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101MarketingReal Estate Agents

101 Uses for Matterport 3D Tours for Real Estate Agents10537

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

This topic is inspired by ...

Originally Posted by fotoguy
...My issue remains to be that realtors don't know what to do with the tour once it is done. They put it on facebook and that's about it. I have suggested ideas such as making a QR code to hand out at the open house thanking the potential client for visiting and allowing them to re-visit the house virtually. I'm always met with resistance usually with the thinking that they want the client to contact them to see the house again rather than go through a virtual tour. They will have more interaction with the client.

The showcase app is a great idea. What other ideas are out there to keep the realtor and their clients engaged with the tour while the property is on the market?

I could imagine that you expected a list of 101 Uses ...

Actually, let's create that list together.

==> Agent uses the Matterport 3D Tour to help get their next listing! <==

1. MLS
2. Agent's Facebook
3. Agent's Instagram
4. Agent's Pintrest
5. Agent's LinkedIn
6. Client to send to friends/family
7. Client's Facebook
8. Client's Instagram
9. Client's Pintrest
10. Client's LinkedIn
11. Load to Agent's iPad via Matterport 3D Showcase app (show and sell)
12. Load to Homeowner's iPad via Matterport 3D Showcase app (show neighbors)
13. QR Code for sign
14. Targeted postcard mailing to neighborhood (vanity URL and/or QR code)
15. Create a MatterVid video - Agent's YouTube channel
16. Create a MatterVid Instagram video - Agent's Instagram account
17. Syndication -
18. Syndication -
19. Syndication - Other
20. Integrate in Corporate opportunities
21. Show at real estate agent's weekly sales meeting
22. Flyer - (vanity URL and/or QR code)
23. Zillow - via link
24. Consumer Home Show
25. Virtual Realty (VR) for consumer shows
26. Pre-tour with clients (to save everyone time)
27. Send to agents that plan to bring clients (to pre-tour with clients (to save everyone time)

101 [Please add to the list!!!!]

Happy Thanksgiving,

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Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
The sole key to expansion of 3D and 360° Tours is public awareness. I still believe that:

1) is foolish not to promote themselves as the only major aggregator that features Matterport tours. They should advertise it to the public, make the 3D View button much bigger and add a “search for listings with 3D Tours” on the landing page. (Redfin uses MP but they won’t allow MP tours made by others to be displayed).

2) Zillow should open their “3D Home” link to all other 3D and 360° Tours. Their own system is inferior and their primary goal is eyeballs, so they should give buyers as many reasons as possible to use the site. They have long permitted professional videos to use the “Zillow video” link, so the 3D Home link should likewise by open to other presentations.

3) Matterport must focus their own advertising on the general public, not MSPs (we already know) or RE agents (they already don’t care). These tours will take off only when the public expects and demands them alongside (or in place of) traditional photos. If I was selling a house, any agent not committing to leveraging EVERY media format would be shown the door.
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fotoguy private msg quote post Address this user
This Thanksgiving I give thanks to you. You truly are amazing with your site here and your informative responses. I truly don't know how you find time to sleep or have a home life. I wouldn't be as successful in this business without you and this forum. Thank you again.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for your super-kind post. I am powered by the positive energy of the WGAN Community.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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