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Matterport Capture Services ProgramShopTalkWebinar

Matterport ShopTalk Webinar: Matterport Capture Services Program14528

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Matterport eBlast received Monday, 29 March 2021

Are you looking to scan a large number of properties without needing to purchase cameras or train personnel? Join us for [Matterport] Shop Talk 19 on [11 am EDT Wednesday,] April 7th, to learn about Matterport Capture Services from Gabe Davis, our Senior Product Manager, and Elizabeth Fabozzi, our Sr. Product Marketing Manager.

Source: Matterport

11 am EDT Wednesday, 7 April 2021 | Matterport Capture Services
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Hi all,

Reminder that this Matterport webinar is 11 am EDT - tomorrow - Wednesday, 7 April 2021.

It's free!



11 am EDT Wednesday, 7 April 2021 | Matterport Capture Services
Free Matterport Webinar Registration Now Link
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Video: Matterport ShopTalk #19 Webinar: Matterport Capture Services Program | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 7 April 2021

From the Matterport YouTube Channel:

Matterport Shop Talk 19
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

In this episode of Shop Talk, our host, Amir Frank is joined by Brendan Dowdle and Gabe Davis, Matterport’s Capture Service Program experts, to explain everything about the Capture Services program they’re developing.

The Capture Services program is still in a private beta, but soon to be released. The webinar was attended by both scan technicians as well as customers interested in the upcoming program that will soon be able to serve their needs. As a result, the questions in the second half came from both perspectives.

0:00​ - Intro
1:55​ - What is Capture Services
4:48​ - Why Capture Services
6:13​ - Capture technician overview
7:41​ - How are customers using Capture Services
9:48​ - What’s next
10:29​ - Common use cases
13:23​ - Overview
14:47​ - How will it work
16:15​ - Customer experience
17:53​ - What’s next
19:04​ - Q&A

Source: Matterport YouTube Channel

Your thoughts?
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Transcript (Video above)

Amir Frank (00:02):
Hey, ShopTalk listeners, what's going on? Thanks so much for joining us today. I appreciate your attendance. We're just going to give a couple more seconds for people to start coming in, and we'll take it from there. But yeah, welcome. I'll just go ahead and get through what we're going to be talking about today. All right, so today, as you can tell, we've got Gabe Davis with us, you may be familiar with Gabe, seen him around. And Brendan, and Elizabeth, who you're very familiar with, and we're talking about Capture Services.

Amir Frank (00:39):
Just wanted to get started by talking a little bit about what Capture Services is, and then we'll get into the finer details with Gabe and Brendan, as our resident experts all about Capture Services, they'll get into that, and Elizabeth is with us, she'll be able to help with any questions that you guys come to us with.

Amir Frank (00:59):
With that said, this webinar, we're going to be looking at from a client's perspective, using Capture Services as a tool to basically acquire, somehow get a Matterport model. That's what we're looking at. It's one of many ways that you can use. We have a lot of devices that we support from 360 cameras to Leica BLKs, to the Matterport camera, and even your iPhone. This is one of those ways, this is also another way that you can use another kind of technology that we provide.

Amir Frank (01:36):
We'll get started with what is Matterport Capture Services, and how are customers using Capture Services, and then Gabe will talk to us about what's next, and how you can learn and get more access. Let's go ahead and dive right in.

Brendan Dowdle (01:55):
It's great to have everyone, thanks for spending the time with us today. We're excited to share a little bit more about the Capture Services Program. Let me quickly introduce myself, my name is Brendan Dowdle, I manage the Capture Services group here at Matterport. Capture Services was launched in mid last year as an additional tool for our customers to acquire their models beyond just purchasing cameras or various camera equipment to do it themselves. Since we launched the program, we've had a lot of success. There's been a lot of engagement with the program, and then we've been able to service quite a number of jobs, which we'll talk a little bit about here.

Brendan Dowdle (02:38):
What is Capture Services? Capture Services is really, think of it as an outsourced Uber type network of capture technicians that can go capture properties on behalf of our customers. Our capture technicians are highly trained, they're vetted, they typically have three plus years of experience with Matterport. They shoot exclusively with the Pro2, so all the models are at the highest quality level that Matterport provides.

Brendan Dowdle (03:08):
What we've done through Capture Services is made that ecosystem, made that professional network simple and easy and available to use for all of our customers. Capture Services when we launched was primarily geared towards servicing our enterprise customer base. So, customers that had large property portfolios, really anywhere in the globe.

