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New to the WGAN Forum? Please introduce yourself14

ThePerfectSpot private msg quote post Address this user
Hey everyone we are new to the referral group but are service providers for the Kansas City and surrounding areas. We are excited to be apart of this group and hope to grow our business. Thanks for welcoming us!
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Shane private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone.
I have just purchased a Matterport camera... waiting on delivery at this stage. Can't wait to get started.
Geelong Australia
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Mitchell private msg quote post Address this user
Hey MAte WElcome
Post 228 IP   flag post
Shane private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @Mitchell Thanks for the welcome.
Post 229 IP   flag post
Mitchell private msg quote post Address this user
No worries mate, welcome to the world of matterport
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GertJan private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,

Newby here from the south region in the Netherlands. The last 2 weeks I've been scanning the forum thoroughly and I'm impressed of the amount of valuable info in here.


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Punta Gorda, FL
mefederau private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All - My partner Curtis and I are new to the MUG. We're Realtors in the Punta Gorda, Florida (SW Florida - 25 min North of Ft. Myers) market and are excited to make use of this awesome technology. We've done four 3D tours in the 2 weeks since getting the camera and we're already getting great reviews! No one else in our area is making use of this technology so - color us excited! PS - We are really thankful for the MUG resource, lots of good stuff here! Mike & Curtis
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Ushflynn private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all,

I'm new onto the forum although i've used some great tips by the users here on my first scan recently.
I'm the Creative Designer for a forward thinking property marketing agency in the UK.
We'll be officially launching our matterport service in the coming week or two. It feels good to be in the first handful in the UK to be using it.
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Dolloff private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Everyone,

My sister and I recently bought the Matterport camera and started our own business. She is the amazing photographer and I do the sales and marketing. We are mainly located in NC, NH, and MA. We haven't seen many Matterport users in these areas so we are excited to get started! This forum has some great info. and we are glad to be part of it!

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Welcome all,

It's fun learning about our new MUG Forum Members.

Please introduce yourself ...


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VirtualizeLife private msg quote post Address this user
My brother and I are current business owners in separate fields and looking to start a company that will include a Matterport. We are in the Seattle, WA area and still looking at the logistics and scalability at the moment.

In the process of doing some market research and stumbled across this forum. It's been incredibly helpful so far.
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joelE private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, recent member here, still not have a camera, but should be soon, from Montreal area (Quebec, Canada). I haven't seen other users from Quebec Province (which is good :-) for competition purpose)
I already make virtual visits for Google Streetview Trused and with Panotour.
Adding this tool, will help to continue to increase business.
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sebastien private msg quote post Address this user
I'm sebastien from France, Paris !
Happy to be part of the adventure
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LuisBrilanti private msg quote post Address this user
I'm Luis, just got my camera and will start scaning this week.
Excited to be part of this community, and hopping to grow my portfolio of customers with this new tool.

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WCMOORE private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Everyone

My name is Wayne C. Moore and I'm from Savannah Ga. I have been photographing architecture in and around Savannah for more than 30 years. I'm very excited about my recent purchase of the Matterport. I believe this will be a great tool for me to help my clients promote their properties.
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JCHAFE private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,

John from NL, Canada! Ive been scanning about 2 weeks, same length of time on this Forum!
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sdandphoto private msg quote post Address this user
Hello All,
New user.... in fact, prospective user, as my camera hasn't arrived yet.
I'm from near Sydney Australia. I look forward to sharing and learning.

Post 242 IP   flag post
RobV private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Mate

Rob here from Sydney, happy to help answer any questions you have. We have been using Matterport now for about 6 months.

What part of Sydney are you from?

Post 243 IP   flag post
orbitvisions private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all...
I just wanted to officially say hello to my fellow entrepreneurs. Born and raised in sunny Arizona USA and have worked in the Architectural/Graphics field for quite some time. I've utilized programs over the years doing commercial CAD work/3D walk thru and this camera intrigued me. So, I decided to pursue this technology primarily because the owner of my company is retiring and I want to be my own boss and not punch a time card.

I've seen first hand thru a realtors office how this technology evokes a feeling and mood when seen by the end user. It's amazing looking back on 1 year old posts on this forum how quickly technology is changing and partially due to the comments and suggestions from this forum.

