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Tourmake Servers Fried14412

Gladsmuir private msg quote post Address this user
News just in from Tourmake

Update on the fire that hit the OVH server company

Updates on restoring Tourmake services

Since Wednesday, March 10, the Tourmake site and everything connected to it (including email) is not available due to a fire of large proportions that affected the buildings at which the servers of the company OVH that host our services are located.
We want to reassure you: Tourmake has an active backup system that has not been damaged and we are in constant contact with OVH technicians to be able to restart as soon as possible.

The provisional date for restoring the servers is Monday, March 15,we expect to receive more detailed information in the coming days.

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Gladsmuir private msg quote post Address this user
Well, it seems the mess at Tourmake has not got any better, and communicating with their clients really is not a priority.

Timeline so far

10 March No service
12 March First notification about the issue
15 March Predicted date of restoration of service
18 March post the notification below on their newly created 'Telegram Channel'
19 March Notify their clients that they have created the above channel for future communications.

The short version of their notification is they have no idea what they will be restoring or when.

According to the official website Telegram Channels "are a tool for broadcasting your public messages to large audiences."

Tourmake Telegram has 52 members.

Perhaps they should stick to email.

Updates on the availability of Tourmake services.
Our servers have been affected by the fire occurred in Strasbourg on March 10, 2021. All services related to Tourmake, including emails, are currently unavailable. Below are the time references of the updates received and the scheduled actions.

10 March 2021: Access to the OVH Control Panel is blocked. It is not possible for us to check the status of our infrastructure from the beginning.
11 March 2021: inform us that our infrastructure is located in the SBG1 block.
12 March 2021:Tourmake's server is under investigation. We will promptly order a new infrastructure in order to reactivate services as soon as possible.
15 March 2021: From the first updates from OVH the machine is intact and recoverable. In the afternoon they inform us that 4 out of 12 rooms, belonging to SBG1, have been seriously compromised by the fire. We are waiting to know which one we belong to.
16 March 2021 OVH informs us that it is not possible to use the DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) because some of our datastores were in the 4 damaged Rooms.
18 March 2021: We get access to the backups, verify their integrity, and devise a plan to prepare for the migration.
To date, OVH is still unable to provide us with the official date when the new infrastructure will be delivered to us, but communicates to all customers that it will commit to provide 15000 servers over the next few weeks.

We will inform you as soon as the infrastructure will be delivered and it will be finally possible for us to calculate a certain and reliable schedule for the global restoration of Tourmake services. For this, we are setting up a web page from which you will be able to follow the status of the works in real time.

We invite you, meanwhile, to follow the news on the Telegram channel

We thank you for your patience and understanding.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for sharing.

I can't even imagine the pain this is causing you and your clients.

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Gladsmuir private msg quote post Address this user
Tourmake is back
Update April 07, 2021

We are proud to inform our customers that Tourmake is definitely online. Our developers have been working hard during the Easter weekend to ensure the full restoration of the platform. You can now access the photographer/user panel to edit and publish your virtual tours.

It is currently possible:

Create and edit Viewmake
Create and edit Tourmake
Create and edit
Create, edit and publish Street View projects
Import projects from Google Street View
Create and edit projects in Welcometo
Create and edit projects using the Viewmake app

Currently not possible:

Use custom domains for tourmake virtual tours and sites .

Using the Local Tourmake platform

In order to reactivate your custom domains, it will be sufficient to change the IP pointing data . You will receive a notification directly in the private area with the necessary instructions.
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