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Help with business model for businesses...1320

Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
We recently did a complimentary scan for a retirement residence which was very well received. They are now asking for pricing on completing models for each of their room styles (2-bedroom, 1-bedroom, and bachelor suite), as well as other sites that they own.

We have our residential pricing down-pat, and because those listings sell over time I'm not too concerned with the model hosting space they take up as they can always be removed once sold freeing up that space.

Business scans that exist in perpetuity are a different thing, and in this case of different models for each style of room it could be several small scans each requiring individual hosting.

For those who have done several business scans, what payment model is better received by your clients... charging more for the scan upfront and then just hosting it forever and ever, or charging a scan cost and then annual hosting cost separately?
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Shane private msg quote post Address this user
With all my scans I state the cost includes 6 month cloud storage, after which I charge $60 each 6 months thereafter.
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pixelray private msg quote post Address this user
On every job, I give 3 months of hosting for free and then charge 10$ per month as long as they want to keep it up. For business, I give them the same 3 months free and after that, they get a choice of 10$ monthly or to pay in full for a year. If they pay in advanced for the year (after their first 3 free months)that gets them an extra month free.
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Seventhsunrise private msg quote post Address this user
We offer 1 year of hosting included in the fee and then $20 per scan for the following year.
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Auckland NZL
Property3dNZ private msg quote post Address this user
We work a lot with Retirement villages - all across NZ - because they have been such great and regular clients we haven't been charging them. We have just started working with a second Retirement village company and we have have said we will host for the first month for free and after that its $5 per month (paid quarterly).
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Noel private msg quote post Address this user
You could set them up so they have their own cloud account. which is charged direct to them. Which would save your admin costs.
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