I look forward to being a part of this community and gaining knowledge that we all strive for, knowledge is power. I appreciate the time and brains that everyone puts into making this happen. Happy scanning...
Post 244 IP   flag post
prospex private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all...

Just unpacked my camera and did my first scan. Introduced to matterport bu a colleague, was amazed when I saw it. I'm in the Real Estate Industry and have big plans for this great technology. Looking forward to learning and participating in this forum.

Post 245 IP   flag post
Hopscotch private msg quote post Address this user
Hello! I've joined the forum, as I'm using Matterport to help clients market their spaces (commercial & residential), and I'm interested in exploring VR and other uses for the camera including marketing and advertising. I'd like to stay on the cutting edge of this technology, although it feels like it's changing every day and there's a lot to learn.

I live in the SF Bay Area, and I also travel regularly to Germany, so I'm hoping to get a chance to take a lot of scans in Berlin during my next visit.

Thanks for all of the helpful posts and previous threads, this is a great resource and I hope to contribute as well.
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MajorsR private msg quote post Address this user

I'm a college student in my last semester, and thinking about starting a Matterport service in my area.

I live in Central California, Fresno, and there is currently no other Matterport services offered here.

Currently I'm brainstorming marketing approaches and doing a bit more demand research before I foot the bill. Not 100% certain how the new technology will be received where I live.

Post 247 IP   flag post
esourcedev private msg quote post Address this user

We purchased the Matterport a couple months ago and are really just getting started with it. We've done a half-dozen scans so far and hope to expand in the new year. I run a few Arizona specific real estate marketing ventures and wanted to offer something unique to expand our service offerings. I'm also a licensed agent.

We are based in Scottsdale and have found only a couple in the entire Phoenix area that offer the service. I found this group after getting a phone call from a member in Texas that found my website and wanted to 'talk shop'. I look forward to seeing and learning from other owners.

- Alan
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alx3D private msg quote post Address this user
Greetings (From TX)
Post 249 IP   flag post
boylerj private msg quote post Address this user
My name is Bob Boyle and I am with Virtual Tidewater in the Hampton Roads area of Southeastern Virginia, which includes Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg.

We are mostly known for Real Estate Photography, but we recently purchased a Matterport system to expand the services that we offer to our clients.

Looking forward to learning and sharing on this forum.
Post 250 IP   flag post
North Myrtle Beach, SC
cswartz private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone! My name is Chuck Swartz and I just purchased my first camera and expect delivery tomorrow. I'm a Realtor and plan to use the camera to expand my business. I reside in Myrtle Beach, SC so if you know of anyone needing service in this area, please let me know.

Also, if anyone has and would like to share a business plan that has worked for you, I'd be eternally grateful. I'm looking forward to taking advantage of all the good stuff here on this forum.

Post 251 IP   flag post
Shane private msg quote post Address this user
Welcome Chuck. I'm recent myself, had my cam for 2 months now. The forum is very good and can't imagine being without the help of everyone.
Post 252 IP   flag post
Sedry private msg quote post Address this user
Hi everyone --

Just discovered this forum after owning the !atterport for about 3-4 months. I'm a real estate salesperson with Keller Williams NYC (Manhattan) and my team focuses on New Developments/Condo Conversions as well as luxury real estate.

We've done about 15 scans to date and we're building a new website to help showcase the models.

One area I'm particularly intrigued by is converting the highlight reels into videos which can be used in social media. I've created a couple of #15secTours for Instagram and just finished a new 45-second version using Camtasia screen capture and then Adobe premiere to speed up the transitions.

#15secTour --
Video for FB --

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing with this great tech.

Post 253 IP   flag post
Shane private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @Sedry welcome. There is a great deal of information and sharing on thE MUG. Had a look at your videos. I haven't started down that track but one of my real estate agents has suggested that a video would be worth producing for the seller / buyer post sale as a momento.

So welcome again.
Post 254 IP   flag post
[redacted] private msg quote post Address this user
Hey everyone,

I'm Chris and I've owned my Matterport for a few months now. I am a Managing Broker in two states PA/IL. I am offering the tours as a standard for our listing starting this year.

I had trouble finding a case so we developed two cases that are now available. Check them out. Facebook Link:clickable text

Looking forward to a great 2016 and getting to know some of you!

Post 255 IP   flag post
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