their website, anyone that
was new to real estate photography and creating a website from scratch
or even someone that was just curious about great looking real estate
photography websites: looking for inspiration, I just thought, wow.

Let's go through your list. I thought this would be cool. If that's
okay, we'll actually do that and I think that you asked me to share
screen, so I'll go ahead and do that and mention that we are on the
Show & Tour blog, so this is where you can find this post if you're
looking for it later: Show & Tour.

In fact, you can also find it in, We Get Around Network Forum. If you
just come over here, check out this post and here's the link to it.
Let me go back to your site. If I scroll down... We're going to go through
these just alphabetically and take look at them.

Before we jump into the first one – was there some
context that you wanted to give about the sites? Yeah, so there's a
large variety on the list. I specifically wanted to find a variety
because it's for inspiration. I didn't want them; maybe I prefer a
minimal design, but I didn't want every site to be my preference.

There's lots of ways to build out a website. I tried to find a good
variety of different styles and design and then each website had to at
least have four good things going for it. A clear message. It was easy
to navigate. It established its authority and experience in some way.
And it had a good call-to-action.

I think there might be a couple on here that maybe don't hit all four,
but they had some other element that I thought was worth sharing.
Those are things I've learned that I just a must with a website.

I'll call out those elements on probably each website and then some
other things I've noticed. -I'm going to go ahead and your request.
Drive, share screen and just let you riff about the websites.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2348

Aerial Canvas, canvas.com. What do you like about this site? -
Also background, I do know a lot of these photographers. I
know a lot of the people, and I know some of the background that the
businesses. You'll also notice that some businesses are big,
multi-state companies, some are small, just a single photographer and
their specific city.

This is an example: they are based out of LA, I believe, but they have
a big reach throughout California, but also, I'm pretty sure; nationwide.

They are a big company fast-growing.One thing that I thought on the
top line there, the header. It says, Building Lifelong Brands for
Top Producers in Real Estate.

Their top header is the first message you want to tell everyone that
comes to your site. To me this message, it conveys that they are trying to
build long-term relationships between them and their clients and
they're implying a good return on their services. They're implying
you're building, your brand, you're growing and they work with top
producers that also helps add that experience. If you continue to
scroll down. Websites add logos for their clients.

This is typically a good way to show that you have experience.
That you work with top brands. This website also, they have a really
nice commercial. That's what this video is. I don't think we want to play it now.

They invested: and of course they are bigger company. They invested in a
nice commercial. Just like many of us; sell video, we know the power
of video it has on a website. It's, of course, great to use video on
your own website. This is another common thing you're going to see
with a lot of these websites. It's very clear what they offer.

Not everyone displays that on their homepage; their landing page. Aerial
Canvas does. I think that's nice and clear. Then they, of course, even
right there, they're showing pricing on the homepage. You're going to
hear me mentioned clarity a lot. That's a big thing in my mind on what
makes a website good. It's very clear what they're offering, how much
it is and how to book. That last thing is that call-to-action. Almost
every website we show will have a good call-to-action.

You'll see Aerial Canvas has a call-to-action, almost every scroll.
There's a button. To learn more. To book now or, whatever it might be. This is
another example where they packed a lot of information on one page, so
it keeps you scrolling. That's one strategy.

Other sites don't do that, so they might just have a single big picture
and what not, but if you scroll back up to the top, I don't remember
their entire menu system, but this is a pretty standard menu system
where you have services. They have a long list of services.

They might talk about themselves. Why us; About; this is a big company.
on there so they are hiring. Then you might have a book now client
portal and then contact somewhere along those lines. To me that's a
good standard menu. I thought they're very successful. That's another
good reason to at least consider how they did it.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2349

-Attractive Listing, attractivelisting.com.

-This one I thought was an awesome example of being extremely
clear and simple. If you scroll, it's very minimal design and very good
calls-to-action. I think they do a good job.

It gives you just what you want to see without forcing too much
information. This is on the other end of the spectrum where there's
not a lot of words, it's just very clear. They have some services,
they have a call-to-action, and then a few links to their portfolio
and booking. I like these websites. Websites can be very intimidating
to build-out, and so you don't have to overthink it. I like this.

