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Viability of Opening a Virtual Tour Only Business12003

HIGH5iVER private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone, thank you to Dan and the entire community for welcoming newcomers with open arms. I look forward to contributing. Quick Question:

Who here has been successful - or believes that you can build a successful business - solely offering virtual tours?
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I guess you can but your customers at some point will be asking to do photos, videos including drone ones.

I do tours & photos and outsource other services to my friend. I am a licensed pilot but find most jobs for a drone illegal.

With photos you can offer sometimes ones from Matterport but there will be situations when some properties will need both a tour and photos and some only need photos. I have the client who is asking exactly this for a few apartments and common areas.

I do not offer normal 2D photography service on my website. However it is because I have no portfolio to show. May be after this client's job I will have something to show and add it as an extra service.
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bryanhscott private msg quote post Address this user
@HIGH5iVER If your target client is a small business, possibly. Many small businesses are pubs, sports bars and restaurants, who may also need still photos for their menu selections. Absent that, why not?

For real estate professionals; agents and property managers, including VRBO and AirBNB, nearly all want and need still photos in addition to 3D tours. As well, though many won't admit it, they need (because their target customers require it) floor plan diagrams as well.

If your target is insurance companies and disaster recovery type businesses, again, maybe, so long as they don't also need still photos.

If your target is construction and AEC type clients, it is entirely possible that they need not only 3D Tours, but also spatial and coordinate data as well, so one needs to be very specific about what is a "virtual tour." Such definition with many is just a video of strung-together still photos of some real estate listing turned into an .mp4 file.

Net, net, I would say that a venture totally dedicated to only 3D tours would not be as viable as one that also offers still photos. And, I don't know why any 3D Tour company would not also offer floor plans and aerial drone media.
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