Hello All
I plan on purchasing a MP camera within the next few weeks to vendor in NYC after some research. I stumbled across this forum after attempts to gain a variety of service providers through matterport (slow, unresponsive!) To help me along, if some of you members could answer some of these questions, it would help me out tons!

*How long have you been providing 3D services?
*Issues with Camera? Software? (Does it REALLY last 10 hrs?)
*How long does it take to do your average assignment (i.e house, apartment)
*Whats been feedback from clients?
*MP tech support, thumbs up?
*How easy is it to sell 3D service?
*What are some of your marketing strategies?
*Has competition been an issue?
**If so, how did you compete and differentiate your service? Were you successful?

Thanks again for helping me get an idea of what it'll be like to own one. Im in your debt