If you're just starting from scratch, it's probably a good idea to start
simple. I'm not saying that they just started from scratch, but you
can actually have a very successful business with an extremely simple
website. -What are your thoughts about including a phone number
prominently? The last site did. This one doesn't. -If you click
Contact, what do they do? I think most people do have their phone
number, since we're a service-based business, you want to be able to
get people to contact you in whatever way they like.

From my experience as a photographer, I know a lot of agents, they will just
text. And those are more you're consistent clients. But I do like the
idea of having phone, email, or any other form of contact. I think
it's a good idea.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2350
-Curb360, curb360.com. -Yeah. This is on the back on
the other end of the spectrum where they're displaying lots of their
information on their site.

I liked that they displayed their valueproposition front and center.
They give you results. They have a 24 hour turnaround, complete
marketing toolkit, and rates from $179.

These are all tailored marketing phrases to try to hit where they
think their clients might want to know and see. A good, nice clean
list of services. Again, this is really hitting that value idea.

Wetalked about with Aerial Canvas they had client logos that displayed
the authority of their experience. Client testimonials, I think it's
probably an another way to do that and probably a better way.

Testimonials, short testimonials at least. You probably don't want
them to be too long, most people won't read them. But, a nice short
sentence. You can see the different brands underneath them, I think
that's a great idea. Then of course, those call-to-actions on this
website. They have good call-to-action buttons: Book Shoots.

Most websites will have that call-to-action in the top menu bar, I think
that's really smart. Then they'll have it throughout the page as you
scroll. Basically, at any point while they're on the site, it's just
very easy to jump into booking. You can see there's just so many ways
to design a website. I think they did a good job of packing a lot of
information, but in a clean way.

There's also an aspect: here's a big block of text that maybe most
people won't read. But there's benefits of texts for SEO, so there's
pros and cons. Text is good for SEO, so you do need some text.

People do it different ways. But the rest of their site, I think was
pretty standard and they did a good job. I think those were the
main things.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2351

-Duplex, dupleximaging.com.

-This is one of my favorites. I like them all, but I liked them.

This is one of those super-simple and clean websites. It's very clear.
I think they do it good balance of visuals and text. Of course they've
got some elements of color there. Basically, I like the design elements
on this page, it feels fresh.

Then of course they had all those key things, so they've got a clear
message. It's easy to navigate. They establish their authority
and experience. I think that by showing those recent
projects that really helps. That's another way to establish
experiences, of course, showing your portfolio. Then they've got
calls-to-action. I just thought that they had nice design elements. So
that's another thing: aspect of a site.

The design, of course, makes a big difference. Some sites in my opinion
might go too heavy on design.
You don't want the design to take away from the message. They did a
great job. That's an also an example of ... A lot of these sites,
they might let their work speak louder than their words.

You'll see different elements of that.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2352

-Inframe Real Estate,
inframerealestate.com. -They have, obviously, front and center, a very
large call-to-action, so get in touch. That's obviously makes it
really easy for any visitor to jump on and just reach out. Then of
course, the video background, very fast paced, moving.

This company, if I remember correctly, they have a large focus on video.
When you focus on video, makes a lot of sense to have really nice highlight
video, so they say. I did recently notice that, I think that's recent.

They have a couple of videos that are down. So if they're watching
this maybe, they'll see it and fix it soon. But yeah, I thought they
did good job with visual elements. I considered this site visually
heavy. They're using big images and video backgrounds.

That's a good way to show your work, but also make your work part of the design at
the same time. -Anything else on Inframe Real Estate? -I think that's
mostly it. I think they did a really good job. -Okay. LA360VR...

WGAN-TV Short Story #2353

LA360VR... LA360VR.com.

-This one is a good site, We Get Around Network viewers
because it's got a big virtual tour focus. This is an example where
they provide all the services, but they very much are focusing on
virtual tours in a lot the verbiage; examples.

They do pack a lot of information on this site. This would be again bouncing back to that
more of lots of information versus being minimal. They went for lots
of text; lots of key-value statements; links to services; establishing
authority and experience with some numbers.

