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Alibaba Virtual Tours of 1,000+ Showrooms13528

ahojman private msg quote post Address this user
Nice places...

Alibaba Virtual Tours

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wishing_well private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for sharing this is a great insight into evolving UI interfaces for 3D tours and online shopping.
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Orchard Park, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
I am curious what platform these were built on?
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ahojman private msg quote post Address this user
@GETMYVR I was thinking the same, dont know the answer...
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
@GETMYVR @ahojman Below is the camera they used to build the tour.
Currently there are some vendors in China area can provide their platform to build tours with their 360 cameras.

Yes, their quality is not as good as Matterport but maybe cheaper and faster to capture.
It seems like the result at this level is enough for some shop or factory tours in order to select the link to buy something or check the real capacity of a remote OEM factory.
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79090 5 5
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