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Video: Why Cushman & Wakefield integrates Matterport into their workflow15284

Atlanta, Georgia
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Video: Why Cushman & Wakefield integrates Matterport into their workflow | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 21 July 2021

Transcript (Matterport video above)

Oliver Skagerlind: Cushman & Wakefield is a global organization and our partnership with Matterport

Oliver Skagerlind: provides real consistency to our clients across the board,

Oliver Skagerlind: no matter where they are in the world.

Oliver Skagerlind: Through our enterprise relationship with Matterport,

Oliver Skagerlind: our clients receive a discount on

Oliver Skagerlind: all digital twins perform to the Capture Services Program.

Oliver Skagerlind: We've completed over a thousand tours within the last 12 months.

Oliver Skagerlind: Matterport's global network of photographers

Oliver Skagerlind: complete the scans: not all real estate professionals are photographers.

Oliver Skagerlind: So whether you are a broker in South Korea,

Oliver Skagerlind: or whether you're a broker in New York City,

Oliver Skagerlind: and we get the same quality out the other side.

Oliver Skagerlind: Virtual walk-throughs provides easy 24/7

Oliver Skagerlind: access to touring these properties online.

Oliver Skagerlind: On the back of that,

Oliver Skagerlind: we also see accelerated deal cycles.

Oliver Skagerlind: Technologies like Matterport are here to stay.

Oliver Skagerlind: Clients, customers alike are looking for alternatives to how they execute deals,

Oliver Skagerlind: how they interact with their own customers, etc.

Oliver Skagerlind: We look forward to work with Matterport to test the capabilities and the processes like,

Oliver Skagerlind: for example, incorporating virtual staging into our tours as well.
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Matterport Media Release (8 September 2021) Cushman & Wakefield Japan Offers 3D Virtual Property Tours
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