This one's actually not just showing the services they offer, they're actually showing key
features of the services. Specifically here, the virtual tours with
Matterport, it looks mostly. Google Street View that too. Looks
they've got testimonials, now they've do the logo thing. They, again,
share their experience with customer logos.

Obviously, if you're just starting out, you're not going to have these customer logos, but it is
smart to try to get testimonials with your first few clients if you're
brand new. That's really nice. Just having a face with a brand, with a
nice text. It just in general gives people a little bit more
confidence that you have experience and you know what you're doing
which is part of the purpose of your website.

Give people confidence to call you or book with you. They are also a fairly good-sized
company. I believe, they've got a large discipline. -Josh, I would say
just based on the number of 3D tours that they've done; that sounds
like a big number. -Yes.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2354

-Nashua Video Tours... Nashuavideotours.com

-This is Fred Light. He's been doing video, I think it was 15 plus
years. He's been doing it for a very long time. He's very successful.
He's just a long-timer in the industry that, of course, he's going to
have this lockdown and have a good website. His verbiage, his use of
text and words, those are great. I don't think you should copy.

When we show verbiage of websites, you should never copy word-for-word, but
it's great to see maybe the value statements that this photographer
chooses to point out and that can help guide you on what things are
important to agents or to your client. Obviously, someone that's been
in the industry this long, and does it really well. They know the
value. They know what makes their services valuable.

They put that in text form really nicely. He's also a video-heavy. He's got a lot of
information on this site. It's a big site, actually. If you dropped
down some of these menus. You could spend a lot of time on this site
reading lots of about different things; seeing examples. But he keeps
the homepage fairly simple. That's playing, maybe a little bit of the
best of both worlds where someone might want to know all these things.

Someone might sit here and click around for a long time, but for a lot
of people, they just want to scan your site, see what you do, see what
you're about and book or contact you. I like his implementation.
-Josh, do you have any thoughts on pricing? Include pricing? Don't
include pricing? -That's a debated topic. I think when you're a
service-based business, when you're very focused on providing all the
services to help your clients sell homes or improve their brand, these
types of things, I think it makes a lot of sense to include pricing.

That's one of the first things people want to know. The alternative,
if you don't include pricing, you might get more phone calls and
opportunities to talk with people, because they just call you and want
to know how much you charge. Once you start getting busy, for me
personally, I think I maybe started without showing pricing.

Then once you start getting busy, you don't want to take phone calls to just
answer how much your prices and then our agents trying to get off the
phone. I, personally, like showing pricing. It gives the viewer what
they want to see and it helps people categorize themselves as well.

There's going to be a lot of agents, if you work with Real Estate
agents that just maybe won't pay the prices that you charge, and
that's okay. They may never be a client. I think I've been a fan of
showing pricing. -Okay. -That's just my opinion.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2355

-Nest Property Marketing. -Yes. -This is nestpropertymarketing.co.uk -This is an
example of a very visual heavy website.

If you notice, as you scroll through, every background; it's video and it's photos
entire website. I like this example because it's different. If you
like this look, it's a cool example of; you don't need to have the
perfect white website with just a single line of text. You can go with
big, bold pictures in the background and video. Again, it's the idea
of, it shows your work, but your work becomes an element of design on
the site. I think that's a clever way to show your portfolio
throughout the site. Use it as the design element and that's the
background. They hit all the big things. It's fairly easy to navigate.

You can inquire now. You can explore all their things; all their
services. They do have, I remember – I don't know where it was
specifically, but they've established their authority. They talk about
clients. They have a client's tab at the top and, of course, that
call-to-action, or Enquire Now. They chose to say Enquire Now rather
than Book Now. Most people say Book Now, but it could be a cultural
difference with agents in the UK versus the US.

Maybe in the US people just want to Book Now to be quick.
Maybe they are more focused on the relationship and want to talk
longer before working with them full time. That's obviously a decision
based on the culture of maybe your city, your country, or even the
type of client you work with, and if you'd go with something like,
reach out to us, let's have coffee, or you're just like book now, or
call me.