Brendan Dowdle (03:31):
Our capture technician ecosystem could then support those larger portfolios. For example, a large commercial brokerage that might have capture needs in over 100 cities in EMEA, North American APAC. Those are the types of customers that we currently service with the Capture Services program today. In addition though, we also service jobs for industrial sites for travel and hospitality, we've even done some special jobs like stadiums and concert halls et cetera. The ecosystem is very, very trained and is very capable to service any type of property. But really, the benefit of Capture Services, think of this as purchasing a camera or an iPhone or a 360 camera, as a do it yourself solution, which, we are definitely encouraging all of our customers to do. But if there is an instance in which you need an outsource professional vendor to support your capture needs, the Capture Services program is designed in a way to make it super easy, simple and straightforward to order a highly professionalized Matterport scan.

Brendan Dowdle (04:50):
What are the tenants of the program? I've mentioned this as an Uber type network. So, we want to provide a service that's fast. When you have a scan need, that you can order that scan and do it quickly, within the next couple of days, we are... Gabe will share a little bit more here, making investments to really make it really turnkey. Through our systems and platform that we're building, but also through the training of the capture technicians themselves. There is no hardware required on behalf of our customers, there's no training necessary.

Brendan Dowdle (05:28):
If you have needs, you could derive value out of the models themselves, we can be a solution to be that model acquisition vehicle for you. Then, what we've also done is we've made the pricing very predictable. Anywhere in the US, if you have scan needs, there is standardized pricing, so you can understand your costs, even before you make that scan.

Brendan Dowdle (05:53):
These are the core tenants of the program, and that is something that our enterprise customers are highly valuing. As Gabe will share a little bit more, we're extending this program to the entire Matterport customer base, as we roll out our next product and the next phase of the Capture Services program.

Brendan Dowdle (06:14):
Who are our capture technicians? I mentioned a little bit here that they're highly trained. Typically, they have three plus years of experience. We have capture technicians in the United States in over 110 cities. We have 25 cities in Canada, and we're also present in EMEA, and APAC. All of our capture technicians have Pro2 cameras. When they're provisioned for servicing a job, they will come out with a Pro2 camera.

Brendan Dowdle (06:45):
As part of the program, we require that they've at least captured 20 models in the past. Many of our capture technicians have significantly more models under their belt. All of the capture technicians that come into the program are vetted. There is an interview to evaluate customer service. There's ongoing customer service and quality assurance through rating systems and touching base with our customers and understanding the experience.

Brendan Dowdle (07:17):
As I mentioned before, we try to turn around these scans very quickly. That's a little bit of an overview of who the capture technicians are, and as I mentioned, they're spread throughout the US and Canada and EMEA, and APAC. They've been a great community that we've been working with, and excited to continue to expand that ecosystem to provide even more services to our customers.

Brendan Dowdle (07:41):
Maybe just a little bit of how customers are using the Capture Services. As I mentioned, we service a wide variety of customer types, and we've done scans all over the globe. Amir, if you could go to the next slide, we have a few statistics to share. We've done jobs in over 110 geographies or regions. As I mentioned, that's primarily been... Well, it's predominantly been in North America, but we've done jobs in also EMEA and in APAC, as well.

Brendan Dowdle (08:15):
To date, we've captured over 50 million square feet of property, and we've done in the 10s of 1000s of scans since the launch of this program. The program is well oiled at this point. Now, we're starting to introduce new capabilities and new features to make it available to more of our customer base. Something else to add here, we've done properties across the board. I mentioned this a little bit earlier, but from everything from commercial office real estate to single family and multifamily scans, to industrial sites. We've done 100,000 square foot rooftops, we've done concert halls, we've done stadiums. There's really no type of property here that we cannot scan.

Brendan Dowdle (09:10):
If you have a scan need, we want to receive that and we want to deliver that scan at the highest value that we possibly can. A little bit of a motto that we have here on the Capture Services team is we believe that every property has a story, and it's really our responsibility to capture that story and present it to our customer, which is you, and ultimately the end users that are experiencing the model in a way that it really tells the proper story of that property. Our capture techs are well trained to get the feedback from you and the property to scan it in a way that you would be proud of.

Brendan Dowdle (09:48):
I'm going to pass it off to Gabe here. I've alluded to a little bit of the advancements, what we're making here in the Capture Services program, making it easier to leverage and use, which Gabe has been leading for us here at Matterport. Gabe, why don't you take it off and share with everyone all the wonderful work that you've been doing?

Gabe Davis (10:10):
Awesome. Thanks, Brendan. All right. As Brendan said, we're going to walk through what is the standard offering and how it works. First, just let me introduce myself, my name is Gabe, I'm on the product team, I've been at Matterport for a few years, and really excited to talk to you all about this today.

