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COVID19PandemicQuestion of the Day

Has the pandemic helped or hindered your Matterport trade?14600

sandhun private msg quote post Address this user
On the one hand I think Matterport would be ideal for many businesses during a pandemic - as customers are unable to visit stores / property in person, virtual tours make sense. You'd expect them to be in huge demand.

On the other hand I wonder if the Covid situation has made businesses nervous about spending money and therefore unwilling to take 'risks'.

My experience has not been a positive one. I bought a Pro2 camera 8 months ago and despite my best efforts the camera is pretty much gathering dust. Believe me, I have tried. I started off trying to charge a lot - soon gathered I needed to drop my prices. I've since offered trials, discounts, even freebies and despite some interest, there have been very few takers.

I bought it initially for real estate but it has proved to be a dead end. Even my main real estate client has said they'd rather I continue taking still photos as that's all they need. Agents don't want to pay for Matterport. I thought I had a mini breakthrough in December where I did a trial with another agent. As per MP's literature I informed them that home listings with Matterport tend to receive more interest and it can help the agents themselves win more listings (

In this case, it didn't work out and having Matterport made no difference.

I also sold the idea to a few architects. They loved it in principle and a couple wanted a trial - however it emerged they didn't like the Matterpak Add-Ons. It's useless to them.

In many other scenarios it seems companies are much better off buying a camera themselves than hiring a third party.

In conclusion, while I love the technology and have created a couple of models I'm really proud of, it seems like a dead end business, in part due to Matterport's costly hosting fees. Eight months in and I haven't even recovered the cost of the camera, let alone cover the hosting fees.

I wonder if things will be different after the pandemic.
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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user
I primarily shoot Residential Real Estate.

I am Full Service (one stop shop) offering photos, video, aerial, Matterport, Zillow 3D Home Tours, & CloudPano

My #1 seller is Traditional Stills with a Zillow 3D home tour for $300

Now, I understand that Zillow is limited to the US & Canadian markets you may consider offering some sort of package of stills with a 360 tour ~ Ask you clients or perspective clients what services & packages would be of interest to them
Post 2 IP   flag post
Lahaina, Hawaii
Skeeter private msg quote post Address this user
When it started business was booming. Now many of Realtors® have purchased a theda Z1 and don't use me any more. I'm adding more all the time to stay ahead.
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
I work the high-end market in Los Angeles, though still here a minority of agents value Matterport. I agree with others that offering multiple services/skills is important. Agents like being able to call one person and get all their marketing media done. I do MP, 3DVista, GeoCV, HDR photos, video, drone, property websites and more. Every client and every property is different!

The use of MP seems to be growing since the pandemic. As life moves toward (relative) normality, I believe virtual tours will continue to grow, not because agents want to pay for them, but because more sellers are now aware of them and are asking listing agents if they plan to provide one. NAR has solid data that buyers like them snd want them. So smart sellers will expect their agents to include them standard issue.

But if you offer only Matterport it means an agent has to hire you AND another person for other media, more time and fuss in their day. It takes study, practice and commitment to master various formats and cameras, but it’s the key to success in this field. Competition is a constant. Dig in and learn. My own to-do learning list is still so long it’s dizzying. Go to sleep each night knowing you’ve learned one new useful thing that makes you better and more unique than your competitors.
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Frisco, Texas
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
At the beginning of the pandemic our business exploded. Since then we have been at higher levels since the pandemic but the demand has normalized quite a bit.
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82950 5 5
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