That's another element to consider.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2356

-Photostetic at photostetic.com

-I like this site a lot. Its got a big bold value
statement. I, personally, think that's a good idea. Their thing was
Sell Faster with Professional Photography. It's immediately telling
people why you should hire them, helps you sell faster. As you scroll
down, you jump into a nice gallery.

They're immediately jumping into -- it's a nice, beautiful gallery. It's clearly saying, we do
beautiful work, we know what we're doing. You just see that instantly.
In general, I put in the notes, they just in general on-point with
adding all their important stuff on their homepage. -How lucky that
they show up and they had these beautiful skies and golden sunsets.
;-) I like that. -Always that blue sky. -It's the perfect, right time
to catch that shot. ;-) -This is another thing to point out, you'll
see this a lot in other types of industries where they're step 1, step
2, step 3. That's nice.

The idea there, it's just, again, providing clarity for the viewer on
how it works. You call us. We Shoot. You get your photos in two days
or whatever it is. That's nice. Again, showing their services, talking
about why work with us. That's nice and clear. Showing logos again.

Seeing who hires us. And let's book. Request for instant booking,
ready to go. I think that's a good wireframe of a
website. If anyone's just looking for something to just jump into it,
you've got your header, big value statement, portfolio, hit those
things. I think they did a great job.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2357

-Servant 360 at servant360nm.com

-I believe it's Servant 360. -Servant, say it again for me. -Servant.

-Servant, interesting. -I thought maybe it is Servant, I guess I'm
reading it wrong. -I'll have to get clarification on that? The
interesting thing in terms of picking a name. Will you have different
ways to pronounce it or say it, or just be confusing? Took me a second
to look at it. I'm going to say Servant 360 at servant360nm.com -This
is really an interesting site because you'll notice that they don't
link to their portfolio at all. Their whole focuses on their message.

They have shots of Pete, is his name. They have shots of him on site.
He's very much giving the message that I am serving you, this is how
it's going to help you. It'll show us a shot in the background, but
it's very much just so clear throughout the site. At the very top,
you'll notice there wasn't a menu with links except book now. That's
about as minimal as you can get. It's just book now, this is what we
do and scroll through the site. At the very bottom of the site.

He does have additional links with some shoots and different things, but
he hits all the key things on his homepage. It's one page and again,
he adds other pages at the bottom. But this is probably a good way to
go to just get a super-clear, direct message right off the start,
right off the bat and you're not going to miss it as people scroll
through. You have to see the message or just book now.

Servant 360.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2358

Show Home Real Estate Marketing.

Show Home. Well, I guess their actual name is Show Home at
showhome.co.nz Again, they it's going to hit all
those key elements. I like this site because it's a little bit more
unique in design. They did a good job of combining -- I think they did
a good job with their general branding. Their logo and the design
elements of the site all go together. It's a good example of a full,
bigger picture of brand and design and so even from the little design
elements in their logo, they got these little triangles in their logo,
and they pull those brand elements throughout the site.

I think that's a really clean way to go about it and then of course, they're going to
hit all those main things that we've talked about with the
call-to-action, being clear with what they offer, value statements,
establishing their experience. You can see those little green
triangles at the bottom or teal and then if you scroll all the way
back up to their logo, you can see those triangles show up inside the
logo as well. I thought that was clever and nice touch.

Let's see if anything. Show Home at showhome.co.nz

WGAN-TV Short Story #2359

Sight Line, Sightlinephoto.com This site, you can't scroll. It starts with just
-- these are actually links. If you click them, they'll go to different pages
basically a gallery. This style is very common with a lot of
photographers, but more photographers, typically architectural
photographers, photographers who really want to focus on the actual
art of the photo.

This is a different strategy. If you want your work
to speak louder than the word or you want your work to speak for
itself, this is kind of one good way to do that, you have big, nice
galleries that show your work and so if you click through some of his
site, you'll notice there's just -- it's not text-heavy, it's all
visual, it's all just show in his work and then of course there's the
call-to-action buttons up top and a little bit about him and things
like that if you want to go that route.