Gabe Davis (10:30):
At a glance, really Capture Services, the standard offering across industries and use cases, it addresses customer feedback and needs that we've heard from customers, and then we want to meet. Let's talk for a second, first, about new customers as a primary capture method. The standard offering, just like Capture Services program, we'll provide a way to get customers to the value that they want to achieve with Matterport faster. It's really the most quickest and most efficient way to get a Matterport space, if you either are not in a position to do it yourself, or you don't want to.

Gabe Davis (11:14):
The second is that there's no hardware investment required, and third, one of the main things that we are aware of is that capture is a craft. Not just learning Matterport Capture, but actual behavior of capture, and acknowledging that every space is different, and it has its own intricacies. The learning curve for customers looking to use this product is really where they have much less of a training and operational overhead burden.

Gabe Davis (11:50):
From an existing customer perspective, we've heard that, there are types of places that our customers capture that are just more complex or more nuanced, and they would love to have somebody who's really done it before. We think that this standard offering has the ability to provide the expertise of the broader community through our capture technicians for complex properties, and properties that may really benefit from having somebody who's already been around the block and done something like that before. The second is that there's a lot of customers more and more that are coming to Matterport that are already using 360 cameras or their phones, and they may have not invested in Matterport hardware or other professional grade hardware.

Gabe Davis (12:43):
As a complementary capture method, standard offering of Capture Services, allows them to supplement their capture method that they currently have. Then lastly, across use cases, if you start to think like, well, if I need to capture one, space, that's in a really far distance, and I do it in frequently, well Capture Services may be a more economical way to achieve that, as opposed to having to travel to that site, and do it yourself.

Gabe Davis (13:13):
Those are, distilled down, the customer use cases and common use cases that we're looking to address here with the standard offering as part of Capture Services. Let's go down one more click and look at this experience of a standard offering.

Gabe Davis (13:31):
There's going to be a new customer experience, it's going to be a really fast and simple ordering experience for describing a property, scheduling an appointment, and specifying who the site contact is and how to get access to the site and submitting that order. Then there's going to be a new experience as well to view historical and upcoming orders. You can see there, there'll be appointments that are booked but haven't happened yet, appointments that have happened in the past, and you have one central place to look at all of your records in the experience.

Gabe Davis (14:20):
From a what spaces are supported and what are not, this experience will be targeted at spaces that can be captured with one Matterport space, as opposed to, there's a lot of properties that may have multiple Matterport spaces that are connected to it because of the design of the space or the preferences of the customer, and this will start where it's only supporting spaces that can be captured with one Matterport space.

Gabe Davis (14:48):
Now, to walk through how that can be experienced, we'll work a little bit further. Once a customer selects Capture Services, they're going to place an order, and then the capture will happen, and then they will receive their space. At that point, there's going to be notifications that go through the product to customers by email, and then the product to inform them about where the order is throughout its lifecycle. That way, you're made aware, and you're reminded.

Gabe Davis (15:23):
I think over time, those will get more sophisticated, and maybe more contextual. Right now, they're going to be delivered through the product experience in, and by email. The user who's ordering can be different than the site contact, but the user who's placed the order will be the contact that will be getting the notification, to start with.

Gabe Davis (15:47):
The product offering will be available for, like I mentioned, up to spaces that can be served with one Matterport model size spaces, but also spaces that are less than 30,000 square feet. We're going to be expanding the regions that this product serves gradually and over time. We're going to be starting with select regions in the United States.

Gabe Davis (16:15):
Now, one of the big questions is like, how will I access this? How will this work? From a customer experience standpoint, if a new customer would come to Matterport, there's a one distinct experience, and then existing customers will have another. So, let's talk first about new customers, it's going to be really, really simple, customers are going to discover Matterport, or come to the site and browse and see what the latest information may be about Matterport, and they're going to be able to check if a property's in the coverage network without choosing a subscription plan.

Gabe Davis (16:50):
Then, once they have feedback, so they can check multiple addresses, they can check one, that's totally their discretion, then they'll be able to choose this is a paid subscription plan, and then begin the ordering process for Capture Services.

Gabe Davis (17:08):
An existing customer, you just log into your account, and over time, you'll see Capture Service section added to Matterport Cloud or my.matterport, and you will click that and you'll see an experience or Capture Services and information on the Matterport Cloud dashboard. Then third, you'll begin to go through the Capture Services ordering process.

