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Limited Matterport Pro1 Repairs after 31 January 202113321

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Screen Grab from this Matterport Support Page

Hi All,

Matterport will not providing Matterport Pro1 3D Camera support after 31 January 2021 on the following, according to this Matterport Support page (as of 5 October 2020):

✓ Most Sensor Errors
✓ Configuration Issues
✓ Wi-fi Fault Codes
✓ Cosmetic Repairs
-- Scratches
-- Dents
-- Damage caused by dropped camera

Matterport also writes, "if possible, we will still service the following repair types:

✓ Battery Issues
✓ Wi-fi Range Issues
✓ Motor or Drivetrain Repairs

"We have no plans to drop all support of the Pro1 camera, from either a firmware and software perspective. If your camera is not functioning properly, we will do our best to try and repair it. If we cannot repair your camera, we will work with you to find the best option to replace it," says Matterport on this Matterport Support page.

To help ease the pain, Matterport is offering Matterport Pro1 3D Camera owners to receive a $700 discount on Matterport Pro2 3D Cameras without requiring the Matterport Pro1 3D Camera to be returned:

Matterport Offers $700 Off Pro2 to Pro1 Owners: No Trade-in Necessary

What are your thoughts about the Matterport announcement to limit support for Matterport Pro1 3D Cameras after 31 January 2020?

I could imagine that we will hear more on this topic from WGAN Member @MatterFix whom is offering repairs on Matterport Pro1, Pro2 and Pro2 Lite cameras:

Express Matterport Camera Repair Service

I could imagine that even if your Matterport Pro1 3D Camera breaks and can not be repaired, there will still be a market to buy used Matterport cameras that are broken (to get the usable parts for other repairs). See ...

WGAN Private Group: Buy-Sell Used Matterport Cameras



The Matterport ShopTalk #9 webinar (below) (14 October 2020) discusses the limited Pro1 repairs timing and offer for $700 discount on Matterport Pro2 3D Camera for Pro1 owners.

Video: Matterport ShopTalk #9 | New Features and Updates & Part 2 of Customizing your Model | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 14 October 2020
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Repair Service
Gainesville, Florida
MatterFix private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Dan - I'll definitely be stepping up our @MatterFix express repair service to support all possible repairs for the Pro1 cameras (in addition to the Pro2 and Pro2 Lite). I'm currently looking to buy a few Pro1 cameras now. My guess is, that if you take advantage of Matterports generous trade in program, the Pro1 serial number (camera) you submit for the offer will no longer be supported by MP. Anyone know more on this?
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