But this is probably the best example of letting your work speak for itself.
Okay. Sight Line at sightlinephoto.com

WGAN-TV Short Story #2360

Site of Savage Multimedia at sightofsavage.com I like this site.
They offer lots of services.
I thought this was a good example of it's very straightforward.
Nothing too flashy. And just clean and clear. It's just a good,
straightforward, clean and clear website which is great.

You don't have to go too flashy. You don't
have to have tons of design elements. If you just have clarity and
have links and share information that people want to see, that's just
the very most important parts of a site. That's mostly the aspects of
this one that I was sharing.

Another thing we haven't really clicked though, a lot of people have
lots of different ways of; and we probably won't go into that.
But there's so many other aspects of a website, such as,
Booking and Contact Forms. You'll notice; we will
let people do that more on their own time; clicked through all these

And notice the booking forms they use, the contact forms, they
use the different services, that might help you discover new things. A
lot of people; I see things very simply from Calendly, Paper Form to
just something built into the website, and then other services that
just manage their whole business. There's lots of variety for people
-- That maybe a WGAN-TV show in itself if you end up doing a blog
post, just maybe the booking or booking and contact form.

That could be its own topic. The call-to-action. That might just be the topic:
Call-to-Action and then how do people do that? That's Sight of Savage
Multimedia at sightofsavage.com

WGAN-TV Short Story #2361

Next up is Strata Visuals at
stratavisuals.com I saw this site did a good job of design.
They instantly hit you with a statement establishing their authority.
They're saying they're the top rated company in Houston. That
instantly tells you a lot about them. I also like when people went
sites, say their location. I think that's a good thing and they hit
all the key things. This one I thought was a little more unique on

They're using more darker elements, more than lighter
elements. You don't have to go -- I think a lot of sites will fall
more on the just having white background and keep everything super
bright. You can do darker backgrounds in different design and I think
it looks good.

This site, I really liked their service pages. If you
go to Our Work. Just click on any of them and maybe click on a couple
to show the differences. They do a good job of talking about the
service briefly up top, and then give examples. That was one thing,
here's another video unavailable.

Also YouTube. They're using the same
-- Earlier in the week, Vimeo was down and I think it wasn't just
Vimeo, it was other platforms as well. We could just have picked the
day that there's a service outage someplace. Click one more to like
another service page. I just really liked these pages. They talk about
it and show great examples and kept their cool design elements with
the background.

So I thought this -- this is definitely one of my top
favorites as well. -That's Strata Visuals at stratavisuals.com

WGAN-TV Short Story #2362

Nextup, Valley Creative at valleycreative.ca -This is definitely going to
fall on that lightened and bright side. Very simple and clean website
with immediately -- I think they focus a lot on video, so of course a
lot of the people focusing on video, they're going to show a big video
header with their highlight real basically. I think that's a good idea
and they jump into pricing, you can explore more services.

You'll see the same elements come up. Show the clients they work
with, again logos or testimonials above and contact form at the bottom.
Services, I don't remember. Just nice, simple and clean. -Okay.
That's Valley Creative.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2363

Next up is Virtual Tour Minnesota at virtualtourmn.com -This
is another one that I would say is more to my taste.

So I really like their design. I like their implementation of text and visuals, I think
it's a really nice balance. There's also those cool touches of color
that matches with the brand, they hit -- Again all those key elements
that I mentioned at the beginning. I think I mentioned this is
definitely top two or three. It's very clear.

There's tons ofcalls-to-action. I wrote balance. Balance I think, like just the site
feels clean and balanced, it's super-easy to read and navigate
throughout. Then I also thought they did a good job of it feeling
modern, but not like they're trying too hard. Sometimes modern can be
too extreme. This is modern and fresh without too extreme. Again, the
idea of like, it's just really balanced, and really nice.

This is definitely one that you should be able to click around and see
everything they do. -Okay. Virtual Tour MN at virtualtourmn.com

WGAN-TV Short Story #2364

Next up, Visual Grip at visualgrip.com -So Visual Grip here. This is a very
large site. They got tons of information, lots of pages. It's also
very -- another example of a very visual heavy site. They packed a lot
of stuff in this site, which takes a lot of work.