Gabe Davis (17:32):
In either case, you'll be able to easily discover Capture Services. Second, your expectations will... Before you choose a subscription plan, or you think a place can be captured, you'll have the ability to check whether that property is in the network or not. That is an overview of the Capture Services standard offering.

Gabe Davis (17:57):
To talk a little bit about and set expectations on what's next, there are three things that I think are important to communicate. One, we're going to continue private customer testing. Through that, then we're going to make Capture Services, the standard offering available and limited select regions in the US, and then we're going to begin expanding that throughout EMEA and APAC.

Gabe Davis (18:25):
We're going to have more information ahead of time to sign up for follow on, to regions and specific locations, as we go forward. Today, though, this is an overview and that there will be several regions supported next and then we're going to get more and more starting internationally and so forth over time throughout the rest of the year.

Gabe Davis (18:54):
That's an overview of the Capture Services standard product and what's coming next. Amir, can I pass it back to you?

Amir Frank (19:04):
Yeah, that's great. That was super informative. Really appreciate it. Before we jump into Q&A, I just want to point out great ways of staying connected and learning more about things like Capture Services, and where we're going to go next with it and how it's developing. Check out our Facebook page at Everything that we do, that's new that comes out is posted there. If you haven't seen it already, you can go to our gallery, which is just If you like that and feel like you have captured space or your space that was captured using Capture Services is something that you would like to promote, then you can go to, and tell us about it, we'll throw it in the gallery. Good way of promoting your space that way.

Amir Frank (20:03):
With that said, that was great and really appreciate the deep dive into Capture Services. I think we can get into Q&A. If you haven't submitted a question, I see that some questions have already been submitted, and Elizabeth is answering them. But we would like to let Gabe and Brendan answer some questions live. So, you should see the Q&A button in the bottom of your screen, you can just tap that and submit any question that you like.

Amir Frank (20:31):
Danny asks, "What's the cost for the service, and what are the geographic restrictions?"

Gabe Davis (20:40):
The price of Capture Services depends on the space that's being captured. There's not one set deterministic price. Before an order is placed, based on the description, and the characteristics of that order, the price will be shown, so a customer can evaluate whether that is something they want to go forward with. Pricing will be based on the size of the space, the location, and the times that are available. That's generally the characteristics that we're going to be using to determine the price. Then that will be shown through the order experience to customers.

Gabe Davis (21:28):
I think it's a very reasonable ask as we get closer, and we already have this plan to have some examples of here's a property like this in our documentation, so that you can see that type of feedback. But yeah, each order may have a different price, because of the characteristics of that order and property. That's how that will work, and that will be shown before you place the order.

Gabe Davis (22:01):
Then in terms of geographies, we're going to start with a really limited set of geographic areas, and we're going to really research and validate and then begin to expand. We're going to start in the United States, in several regions, and then we're going to expand from there. We'll take this group, and we'll share those when we're at that point, and we're ready. Right now, we're still in private customer testing.

Amir Frank (22:39):
All right. Great. We've got another question here, came in from Mark, who says, "Matterport Capture Services is competing with existing Matterport camera and platform clients."

Brendan Dowdle (22:52):
Yeah, I'd be happy to do that. I wouldn't necessarily say that we're competing, what we're doing is providing a complimentary service. What we have found recently that there have been 10s of 1000s of new subscribers to Matterport that have, for one reason or another, not been able to get access to a model or scan their property. One of the reasons for that is because of the cost and the difficulty of acquiring those models.

Brendan Dowdle (23:26):
What the Capture Services program is designed to do is for customers that have their own accounts, that they want access to, essentially, a seamless, easy way, to acquire models, this is a solution for them. Broadly, the MSP program, the MSP community is one that it continues to be a very valuable program, and we want to continue to support. A lot of our MSPs provide value added services beyond just the capturing itself. There will likely be a lot of customers that end up generated through the Capture Services program, that are seeking a commoditized version of capturing that end up having, wanting or desiring more highly valued services, and at which point, it might be more appropriate for them to work with an MSP to service their needs.

Brendan Dowdle (24:24):
Ultimately, we do believe that this program will be complimentary to the existing professional photographer base and as the saying goes, a rising tide rises all boats here.

Amir Frank (24:41):
Amber had a question says, "What is the benefit as a client of going through this system versus just contracting with a vendor directly?"

Gabe Davis (24:49):
Yeah, that's a great question. I think there are a few. First is, what we found from our research and talking to many customers is that, just one reason maybe, the geographic coverage served. A lot of service providers, photographers, they exist within a regional corridor. If a customer is looking for with that one relationship across multiple geographic areas, Matterport may be a... The standard offering may be more of an appealing candidate from that regard.

