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Creating new portal10998

BULLA66 private msg quote post Address this user
I have one friend who advised me to use this forum for some answering my 3D virtual tours questons.He is my friend and he is a profesional working with Matteport pro2.

So , if some of you will find some time to answer my questions I will be very thankfull. Idea is to construct web portal with unique properties with specific uniq-ness feature of listing. it means that if listing do not meet sufficient points will be not allowed to be listed. we would like to use only matteport videos software.

Question what I have is : If you like matteport professional photografer can imagine to agree to load uniq property on our future web(upon agreement with owner/real estate agent) and in return we will send you 10% from our commission if property is sold. we can consider commision sharing as well with primary real estate company but video should be listed without name of agent.

we will market and provide buyer for property to the owner or real estate agency.Example value is 100.000 USD - commision is 5 % in total , we divide it with RA 50/50 but from our side we will pay 10 % i.m. 500 USD ( for placemnt on our web ) is this sufficient renumeration for you ?

Thanks for ideas and answers.
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JanHamorsky private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Robert,

welcome to this amazing forum! You know my opinion about your project being prepared, we have already talked a lot about it personally... By the way, a few days ago I scanned and photographed a beautiful historic property for sale (in Sv. Jur, near Bratislava), which completely meets your uniq-ness criteria and the owner would be interested in publishing on such an international portal.

I am very curious if you succeed with your project but if so, I am ready to cooperate, together with some agents I work for.

Best, Jan
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leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
@BULLA66 Is this international or local. Not entirely sure how or why you are asking these questions.

Could you be a bit more specific.
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bryanhscott private msg quote post Address this user
@BULLA66 Your portal concept sounds like another way for a listing agent, or perhaps an unrepresented owner/seller to advertise a listing.

Assuming your portal does bring the buyer, and further assuming the listing agent is under agreement with the owner/seller to offer a buyer-agent commission side, then you bring the buyer and get paid the buyer-agent commission at closing. This works if you, or someone on your team is licensed properly to carry out such a transaction as required by law.

If you or your team are not licensed, you are very likely not permitted to represent either buyer or seller. So, then what you have left is a real estate web portal that sellers and/or their listing agents may use as an alternative advertising medium for which you will likely not be in position to commission split.

So, before you finalize your business plans and begin your new portal project, you may want to check/verify licensing rules and laws in the area, or countries you intend to operate to be sure you can legally perform the duties you intend.
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