So if you're just starting out, that might be really intimidating to try to feel -- I
don't think you have to go this route and put all this stuff. But I
think it works for a lot of people. They probably have a lot of
engagement on the site of people clicking around when you have a
massive site. But then again, I don't know their numbers. It can go
either way.

But I thought that just in general, there's a lot of
interesting design elements; different ways to present facts; and
pictures, and backgrounds. A lot of things to click through, and see
how they implemented different aspects. I think you could probably
pull some inspiration and learn from this site. Again, it's very
large, so there's lots of aspects to look at.

That's a nice thing to do. A lot of people put the pre-shoot checklist up top.
I've seen that on a couple of sites, it does add another line item
to your menu which some don't want, they want to keep that minimal,
but I'm a big fan of the pre-shoot prep list to help prepare your clients. -Okay.

That's visual Grip at visualgrip.com

WGAN-TV Short Story #2365

Next up, 3D Spaces at 3Dspaces.ca -This
site, I really liked it because there's a lot of iGUIDE users out
there. They're very focused on iGUIDE specifically that hit all those
iGUIDE features. I really liked how they laid it out. It displays all
the features, and elements, gives an example.

Again, this site hits all those key things you want on a homepage,
and keeps it really clear and clean. I tried to add sites that focused
on different services, different aspects, so there's some sites that
might just mostly different arbitrary, mostly do video. This one is one of those
examples they have a big focus on iGUIDE specifically, and I think
they did a good job.

You got those client testimonials down there. Of
course, the order, call-to-action. -Okay. That's 3D Spaces at

WGAN-TV Short Story #2366

51 Parallel at 51parallelmedia.com -This one, I wouldn't
say that hit all the elements that I've mentioned on their first
homepage. But I thought this was an interesting example of a different
way to do a website. It's definitely a different type of design. So I
thought it'd be a cool thing to share. There's the very basic mold of
the menu up top and you can do that. But this is another option as

So, if you click on our services, it's that third one. -Third
one, did I miss? -You got it right? Of course they won't let that
black background, white text. It's just different. I thought it's
still clear, and they still share everything they probably need to
share. They got the call-to-actions. But I thought this was a unique
site, so I thought would be fun to share.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2367

I think that might be the last one.

There was one more on the list. I know this was not on
your list, but I'm going to add it, your company, Sherpa Media at
sherpamedia.co Josh, what do you like about this website? This is your
website. ;-) -It my website. Yeah, I design this one. There's plenty
things I would fix or change on this site, but I wanted to go with the
big value statement at the beginning.

Your Property in the Best Light. Photo, video, and virtual tours
that help you win online. You'll see
that win online statement because everything we provide is digital,
it's used online. It helps them win in what they do. We do serve lots
of different industries. We went into a little value statement, we've
got our different services. You can learn more about each if you
scroll down. My biggest challenge with my site was trying to make it
work with all the different types of clients we serve.

I think it helps when you serve just residential real estate agents, you can keep
your site super-focused on that. If you click on learn more on
residential real estate, you'll see we basically have a whole another
mini-site just for real estate. Then there's different pages and all
these things. At the top, we've got our site of just simple what we
do, services we offer, here we are, people care, and then a contact in
the book now so we give them the option if they're ready to book, they
can go, if they just want to reach out and inquire, they can do that
too. -That's Sherpa Media.

That's Josh's company at sherpamedia.co

WGAN-TV Short Story #2368

Maybe what you could do Josh's is give us again the big picture of
what you were looking at that why these websites check the box for
you? -Yeah, so I had four things. They had to have a clear message.
It's just immediately obvious what they're offering.

As a viewer, we all view lots of service-based websites. If you can't figure out what
they do, you're off. You don't want to spend too much, you don't want
to work too hard understanding what they offer. That's very basic.
It's clear. They have a clear message, what they offer. Then easy to
navigate. If they have a site that is just, it takes too long to load,
you can't really figure out where to go, links aren't working, things
like that. That's an immediate, it's not good. Clear message easily

The third one was establishing authority and experience.
That's where you pull in your portfolio, you show those client
testimonials, you show those logos to those big companies you've
worked with. You're immediately telling them, I know what I'm doing.
The third one was establishing authority and experience. The fourth
one was that call-to-action. If your viewer doesn't have an obvious
place to go to contact you or to book you, I think that's detrimental
to a good website.

