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Threads tagged with 'Tripod'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Best Tripod Revised 2018? VTLV 10 7 hoursVTLV (1147): @ron0987 - I used to get unstable errors when my Leveler Clamp Head was a difficult one to tighten and loosen. I quickly switched over to the Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler Level Plus Discal Clamp listed in the Buy Matterport Gear and Accessories page. Other times my tripod was too narrow and shook side to side. Are you using a different clamp to mount your camera than the Desmond? @GarySnyder & @MeshImages - You guys have great reputations here....
Question of the Day: What height do you set your Matterport Camera? DanSmigrod 11 1 daywalkintour (10): We usually set ours to about half the height between the ceiling and floor, so about 4.5 to 5 feet. Even with vaulted ceilings, we keep it about that same range. However, with that said, one of our technicians remembered doing one where it felt like you were shrinking from point to point. The client had a yacht and they wanted to feature the engine room, which was a crawl space. They wanted us to go further, but the camera was set at the lowest...
Question of the Day: How have you modified Matterport Camera or Tripod? DanSmigrod 7 5 daysDanSmigrod (16114): @CFster This one looks like it has a smaller footprint. If you get it, please let us know if the wheels come off. Seems like someone must have invented a tri-shape bracket that adjusts to the location within the tripod where you would like to control the legs, as you described. Best, Dan
Tripod issues CKC 13 23 daysDanSmigrod (16114): @CKC Buy one of these two tripod heads: Dan
Question of the Day: Which Tripod & Head do you use with Matterport Camera? DanSmigrod 7 1 monthMetroplex360 (8266): @PeterMcCready I've been screwing the Matterport Camera on my tripod since September 2015 - and I've tried 2 quick releases and just didn't see the advantage. I still have to take the quick release off when I put my DSLR on as I have a different head for that anyway (or I use my Alta Vanguard Pro 2+ for my DSLR)... DLEV is well made, I just don't really see the point. I can level my camera with a bubble in the shoe by moving my legs around.
Best Tripod for Matterport? JAX1979 7 1 yearTrustedPhotoDC (808): @JAX1979 for a number of reasons, you really want the carbon version of any tripod you purchase.
Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler-Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 DanSmigrod 12 1 yearMetroplex360 (8266): I recently purchased a DESMON DLEV-1 and have had the SAME problems. I've found that it's necessary to have the top washers tightened to not get this. Problem is, with the DLEV-1 tight, it loses flexibility and kind of defeats the whole purpose. I have been meaning to start a thread about this little accessory to get some feedback as I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to take advantage of it. Many people swear by...
Effect of Camera Height Richierichks 15 1 yearcraigsauer (997): I'm just finding this thread as I'm searching for threads about verticals. I'm hoping to get some opinion from Matterport with regards to this issue now that they are really marketing the new camera as providing sufficiently high quality captures to use for real estate marketing stills. I'm pretty unconvinced, primarily because of the issue of the verticals in the Matterport images. Whenever I capture images (primarily for Guided Tours) I...
Tripod, Leveler and Bubble Level Solution DanSmigrod 24 2 yearsDanSmigrod (16114): If you are buying a Matterport Camera ... There are two Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler Level versions. Either one will work and both are on the We Get Around Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List. I prefer the quick release version ... On the We Get Around Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List, it is called ... Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler Level Plus Discal Clamp for Tripod 3/8 Precision Leveling Base ($59.95) ...
Buying a Tripode Wyzlo 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (16114): @Wyzlo Our Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List begins with a discussion of which tripod I recommend and why. In our We Get Around Blog Post ... Matterport Photographers: Tripod, Leveler and Bubble Level Solution ... I outline which solution I recommend (which is s different tripod and head than Matterport recommends) :cool: Dan
Tripod issues lisahinson 8 2 yearslisahinson (766): Ordered the Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler.. thanks!
Lowering tripod and its effects? EricThomas 4 3 yearsdfellars (52): This is a VERY early model we ran while testing the camera. This was pre-release and the showcase view was not yet available so we captured at multiple heights to try and create a more photo-realistic mesh view. Creating a better mesh view was not successful, but as you move through the kitchen you can see that we took sweeps at both a high and low position and it should give you an idea of the...