If you are thinking about getting started converting existing 3D Showcase tours to Matterport VR Showcase, here are:

10 Steps to Getting Started

1. Close your eyes and jump into the deep-end of the pool
2. Capture a 3D Showcase like this (or use an existing 3D Model)
3. Join Matterport VR Beta program
4. Order 1 VR (that will help you get VR clients)
5. Duplicate Model. Label VR1 / Reprocess
6. In VR1, hide scans in Workshop (that are not needed in VR)
7. Pay Matterport a conversion fee (cancel vacation)
8. Buy Samsung Gear VR (and a box of Alcohol Prep Pads)
9. Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S7 (not the curved edge)
10. Follow detailed MP directions for side-loading to YOUR S7

Extra Credit

1. MUG Forum VR Tagged Threads
2. MUG Forum Virtual Reality Tagged Threads
3. Matterport VR Gear and Accessories Shopping List

What else MatterVRpeeps? What did I leave out about getting started?