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Topics tagged with 'Scan'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
How does the "Matterport Transfer Space" work? BrianM 20 1 dayDanSmigrod (20550): Hi All, Reminder How to do Matterport Transfer Space requests. Dan
how to scan mezzanines and spiral staircase in matterport Michaela 4 20 daysMichaela (12): okey guys, thanks :)
What's Your Smallest Matterport Scan? DanSmigrod 10 26 daysDanSmigrod (20550): WGAN Forum related discussion: ✓ Video: How to scan a small space with Matterport Dan
Video: Scanning a small space with Matterport DanSmigrod 2 28 daysskretnica (7): in the description is link to the Hotel web site "+ Check out Marriott's images of their "One king bed" room here to compare the value add a Matterport Digital Twin has with standard 2D photos -" But i can't find a 3d Tour on whole site .. EDIT: my mistake .. This is not official scan .. Please delete this post. THX
How to do a Matterport scan when the place has a high ceiling? marcoastan 10 1 monthDanSmigrod (20550): @marcoastan I noticed your new WGAN Forum discussion with the aircraft hanger that you shot ... Can you take a picture of your tripod extension showing it at 4 meters? Would :heart: to see what you did! Dan
Enormous warehouse 3dshowcaseuk 6 1 monthMetroplex360 (9253): HDR2 is fine. Recent BLK360 firmware updates have improved imagery greatly. You really don't need to waste time with HDR3.
Tips for scanning a 20000+ sq ft empty warehouse 3dshowcaseuk 3 1 month3dshowcaseuk (846): Yes marcoastan. Scan the perimeter and keep scanning until the alignment is failing then use 360 to fill in the middle space
Matterport Pro Wanted: St. Cloud, MN IFTI_Lindsey 1 1 monthIFTI_Lindsey (155): IFTI PROVision has Help Wanted Posting Privileges in the WGAN Forum --- Hi All! IFTI/PROVision has a need for Matterport Pros in St. Cloud, MN. ---- Project details: ✓ Matterport Pro ✓ Location: See Below ✓ Commercial Space: 29,596 sq ft ✓ Timing: Completed by February 24, 2020 ✓ Requirements: IPAD PRO ---- If you live in or near these locations, and would like more details, please email me at ...
unplug camera zhijieyuan 7 2 monthszhijieyuan (4): pro2:)
How to remove a weird artifact from a Matterport Digital Twin? Shawn_P 24 2 monthsShawn_P (28): @Gerhard I did 3 scans around the table. I think I may have removed one. I believe I had the tripod at a about 5ft. I usually have it a bit higher but was told by Matterport to lower it. Could you explain a bit more about marking the top railing? Not sure I follow but I certainly don't need anything jumping around either ;) Thank you for the advice.
160 000 sqft hangar with Pro.. is it possible? SamSon_NewSpace3D 6 2 monthsSamSon_NewSpace3D (2): @Kumar there is a difficult pipe system, and a few piece of the old production line.I think, that it will be enough. :)
Matterport Pro Wanted: Lowell, MA IFTI_Lindsey 2 2 monthsIFTI_Lindsey (155): This opportunity has been handled, thank you.
Has anyone noticed a drop in image quality? NC3D 5 2 monthsNC3D (10): Thanks for the feedback. I'll check on the firmware update.
Matterport Pro Wanted: Winter Haven, FL IFTI_Lindsey 2 3 monthsIFTI_Lindsey (155): This opportunity has been handled. Thank you!
Matterport Pro Wanted: Pasco, WA IFTI_Lindsey 6 3 monthsDanSmigrod (20550): This opportunity is still available, as of 2:30 pm ET Wednesday, 8 January 2020. Thanks, Dan
Matterport Pro Wanted: Scottsbluff, NE IFTI_Lindsey 3 3 monthsIFTI_Lindsey (155): This is still available. Please email me if interested.