Gabe Davis (25:31):
The second dimension is that, there's going to also be a method of consistency and reliability, that as a customer, you may be able to just have a relationship with Matterport, and not have to evaluate another third party. That may save them some time, research, due diligence, so forth.

Gabe Davis (26:00):
Those would be two reasons. Then lastly, depending on their customer's workflow, they may really want to do something with the model. So, they want that ownership, or they want the access to other features within Matterport. So, they want to be either directly own the subscription, depending on the service provider that they're considering, those would be three primary reasons that I would think that the Matterport standard offering may be advantageous for them to consider.

Amir Frank (26:40):
There's an anonymous question here. The aim of this is to allow technicians to come and do scans with their equipment, instead of us having to do them.

Brendan Dowdle (26:51):
Yeah, I can answer that. Yes, that's exactly right. The capture technicians that are part of the program all have Pro2 cameras, this is their equipment, and so they'll come out and service the job with their equipment, and then deliver the model into your account. I think there was a question here later, and maybe I can just address it quickly now, in terms of ownership of the model.

Brendan Dowdle (27:19):
As Gabe mentioned, one of the values of using the Capture Services program is that the model ownership ends up being in the, essentially the requester hands. The models are delivered into the requester account, and are thus then owned by the requester. The capture technician never assumes ownership of the model at any point during the job lifecycle, and that's a major value proposition for this particular program.

Amir Frank (27:49):
Another question says, "Can you guys give us just a range of pricing per square foot? Is that something that we have?"

Brendan Dowdle (27:56):
I can answer that Gabe, or do you want to answer it?

Gabe Davis (27:59):
Yeah, I was just going to say, I think that as we get to, as I mentioned, next phase of communicating after the private customer testing that we're doing now, through that we'll provide examples of how pricing would work in different regions. I'd rather do that then with concrete examples that are documented, but in general, just keep in mind, we're using skies, and then other features of the order and the region, primarily to determine the price. We'll weigh that out then and then give examples then. I prefer to do that.

Amir Frank (28:48):
Sounds good. Okay, great. Michelle has a question says, "Can you do a 360 Matterport outdoor pool area only without doing an interior?" I can actually answer that one, yes, that is possible. These technicians are trained, they've gone through, they've been vetted as Gabe and Brendan mentioned. Just as an example, outdoor pool areas would be done with the Pro2 later into the evening hours when the sun is below the horizon, or just at the horizon, that would allow a Pro2 to scan around the pool without any kind of problem.

Amir Frank (29:31):
We answered a lot about the pricing, we've got some questions about that. We just went over it. If you guys have any other questions... Those who have submitted questions regarding pricing, if you've got any other questions, go ahead and shoot. Okay, so this is just a good question, all around. You guys probably have been doing this and talking to the capture techs and customers, taking advantage of the system, the Capture Services program, maybe you're better suited to answer something like this, "How can this scale my business?"

Brendan Dowdle (30:03):
Sorry, Amir, just to clarify, maybe say the preface of that sentence again, and then-

Amir Frank (30:11):
The question was basically, how can this scale my business? I'm hoping that, having spoken with the customers who are in the beta phase of the program, what are you seeing as taking advantage of a service, how is that helping businesses scale?

Brendan Dowdle (30:37):
I'd be happy to answer that. As we mentioned, we've been working with a wide variety of customers today. The Capture Services program is available to, essentially enterprise customers that make commitments to scanning. What we've seen in terms of how we help customers scale their business, a lot of our customers have properties that span multiple geographies.

Brendan Dowdle (31:04):
We have one customer, for example, in a given month, we will shoot in 35 different cities, in four different countries. What the Capture Services program does allow is customers that do have scan needs across multiple geographies to support those needs. In addition, our Capture Services program, we're starting to go a lot deeper. There are some questions here, I think we'll address here later about, how we accept new capture technicians into the program, but we're starting to go deeper in a lot of places.

Brendan Dowdle (31:43):
So, the capacity to handle high volume of scans, is there as well. Another customer example, we did over 700 properties in less than 20 days, because they had those needs. Because of the breadth and the depth of the program, the Capture Services ecosystem is something that can be leveraged by customers that have significant scanning needs, and really need a program and a system that can help them scale across their entire portfolio properties.

Gabe Davis (32:17):
I think, one other thing to add to go on is that we also see patterns where customers who already have relationships with their customers, so they have a relationship with a business, and they're capturing on their behalf, Capture Services in places that they don't operate, as Brendan said, from a geographic standpoint, Capture Services functions like a subcontractor, for them to fulfill their customer obligation, but they have the customer relationship, and that's great as well.

