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10 Tips for Running a Matterport Service Provider Business Amidst COVID-1911217

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Please share a tip for running a Matterport Service Provider business amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hopefully, we can get (at least) 10 tips to help all of us help your prospects and clients.


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Temecula, California
Thalore private msg quote post Address this user
I think having shoe booties (disposable) and possibly latex gloves would go a long way to show that you care about their home hygiene and your own.

I've been using the shoe booties for a few months now and clients have noticed. I think just adding gloves is not that big of a deal.
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
#1 for me... We should also implore Matterport to add a Live Tour function to the platform, ASAP. It needs to be "assignable" by the creator to clients so that, for example, an client/agent of mine can open the tour I create for them, send a link to a prospective buyer, and they can "walk through" the home together with a live video link and audio - a live virtual tour open house in real time.

This is what EyeSpy360 already offers, and I believe two other 360 Tour platforms are nearing launch on this feature. Ideal for the age of COVID-19, needless to say.

Of course, asking this of Matterport, I'm not optimistic considering it took years for them to deliver the mere ability to set a node to pan left or right. Three years ago they told me this was a top request they were working on. If Matterport redirected half their marketing budget into their development / tech / coding department, they wouldn't even need a marketing department. We'd be so amazed and happy, we would BE their marketing dept!
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coulee360 private msg quote post Address this user
@Home3D Totally agree.

Unfortunately, Matterport doesn't seem to care about their MSPs and other customers. They just want the money to market their product to more people and screw over long standing customers. Years ago, remember they were going to put more effect and put VR at the front to grow that. Then tease us with the ability to stage the tours.

I don't think they seem to want to listen to their customers on what they want. I almost wish there could be a crowd funding campaign setup to buy out the current investors to take over ownership ourselves and appoint apprepriate people (bring Dee back too)
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Peterborough, United Kingdom
angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
Add audio so that a voiceover can be recorded or text to speech conversion of property description.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

From Photography For Real Estate blog post (14 March 2020):

"...for those of us who do video and/or use 3D camera technology, is to do extra promotion of those services, so that our agent clients might choose to avoid doing open houses, which will reduce the risk of exposure for people in their marketplace. ..."

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Inman (16 March 2020) 7 things the industry should be doing amid coronavirus

"4. Invest in 3D imaging and virtual reality - Even if folks aren’t going to actively tour homes, you can bet that they are looking online. 3D tours are a phenomenal differentiation, as well as a great way to attract more inquiries once things return to normal."
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
WGAN-TV Virtual Tour Super-Heroes at Your Service-#1680-What Are The Precautions To Take For Your Business During The Pandemic with Researchers Kelley Anderson, M.S., PH.D. Candidate from Texas Tech University

Hi All,

In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1680 above) Researchers Kelley Anderson, M.S., PH.D. Candidate from Texas Tech University and I discuss Matterport Services Providers and COVID-19.

Here is the entire WGAN-TV Live at 5 show:

Transcript: WGAN-TV Virtual Tour Super-Heroes at Your Service

Happy (and Safe) New Year,


Transcript (video above)

- I seem to recall that, back in the early days of being deemed essential, that all of a sudden it was like, okay, I'm essential. What are then going to be the best practices? Oh, I should get gloves. I should get a mask. Maybe I need to wear booties. I shouldn't be touching anything. And I think all of a sudden there was this outpouring of, okay, you're going to shoot. What precautions should you take? What precautions should you communicate to your client? What expectations do you have about your client not having other people around, et cetera?

So I think there were some practical, tactical things that came out of the Forum. I guess, even before that is, people kind of sitting around reading the Forum.

I think our audience more than tripled overnight in March. And I think that was pretty amazing as people were seeking, well, what are other virtual tour photographers doing? What are other real estate photographers doing? Am I deemed essential?

How do I get classified as a category of essential? What kind of, how should I run my business? And so do you want to speak at all to that Community of what all that conversation turned into?

- Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you communicate it beautifully. I mean, that discussion early on is, certainly from a researcher perspective, is really fascinating because it came to that convergence of understanding what those regular and assumed expected practices should be.

So really developing that for a global state. I mean, you guys are not just in the United States. So even that folds into a larger community across the globe.

And so by really going through that process of understanding and kind of negotiating with each other of what's necessary and what's not really helped to develop some of that. And we saw that even, you posted it, I want to say in April, of Matterport's recommendations. And you could see you came up with those even before those were posted, right? So, those-

- They probably read the We Get Around Network Forum, "Aha, look at this, we better write all this down, put it into these copious notes about best practices."

- Yeah, but, I mean, and that's an important aspect of the Community, what thought leaders you have within the Community to come up with that list. And even have those sometimes uncomfortable conversations of whether it's appropriate to do scans right now or not, right? So that kind of-

- Yeah, and we had that pushback. I think you reported in your research that not everybody was, "Hey, let's wear your gloves and shoes and go out and shoot."

Some were, "Stay in place, shelter in place, shelter in place. Don't create more problems for everybody." So do you recall some of those kinds of pushback conversations in the Forum?

- Yes, absolutely. There is a good one that talks about stop scanning, stay home, right? And then that's, and some of the conversation there was even just personal stories about who they've potentially infected because of that.

And that kind of a more informalized conversation and communication really created some education, I think, within the Community as well about if you're going to continue, what is it you need to do?

What precautions do you need to take? But obviously also trying to keep that in mind as you're developing some of these important, new expectations within this environment.
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Sales Team
Kitchener, Canada
andriystrebkov private msg quote post Address this user
Here's another blog post I posted when it just started about some ideas for real estate photographers of what they can be doing amid Covid crisis to get ahead.

5 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Photography Business Amid Coronavirus Crisis

It's a great time to consider expanding both your services and the market you are serving, especially when so many companies are looking for 3D tours even outside of Real Estate space. For example, there are quite a few grocery stores creating 3D tours of the locations for the clients.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for sharing your real estate photography meets COVID post with the WGAN Community.

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82949 10 10
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