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WGAN-TV | Introduction to ThreeSixty Tours: Includes a Deep-Dive Demo DanSmigrod 1 16 daysDanSmigrod (26695): https://e3effa51eee72fd900e3-2fb779bd12ec72d4612275342f2c9187.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/0a39ed5cae6e88aa98d668dbe593a3b2.png Text Me 5 Minutes Before WGAN-TV is Live | WGAN-TV | Introduction to ThreeSixty Tours: Including a Deep-Dive Demo | Guest: ThreeSixty Tours Owner Hadi Ossaily | Thursday, 10 February 2022 | Episode: #134 [wp3d]https://gapanorams.com/3d-model/stillpoint/fullscreen/[/wp3d]ThreeSixty Tour courtesy of...
Panoramas for home with drone shot threesixty_tours 1 2 daysthreesixty_tours (13): HI Guys, I am looking to setup a nice virtual tour of a house. Ideally i am looking for a drone shot of the house and some panoramas of the inside and outside. We will be using the panos to showcase the tour and show the functionality of [url=threesixty.tours]threesixty.tours[/url]. If you do have such panos please do reach out so that we can work together. Thanks Hadi @threesixty_tours WGAN Standard or Premium members get the...
WGAN-TV Training: Make Virtual Tour Competition Irrelevant with Mashups DanSmigrod 1 11 daysDanSmigrod (26695): https://e3effa51eee72fd900e3-2fb779bd12ec72d4612275342f2c9187.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/cf601e987215c50af49ca9001e86ac91.png https://e3effa51eee72fd900e3-2fb779bd12ec72d4612275342f2c9187.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/086270f14f475e2b16b98f059817ca31.png WGAN-TV Training U (Free Course) | How to Make Potential Virtual Tour Competition Irrelevant with Mashups | Guest: Brisbane, Australia-based Wingman Media Brisbane (@Wingman) Owner Mike Lysov | Episode:...
WGAN-TV Podcast: Make Virtual Tour Competition Irrelevant with Mashups DanSmigrod 1 13 daysDanSmigrod (26695): [podbean]https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-wxken-115a78a/wgan-tv-podcast-video-all[/podbean] WGAN-TV Podcast | How to Make Potential Virtual Tour Competition Irrelevant with Mashups | Guest: Brisbane, Australia-based Wingman Media Brisbane (@Wingman) Owner Mike Lysov | Please See Episode: 130 | Date: Thursday, 13 January 2022 [threesixty]https://my.threesixty.tours/app/v/bf48u2/ql5hak/vcfjoa[/threesixty]Interactive Tour by: Brisbane,...
Transcript: Make Potential Virtual Tour Competition Irrelevant with Mashups DanSmigrod 2 13 daysDanSmigrod (26695): Continued from above --- [00:30:08] Dan Smigrod: Okay. I imagine again because of all the technology we use for WGAN-TV Live at 5... It may be creating some conflicts with using the platform itself. That's certainly a possibility. [00:30:26] Mike Lysov: Yeah, that's a bit weird. [00:30:29] Dan Smigrod: All right. Take us back. Let's just go back to the Editor for a second. Without clicking on anything, had that demonstration of that pencil...
WGAN-TV | Make Potential Virtual Tour Competition Irrelevant with Mashups DanSmigrod 4 14 daysWingman (2926): It's my pleasure Dan.
Tour of the Week>BLK360 + Matterport + ThreeSixty Tours + Pilot Era + Drone DanSmigrod 5 26 daysWingman (2926): I have never tried assisted alignment so I can only guess. It may help indoor with something huge and where you have something big and vertical you can stick these cards to but for outdoor and specifically that lawn I do not thing it would be much help. May be it could help to move along the fence.
Time to create a Virtual tour threesixty_tours 3 1 monththreesixty_tours (13): that sounds reasonable from what i have seen. Have you tried using threesixty.tours? its free to WGAN Standard or Premium members. Thanks for your input. Hadi @threesixty_tours
Drone...How To Accomplish This Website Introduction/Tour? ahagert 6 2 monthsahagert (141): So well done! Thanks!
Virtual tour of a college campus? JimmyJim 13 3 monthsHarlanHambright (1943): Leica BQK. I’m doing a whole hill town right now but there’s lots of close 3D data and plenty of shadow so the Matterport gliding along with few hitches. It would be possible with Z1 as well but scans closer together
How should I price this Sports Complex with an aerial view and tours? 3SixtyNow 4 7 monthsDanSmigrod (26695): Yes. Whatever your day rate calculations are, likely best to double the quote because: 1. It will always take longer - particularly post production - than you estimated 2. When the client makes a ton of requests (such as Highlight Reel, Labels, MatterTags), it's likely that you would prefer to say "my pleasure" rather than "that's additional" ... Your expectation of "done" is likely different than your client's...
