IFTI PROVision has Help Wanted Privileges in the WGAN Forum

Hi All!

IFTI/PROvision Solutions has a need for Matterport Pros in Atlantic City, NJ.


Project details:

✓ Matterport Pro
✓ Location: Atlantic City, NJ
✓ Commercial Space: 16,000 SQ FT
✓ Timing: Completed by June 26, 2020
✓ Requirements: IPAD PRO


If you live in or near these locations, and would like more details, please email me at lindsey.youker@ifti.com.


Who is IFTI/PROvision Solutions?

We're a national service agency providing Matterport scanning at scale, anywhere in North America (and, in certain cases, internationally).

We started out over 20 years ago in the construction industry as a provider of independent concrete slab moisture testing. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for providing reliable information and expert solutions at scale for any number of projects and/or locations across the country.

We've applied those same processes to 3D imaging to begin providing our customers with better visibility into their commercial spaces, along with as-built floor plans, site survey information, etc.

Ultimately, our goal is to educate and drive up the value of Matterport scanning (and thus drive up the market rates for MSPs) in the AEC space because prices have been anchored at low amounts by the fact that this technology was initially intended for smaller, non-commercial spaces.

If you have a need for Matterport scanning at scale or if there's anything else that we can assist with please reach out to: PROVision@ifti.com