Gabe Davis (32:49):
That allows them to have enhanced service offering and continue to grow and fulfill the expectations or the demands of the businesses that they have relationships with.

Amir Frank (33:02):
Great. Another question, this is also coming in from anonymous, I'm not sure if it's the same person or not. But basically, the question is, as a technician or business owner that does scans, if I have several photographers working for me, would each person need to be certified as a capture technician, or could I get an umbrella certification?

Gabe Davis (33:27):
Yeah, great question. First, we're looking at certifying the entity, the capture technician entity. Then, when we do do that, we supervision each individual user that, that technician works with. I guess the answer is both. We evaluate, and we'll take the capture technician as part of the program at an entity level, and then in order for them to operate within the program, we will provision the entity as well as its users through the capture technician systems and workflows. I think the answer would be both, but we start by looking at the entity.

Brendan Dowdle (34:17):
Yeah, maybe just to add to that, we recognize that a lot of these entities have their own training and robust programs to get either employee or contract base up at a standard where they're delivering services for your entity in a high quality way. As part of the onboarding, our manager of the ecosystem, Jeffrey Fong on my team, he will speak with you on trying to understand the how you do your training, how people are brought into the company.

Brendan Dowdle (34:55):
That can also suffice as a level of standards that we should expect from the company. I would say, as the technicians go out and service jobs, we are tracking the quality of their service offering to the end customer. So, if any issues come up, then we would end up addressing that with the entity to create some positive reinforcement there on how to correct those issues moving forward. As Gabe said, it's a little bit of both, but we do primarily work through the entity.

Amir Frank (35:34):
Tracy is just asking a really quick question, can you please recap where you go to place an order? Is that available today?

Gabe Davis (35:42):
Yeah, great question, Tracy. This is not available today. This is in private customer testing, and when it is available, you'll log into my.matterport, or Matterport Cloud, whatever term use, and there'll be a section within the product there that you can see Capture Services, and you can check coverage, and you can view your upcoming or historical orders and place new orders. From a timing perspective, you'll start to see that in the product experience through Q2, and we'll be back here to share as we get to more geographic regions and transfer from private, closed customer testing, to limited availability in several geographic markets.

Amir Frank (36:33):
Mark asked a really good question. He says, "What or how is the technician paid?" I'm a technician, I'm certified, I get called down to do a job, how am I getting paid at the end of the day?"

Brendan Dowdle (36:46):
Happy to take that. All of the capture technicians, when they join the program, are shared the pricing logic, I should say, that goes into getting paid through Capture Services. It follows a very similar logic that Gabe just described for the pricing of the job itself. It varies by property type, by the square footage, by the city. There's no set rate here that the capture technician gets paid.

Brendan Dowdle (37:20):
What we do, do though, is all of the capture technicians are part of the program. They're not obliged to take the job. When a job pops up on their screen, they have the ability to accept or deny the job and that price is provided to them at that moment in time. But that logic is known in advance. That price is typically not a surprise to the capture technicians.

Brendan Dowdle (37:42):
I will say, one of the benefits that we've heard from our capture technicians in the program is there's no customer acquisition costs, there's no support. Matterport is handling all of the peripheral customer relationship with the end customer. It's really going out and executing the scan on behalf of the customer. As a result, the efficiency of the job is quite high, and that's been one of the major value propositions for our capture technician to join the program.

Amir Frank (38:13):
Liam has a question, says, "As someone who currently works with the V1 Matterport camera, just the Pro, the Matterport Pro, could you briefly touch on the upgrades that the Pro2 has?" Yeah, basically, Liam, I can go ahead and touch on that. The Pro2 is no different in its measurement and accuracy, it uses the same 3D sensors, structured infrared light, but the Pro2 does have a slightly higher resolution. It produces a 2D panorama, that is going to be higher resolution, has more clarity, color, and things like that.

Amir Frank (38:48):
I'm pretty sure, with my experience, the HDR qualities are the same. But overall, it's the resolution, Pro2 can get your 4K quality, whereas the Pro1 is slightly less resolution and it's 2D panels. Hopefully, that answers your question, Liam. We did have another question, I think this is really good, actually, "If our client requires an NDA before scanning the space, can we have a signed NDA from the technician before scanning the site?" This gets into all those spaces that are protected.