Aerial 360 View Sample with Hot Spots for Virtual Tours? 3SixtyNow 5 7 monthsWingman (2926): I have just done this one. The aerial was supposed to be a 360 photo taken by me but a client supplied their own aerial flat photo. [threesixty]https://my.threesixty.tours/app/v/bf48u2/ql5hak/vcfjoa[/threesixty]
How can I make an interactive PDF? Need help. rodrigocastillo 3 9 monthsironwills (29): It is quite simple. Open an existing PDF, like the map. Then choose Tools > Edit PDF > Link > Add or Edit. Just add the MP link. Adobe help page: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/links-attachments-pdfs.html let me know if you need more help -Jennifer
Linking tours using a 2D image 3dshowcaseuk 7 10 monthsWingman (2926): I have a great example done exactly this way with a hotel facade 2d image as a start of a tour and linking to room Matterport tours through icons placed on hotel windows. Sorry I cannot show an example but it has been done with ThreeSixty Tours
Online hosting for a tour with 100-160mp panoramas Wingman 4 10 monthsJuMP (1636): @Wingman which panorama platform can handle 16k x 8k resolution now by your study? Please advice. Our solution is working for 16k x 8k input, not only from Matterport.
Additional Question RE: Ricoh Theta Z1 jpierce360 8 1 yearRomainReparage (158): Matterport do not supports Time Shift Shooting. That would be a winner for all Z1 users. I don't understand why this major company (Matterport)can't make a deal with this very little plug in company...
Suggestions for filming a camp (indoor + outdoor) Virtour 6 1 yearEaglePrecision (271): Why wouldn't you be able to capture the entire campus in one aerial model? Pix4D, DroneDeploy and MapsMadeEasy all have capture apps that enable planning and executing large area flight plans with multiple individual flights (and battery changes) and their processing software, whether desktop (Pix4D) or cloud (Pix4D, MapsMadeEasy, DroneDeploy), can handle very large datasets. There are many examples in their sample galleries of large area...
9 Reasons to Join as a WGAN Standard Member (Succeed Faster) DanSmigrod 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (26695): Hi All, Since my post (above), we also added to WGAN Standard and Premium Membership benefits: (I added these two to the above list.) 8. Free use of Asteroom Professional Subscription Plan 9. 1st Free! Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle Best, Dan
Looking for an Aerial 360 platform to tie Matterport together.. tomjones2787 5 2 yearsWingman (2926): 3DVista and Pano2vr will let you build it the way you want. You can just create a single panorama tour in either of them and it will be your aerial 360. Then you can create a hotspot on a ground and link a Matterport tour to it.
Looking for a platform where include 360 panos on a Aerial picture MarcelloM 9 2 yearsJuMP (1636): @Wingman Look at this: https://static.matterport.com/showcase-sdk/examples/current/vs-app/index.html We believe there will be multiple 3rd party vendors can provide the better result with Matterport SDK bundle soon.
Staging 360 Drone Panoramas with ThreeSixty Tours? ahagert 6 2 yearsGETMYVR (1096): Boxbrownie.com is excellent.
ThreeSixty Tours free plan>difference between unlimited & 5 panoramas/week? VisiteNow 6 2 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): @VisiteNow Matterport gallery of models created with WP3D Models: https://gallery.we-get-around.com/ Dan
How to Make Money with ThreeSixty Tours; Making Your Competition Irrelevant DanSmigrod 8 2 yearsjunior (55): Wow! simply great video, Russ. I like the background music too, it fits very well. Can you share how you blended the video file to the Matterport Tour? I am new to this but I can't see how a client wouldn't love your work, I am very impressed, Jim
Hollywood & Highland - Walk of Fame - Panos at Night Home3D 3 2 yearsSkeeter (279): Great job!
New! ThreeSixty Tours: 360º Hosting Platform DanSmigrod Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): Got a ThreeSixty Tours example to share?
ThreeSixty Tours + Ricoh Theta V or Insta360 One X DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): [threesixty]https://my.threesixty.tours/app/v/7o0227/yv55pg[/threesixty]ThreeSixxty Tour courtesy of ThreeSixty Tours WGAN-TV Live at 5: ThreeSixty.Tours for Newbies: Demo and Discuss with WP3D Models Developer Ross Peterson ThreeSixty Tours + Ricoh Theta V or Insta360 One X Hi All, Reminder that if you bought a Ricoh Theta V or Insta360 One X to use with Matterport, you can also use your 360º 1-click camera with ThreeSixty...
