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'Smartphone' Topics

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Video: Can a Smartphone and Gimbal Replace a Pro Camera Setup? DanSmigrod 6 9 daysDanSmigrod (25857): @Frankie3d As a WGAN Standard Member, you get the first year of Momenzo at no charge. Here’s how: ✓ Free! 12 Months Use of Momenzo App to Shoot/Edit/Share Real Estate Videos Dan
Question of the Day-Which smartphone video stabilizer/gimbal are you using? DanSmigrod 10 13 daysDanSmigrod (25857): https://youtu.be/FCWS9BOTY2IVideo: Best Smartphone Stabilizer *$30 ONLY* | Hohem iSteady Q | Video courtesy of Young360 YouTube Channel | 15 July 2021
Video: Handheld versus Gimbal Mobile Filmmaking (Do you need Gimbal?) DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (25857): https://youtu.be/l35kKjn273MVideo: Handheld versus Gimbal Mobile Filmmaking (Do you need Gimbal?) Video courtesy of Stewart and Alina YouTube Channel | 3 June 2021 -- https://e3effa51eee72fd900e3-2fb779bd12ec72d4612275342f2c9187.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/ca4f4767f16a183bb10797f8e2c2bef7.png Momenzo for Creating and Sharing Real Estate Videos in less than 15 Minutes | See 20+ Momenzo Real Estate Templates | Save 15 with this WGAN affiliate link...
Examples of How Service Providers Can Work From Home (and Still Make Money) DanSmigrod 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (25857): Hi All, WGAN Forum Related Discussion ✓ List of 3rd Party Services that you can offer without leaving your home Dan
Creating a 3D Model with a SmartPhone (without additional hardware) DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsGarySnyder (1880): I see this being a major boom for GSV captures. Now people can use their smartphones to shoot a VT via MP . They would pay MP to process the VT and upload it to GSV as a one time cost. MP would do all the heavy lifting of producing the VT so just about anyone could produce a GSV VT. I bet there will be loads of examples on YouTube in the next couple of months on how to do this process.
Will Matterport Offer a Smartphone Capture Solution? DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25857): Hi All, I wrote this two months ago. Seemed timely to move to the top of the WGAN Forum. :cool: ✓ Matterport Demoed 3D Capture for iOS and Android Smartphones: in Beta 4Q19 (26 September 2019) Dan
WGAN-TV eXp Realty Chief Product & CTO Scott Petronis on Matterport v GeoCV DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsBriski2208 (147): I'll go one further,why have Estate agents in the everyday medium market? In the near future smart phone technology will enable the seller to photo stitch, upload, order & distribute their own content. Companies like Matterport, GeoCv & Ricoh to name a few will have an even wider consumer market to target & fight over. Matterport are scared of the on coming competition, that's why they're offering the insta/Ricoh package, therefore...
‘holographic’ Smartphone: Do You Want One? DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsDaveFahrny (263): Yes I want One.