Brendan Dowdle (39:19):
I can speak to that. All of the capture technicians have a contract with Matterport, and have signed an NDA with Matterport. They fall under the Matterport umbrella here. If your client requires an NDA before scanning a space, that's actually something you can put in with Matterport, because the non-disclosure from Matterport, and our capture technicians could then apply to you and your customer. Again, that's part of the value of leveraging the Capture Services program, instead of working and signing NDAs with hundreds of capture technicians, we've already done that work for you.

Brendan Dowdle (40:05):
You can work with us, put that NDA in place, and we can ensure that the standards of the contracts that we have signed with our capture technicians are upheld as part of that job.

Amir Frank (40:16):
Anne asks, "If you're an existing customer of Matterport Enterprise Account, is this an extra service to add on to that?"

Brendan Dowdle (40:26):
Yes, in short, it's... The way that we support our enterprise customers is a little different here. All of our customers that have a paid subscription will ultimately, overtime, once all of the regions are opened up, will have access to the order system that Gabe shared a little bit earlier in this presentation. But if you are an enterprise customer have larger scan needs, that is something we are able to support today, and all of our in network regions, actually, quite honestly, even beyond that. We've done scans in as far places as Rio de Janeiro, in the Dominican Republic, in South Africa.

Brendan Dowdle (41:07):
In short, we'd love to support your needs. If you do have bigger scan needs, what I'd recommend is, reaching out and calling sales, and they can really understand what you're trying to accomplish and support you and get you hooked up with the right program here at Matterport, and we can start executing on any of those jobs even today.

Amir Frank (41:31):
All right, we got a really good question here. I like this one, can service technicians outreach their own business to clients being scanned? Meaning, form the scan, like in a uniform logo, a vehicle branding, a company card, things like that? Meaning I think our technicians go out to do a scan, can they promote their own businesses, or are they there on behalf of Matterport, therefore, they should really have the Matterport shirt on, instead of their own businesses shirt on? I think that's what we're getting at.

Brendan Dowdle (42:04):
It's a good question, and this has come up a few times. The way that the contract with our capture technicians is defined is that there's not really... We don't want to prevent our capture technicians, and their own businesses. We recognize that our capture technicians have their own businesses and need to be free to sell their own services. When they're on a job, on behalf of Matterport, however, there are provisions in there that essentially limits solicitation when doing jobs on behalf of Matterport.

Brendan Dowdle (42:40):
If the customer is inquiring about other services, we would absolutely support the technician highlighting the various capabilities and additional services that they can provide, but, while we don't have strong non-competes on our contracts, but we do highlight that solicitation as part of the Matterport job is something that we want to limit and be within reason. Hopefully, that answers that question.

Amir Frank (43:14):
This gets technical and I think like tax related, do you need the W-8BN-E in the USA, I'm not even sure what form or thing that is, do you guys know anything about that?

Brendan Dowdle (43:27):
Yes. I think the W-8BN is international. We require a W-9s from all of our capture technicians within the US, and I believe the W-8BN is the international form of that. So, yes, in short, we would require W-9s or W-8BN as part of the onboarding to the program.

Amir Frank (43:55):
Okay, this is actually an interesting question, what costs will a technician incur by becoming part of the CS program?

Brendan Dowdle (44:03):
What cost will the capture technician or-

Amir Frank (44:06):
Are there any?

Brendan Dowdle (44:09):
Not from the Matterport perspective. We work with existing professionals that already have a Pro2 camera, so there's no costs on the equipment, and it's really just the cost of executing the job is what our capture technicians, the costs that they earn. But outside of that, there's no additional costs. Maybe the question is referring to, do you need a Matterport account to service a job?

Brendan Dowdle (44:41):
As part of the capture technician workflow, when a model is created on the Capture App, it's then uploaded into a very specific specialized Matterport account, we call it a holding account, which all of our capture technicians are collaborators of, and they don't pay to have access to that account. That account, then we take the model from that account and then ultimately transfer it into the end customer account. But there's no additional costs that are occurred from a matter of perspective, for being a technician. We actually want this program to be a revenue generator for all the technicians that are a part of it.

Amir Frank (45:23):
Back to some tax related questions, are the technicians employees, or 1099, subcontractors?

Brendan Dowdle (45:31):
No, the technicians are not employees, they are 1099 subcontractors. We primarily work with entities, to the question earlier. The actual end customer tech can either be an employee or a customer of a capture tech entity that we work with, and then there's a contracting relationship between that entity and Matterport. All of our capture technicians are in that 1099 kind of bucket.

Amir Frank (46:07):
Getting to the last few minutes, and only a couple more questions. If you do have more questions, go ahead and submit them now. Mark asked, "If I have further questions about the program, where can I submit my questions?"