ThreeSixty Tour Examples DanSmigrod 7 3 yearsizoneguy (468): Glenn - how are you creating the aerial panorama?
WGAN Standard Membership Benefit of the Week #2: ThreeSixty Tours DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): Hi All, WGAN Standard Members receive 40+ Membership Benefits - Compare WGAN Membership Plans - including ThreeSixty Tours: seamlessly integrates with its sister platform, WP3D Models WordPress Plugin. ✓ ThreeSixty Tours All WGAN Forum discussions tagged: ThreeSixty Tours Join WGAN Standard Membership --- https://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/d8e8edc84666900b87b1eedbc498db7f.jpg Free Use of ThreeSixty Tours:...
ThreeSixty tours: 360º Hosting Platform DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): Hi All, Reminder Hi All, Case Study: How to Make Money with ThreeSixty Tours while Making Your Competition Irrelevant is the topic for WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EDT | GMT -4) today Wednesday, 17 October 2018. My guest is Matterport Service Provider Ross Zanzucchi (@rzphotoman) with Grays Lake, IL based 3D Rooms Scapes. What Ross is doing will blow you away. Ross shares freely and the info that Ross will share is invaluable. Best, Dan
Video>How Matterport Service Providers can make money with ThreeSixty Tours DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): https://youtu.be/RFJ2LJndGYc WGAN-TV Grayslake IL based Matterport Service Provider Ross Zanzucchi ( @ezphoroman ) shares with ThreeSixty Tours Co-Founders Ross Peterson ( @rpetersn ) and Lorenzo Gangi how he uses ThreeSixty Tours to make money. Hi All, Matterport Service Providers can make money using ThreeSixty Tours. In this excerpt (above) from the WGAN-TV Live at 5 show on Friday (15 June 2018), Grayslake IL based Matterport...
WGAN-TV ThreeSixty.Tours: An Update from the Co-Founders DanSmigrod 7 4 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): WGAN-TV How to Make Money with ThreeSixty Tours (and what's new). Hi All, Great show Friday night (15 June 2018) with ThreeSixty.Tours Co-founders Ross Peterson ( @rpetersn ) and Lorenzo Gangi. Plus, sweet that @rzphotoman - during the question and answers session - joined the show to explain how he makes money with ThreeSixty.Tours (and in the process makes his competition irrelevant). Best, Dan
Uploading additional 360 images possible? angusnorriss 7 4 yearsfrstbubble (623): You can bring up the initial scan (Scan 1) while you are on site and take new 360 spins and re-upload the and reprocess the model. (No cost to reprocess a model) But you cannot import any 360's into existing tours.
WGAN-TV: ThreeSixty Tours: 2D Photo/Tour Map DanSmigrod 5 4 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): WGAN-TV Using ThreeSixty Tours with 2D Photos or Tour Maps | Co-founders Ross Peterson/Lorenzo Gangi Hi All, Above is a recording of the WGAN-TV show - Using TheeeSixty Tours with 2D Photos or tour Maps Much thanks to ThreeSixty Tours Co-founders @Lorenzo Gangi and Ross Peterson (@rpetersn) for being on the show to walk us through these new ThreeSixty Tours features. Best, Dan
ThreeSixty Tours Example by @Bycha Buxton DanSmigrod 11 4 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): Using ThreeSixty Tours with 2D Photos or Tour Maps with ThreeSixty Tours is the topic for WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) on Friday, 23 February 2018.
Dimensions for threesixty.tours? alsangio 14 4 yearsalsangio (46): @rpetersn Wow! Thank you very much! I'll go check it out right away! haha!
ThreeSixty Tours + 360º Camera + Drone? alsangio 10 4 yearsfrstbubble (623): @DanSmigrod I guess I'm a slow reader. But under 100 emails alerts left! Next will be to work on catching up on the Live at 5's. Think I will be listening to Vimeo while driving for a while!
ThreeSixty.Tours & CUPIX Experiment leonvanzweel 15 4 yearsmori (779): @leonvanzweel - guess that´s due to the FB privacy settings as for me it works. Will post some examples after dec. 12th when I am back in munich.
ThreeSixty Tours>Historic Castle in Scotland DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (26695): https://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/0137a77ede1c20321c8b439accfac82b.png Screen Grab: See Historic Dunstaffnage Castle Tour, Oban Scotland Hi All, If historic sites are potential clients for you, here's a mash-up of: 1. Video 2. Text Descriptions 3. Photos 4. Labels I could imagine this Tour also including: 5. Matterport 6. 360º Video 7. Website Link 8. aerial photography All the above digital assets are markers ...
WGAN-TV: ThreeSixty Tours Demo and Discuss DanSmigrod 6 4 yearsalirizacil (159): Fantastic. Thanks Dan :)