All these websites had a very clear call-to-action.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2369

-When you were putting together this Show & Tour blog post:

20-plus Real Estate Photographer Websites for Inspiration. Was it actually
hard to get to 20? -There's a lot that I could fit on the list that
were similar to others. The hardest part was finding 20 that are
fairly unique. There's a lot of sites that was very easy. I could rule
it off the list in two seconds.

Because those four elements are very easy to spot.
No call-to-action. No clear message. It only takes a few
seconds to initially judge site, did I hit these key things. I would
say it took a lot of work, actually to sift through sites, find good
examples, and find unique examples as well.

WGAN-TV Short Story #2370

-Awesome. Josh, thanks for taking us through your Show & Tour

20-plus Real Estate Photographer Websites for Inspiration.
I talked about it at the top of the show, we
have two special offers for Show & Tour. The first is three free
months of Show & Tour. Starter Plan.

To get this offer, go to
Code: WGANST The second offer is for WGAN Standard Members can
receive the free use of Show & Tour Starter Plan. I think I should
just even add a third, which is you can get Show & Tour free for up to
10 projects. You can get started with Show & Tour; super-easy either
using the free option. But I think you'll actually want to get the
Starter Plan because it's like getting a car that's nicely loaded.

You get three free months of Show & Tour Starter Plan. Again, just
using the link WGAN.INFO/SHOWANDTOUR coupon code WGANST If you'll just
want to go directly to the website, showandtour.com In the We Get
Around Network Forum, Josh is often posting to the We Get Around
Network Forum, WGANForum.com Josh's member name: @Sherpa_Media

WGAN-TV Short Story #2371

Josh, we've covered a lot of ground today. Is there anything else that we've
missed that we should talk about before we say, au revoir? -I don't
think so. I think we've pretty much covered it. Everyone should check
out, Show & Tour.

We offer it free as a way for you to get started, so
I want people to not be locked into anything. We never asked for a
credit card. I believe it provides a lot of value, so I'm excited to
share it and so people will take advantage of those free offers. -Show
& Tour is an awesome platform. Just give us the top five things that
it does because it is like a Swiss Army knife of tools.

-Yeah, absolutely. It's a full dashboard for you to manage your projects.
Again, my photography company, we use this ourselves, so I've got
three people in this every day. It manages all your projects and it's
super-clean way. You always have them categorized them to clients,
it's easy to just put everything in one place. It's a project
management tool. It helps you deliver your projects in an extremely
professional way.

Instead of sending an email with lots of little
links to different things or to Dropbox. I've had agents that can't
figure out Dropbox. It puts it all on this super-clean project
delivery page that just has at all. It's like its own website for your
projects. It looks really professional and everything we do is branded
to your business. We've got the project management, project delivery
pages. Then last few things, there's property websites and custom

These are those value-adding tools that help you build value
for your clients. It's a property websites, has always been a key
element in my business because it helps those agents share your work.
That's one of my favorite parts about it, is every time an agent
shares a property website, they also share your logo, your brand, a
link to your website so it helps you promote yourself and add value at
the same time.

-I would add that the Show & Tour players support
really every 3D/360 virtual tour platform, in addition to photos and
video and maps and YouTube videos and Vimeo videos, etc. It's a very
robust platform. I guess the way I would describe it is you are a
photographer, you created the tool, the platform that you felt you
needed for your business. This would work for lots of other
businesses, so you built it out. Josh has been on WGAN-TV before
talking all about Show & Tour.

If you want to do an hour plus just
hearing Josh take you through Show & Tour, come back to the We Get
Around Network Forum (WGANForum.com), and just in the search bar,
WGAN-TV Show & Tour, pop-up that episode. Josh, thanks again for being
on the show today. -Yeah, Thank you, Dan. -We've been visiting with
Josh Mais. Josh is the founder of Show & Tour.

That's ShowAndTour.comfor Josh. I'm Dan Smigrod, the Founder of the We Get Around Network.
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