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Use Case: General Contractor uses Matterport for Bids by Sub-Contractors10598

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: IFTI ProVision | Matterport for Construction Documentation and Pre-Bid Visualization | Video courtesy of IFTI and Matterport

IFTI PROVision (Matterport) of Rough Phase of a re-model. | Tour courtesy of IFTI PROVision

Use Case: General Contractor uses Matterport for Bids by Sub-Contractors

Hi All,

General Contractors for large commercial remodeling of existing spaces need to get bids from sub-contractors. The problem is not all sub-contractors may be able to visit the space and either the General Contractor gets fewer quotes or high quotes (because the sub-contractor had to make some assumptions without "walking" the space. Plus, it can take a long time to get quotes.

Using Matterport, the General Contractor can enable more sub-contractors to "walk" the space faster, that might not have been able to do in person. This allows the sub-contractor to better understand the space that they are bidding on (whether they did an actual, in-person walk through or not). The result? More quotes. Faster quotes. More accurate quotes.

In the video above, a Concord, CA-based IFTI - Independent Floor Testing & Inspection Director of Sales and Marketing James Duffy explains the above scenario using IFTI PROVision (Matterport) as well as weekly construction documentation for its client, National Contractors Incorporated (scroll down for Matterport 3D Tours).

If you are talking to General Contractors, talk to them about:

✓ creating an "As Built" of their space to help get quotes faster from sub-contractors
✓ construction documentation (weekly progress reports)

Got a follow-up question about Matterport use cases for General Contractors? WGAN Member - and IFTI Sales Manager Joe @everly - can answer your question.

Happy holidays,


Transcript for Video (above)

- James Duffy, I'm the director of sales and marketing for Independent Floor Testing and Inspection, otherwise known as IFTI. We've actually been around for over 20 years as what started out as a concrete moisture testing company.

Companies started to trust us with that integrity, and they started to ask us to start documenting and surveying their spaces, and that's where we fell upon and figured out Matterport would be the right niche for our service offering in the retail environment.

We have different clients that use us for construction monitoring quite often, so we're doing that weekly progression, and to one of these clients, they actually use it for their project management meetings every week.

So we go scan on Thursday, we have all the scans completed, and then on Monday morning, when they have their project management meeting, each project manager is asked if there's any issue that they need to highlight in the meeting, and they pull up the Matterport space, and they walk through it, and they dissect an issue.

And so we help them with their documentation. Usually when the walls go up, and right before rough-in, that we come in and document, and what they've noticed is a change in the work orders of the change orders of what's happening, 'cause they're able to catch problems quicker.

So National Contractors Incorporated actually reached out to us, and they're using this for their remodel program, so before they actually put it out for their subcontractors, we go in and do a scan for their pre-bid, so they can actually help their contractors walk through the space.

What they're doing is tightening the window for their pre-bids, so they're able to give people the window, the two weeks to walk through, so whether or not they went on a site visit or not, they're able to still bid on the project 'cause they're able to have adequate information and time to understand a space to put an accurate bid in there.

They actually like us for coming for grand opening at phase turnover when the project is done, so they're not only giving them the punch list and the walkthrough, they're able to share this with leadership in a more dynamic way.

So if it's a new prototype of a store that they've been asked to complete, they're doing the walkthrough, they're actually giving it to them in VR, so the C-level executives can walk through the space without trying to all get on a plane and get to the space.

The nice part is, with Matterport, the value in the ROI is not just a transactional basis. It's a full life cycle, so that scan has value to the facilities community, to the construction, to the engineering and design department, to marketing, to operations, so that one scan has a value that quintuples.
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lilnitsch private msg quote post Address this user
We did this for the remodel one of our real estate offices
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
I've done a couple of nice jobs for IFTI. Great company.
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Dubai, UAE
michaelakinyemi private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for Sharing Dan!
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