Brendan Dowdle (46:20):
I think it depends. If you're a prospective customer, and you're interested in the program, to leverage it, to support your needs, we highly recommend reaching out to sales. If you are a prospective capture technician, there is an application page on our website. Then, we are... I think there's some questions here, and would like to address it, we are trying to accept as many people into the program that essentially meet the threshold of qualification to be in the program.

Brendan Dowdle (46:59):
We are throttling essentially acceptance, in order to ensure that we create a balanced supply and demand dynamic here. So, we want all the capture technicians that are part of the program to derive significant value through being in the program. As we roll out the self-serve product that Gabe highlighted earlier today, I do expect that, there will be more predictable demand in concentrated areas that will give us the ability to accept more technicians into the program.

Brendan Dowdle (47:32):
Those that do apply, there is a bit of a wait list today, however, I hope, as we grow and build this business that that wait list time will diminish, and we'll be able to get you into the program. In terms of reaching out, if you want to learn more, sales is a great avenue. If you do want to talk more about the program and you're contemplating applying, we can also share an email to reach out to the Capture Services program where you can inquire about the capture tech process, the engagement in the program, and we'd be happy to answer those questions.

Amir Frank (48:11):
Okay, great. A couple more questions, what is stopping the customer from removing us as the middleman?

Gabe Davis (48:19):
Yeah. I think there's maybe two things. One is customers may... I think there's going to be a set of new customers that are going to be using this product, that are going to be discovering this through Matterport, and not necessarily a technician. So, they won't be viewing it as, will customers be removing the technician? They'll just be discovering it for the first time. They'll be meeting a technician when they come on site and so forth, things like that.

Gabe Davis (48:51):
I think then, the second part, which the question is getting at is, I think there'll be different features that may sway the customer, do they want to work with Matterport Capture Services, or do they want to work with a certain service provider that they know? I think that some of those may be that they have an established relationship that they trust with that service provider. The service providers providing additional services related to or on top of Matterport that are meeting their needs.

Gabe Davis (49:26):
Third, that there's maybe some proprietary or vetting that, that service provider had already done for that business. Again, those are just three examples where that service provider, or technician, or that organization with many technicians may be a better candidate for that customer. Whereas, this is more of a standard offering, it's not going to have, at this time, additional services that meet every business's workflow and or needs.

Gabe Davis (49:59):
I think that a customer wouldn't want to the standard offering comes Matterport, because that's directly in that case. But that's a few reasons to that question. Brendan or Amir, feel free to add on to that.

Brendan Dowdle (50:14):
Yeah, I think we talked about this a little bit earlier in the ShopTalk. So, definitely concur with that. I just add, a lot of... Particularly in the agent real estate space, you guys know that space better than anyone does, and agents require a lot of hand holding and white glove service. This program may not necessarily be the best solution for someone that is looking for an absolute white glove, hand holding, and marketing support on top of the Matterport model.

Brendan Dowdle (50:52):
I think there's definitely going to be lots of opportunities to differentiate your service offering to the standard service offering of Capture Services. The reason we're launching this is we see a need in the marketplace for a commoditized service, because there are lots of accounts subscribers that we have recently that have not been leveraging Matterport, because of the difficulties of acquiring the model, and the goal is to solve for that problem.

Brendan Dowdle (51:17):
We hope that then they become hooked with Matterport, start going deeper, and then explore all of the ways in which they can essentially extract the best value out of Matterport.

Amir Frank (51:27):
All right, we're at time. We do have just one last question, I think this is a really quick one, so I want to just take care of it before we get going. Technicians, do they need to be licensed photogrammetrists in states that require this, like Florida?

Brendan Dowdle (51:41):
Yeah. All of the capture technicians that are part of the program must have the licenses based on the local geography that they service, and that's part of our vetting process. One last thing to end on, it seemed like there were a bunch of questions here on pricing, I just want to explain, we're not trying to be coy on not answering the pricing, we're still working on the final tweaks in the pricing logic, and that is going to come out here soon. Just stay tuned, we want to be transparent with the pricing, and that will be rolled out here in the next couple of weeks.

Amir Frank (52:19):
Great. That's good to know. Okay, with that, we are at the top of the hour. Really appreciate your attendance and all they're really great questions. Hopefully, this was informative, and you got a lot out of it, and we'll definitely keep you posted on Capture Services and all the things to come, and we'll have another ShopTalk in another two weeks. So, see you then. Take care, everybody. Thanks.

Brendan Dowdle (52:42):

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