Car dealer virtual tour alignment problems with Insta360 ONE X MarcelloM 5 3 monthsJoakim360 (108): I think you guys have come to the correct solution. Im just wondering,are you shooting the cars with doors open or closed? Open doors align easier with photogrametry (360 cameras). It should be possible to shoot a few with the car doors open and then delete or hide them after everything inside has been aligned.
Matterport Pros Wanted: Texas & Louisiana IFTI_Lindsey 4 3 monthsIFTI_Lindsey (155): Texas locations have been handled. Still looking for someone in Baton Rouge, LA!
Anyone Ever Encountered This Problem w Capture App? Chemistrydoc 10 5 monthsleonherbert (728): @Jwbuckl there has been discussion on this issue for the last few weeks (17 days)
Friends don't let friends use tax data in listings! Sara_iGuide 1 5 monthsSara_iGuide (39): It's pretty clear that accurate floor plans, square footage, and room dimensions will be the next big topic and trend in Real Estate, so we're encouraging all real estate photographers to jump ahead of the curve to understand how they're best positioned to provide a viable alternative to real estate agents! We've been working with Marilyn Wilson from WAV Group and RE Technology on a case study to demonstrate the dangers of using tax records...
Matterport Scan Preview not working with the updated Capture App? June 3 6 monthsJune (408): Crap! Does that mean I've been spoiled?
Scanning Boats Burak 1 6 monthsBurak (5): Hello everybody, I have questions to Matterport users,anybody shooting in boats?And do you know where can I find some tips or info about how to build space in boats/yatchs.Last week I made my first try and it was almost done.For example I opened flying bridge as a 3.floor but it didn’t work.Is it because there is no walls around? Burak
OC6 - current state of Facebooks 3D scan technology MeshImages 1 6 monthsMeshImages (680): Video from Michael Abrash's speech
xyz to cad conversion for 6000mq (65000 sq ft) Maxdemartino 2 7 monthsmp2fp (424): Hello @Maxdemartino MP2FP have long experience in producing all types of models and presentations 2D, 3D, CAD and BIM from Matterport scans and other input. We can do the job for 120 USD and deliver in 1 to 2 days depending on detail level and wished output CAD format. just send us input or downloads to and we are happy to help.
What is the maximum ceiling height for the Matterport dollhouse view? martinyoung50 6 7 monthsbryanhscott (502): @martinyoung50 You are very welcome.
Matterport 3D Tour done with Ricoh Theta V 3SixtyNow 12 8 monthsHarlanHambright (1641): Ricoh plug in. It works fine just not with capture.
Video: Five Tips for Matterport Scanning DanSmigrod 1 8 monthsDanSmigrod (20550): Video: WGAN-TV Short Story (#722) Four Tips for Matterport Scanning with Matterport Marketing Manager Amir Frank Hi All, Matterport Marketing Manager Amir Frank discusses his four tips for Matterport scanning in this WGAN-TV Short Story (#722). 1. Do not overscan (or you will create extra work in Matterport Worskhop since as more scans to hide) 2. Think about how the Matterport Dollhouse View will look 3. Fill in black holes (caused...
Exterior Scan - Can they turn into point clouds? jpierce360 2 8 monthsDanSmigrod (20550): @jpierce360 I could imagine that the Matterport exterior point cloud is not usable. You could order a MatterPak for your client and find out. If you do go ahead, I would under promise. You might do it as a learning experience. If the client needs an exterior point cloud, perhaps you could rent a BLK360. Best, Dan
Help on returning to the same space for a Matterport scan: basement changed PuraView 3 10 monthsWingman (803): Or check that thread and contact Dee. Based on what she said in that video you can rescan the basement and have two versions of the basement implemented into one tour. If it works can you please share the link to the updated model. I guess we will all be interested to see how it works and what it looks like.
My First GeoCV Experience Convrts 19 10 monthsMikhailBombin (21): I'd like to mention that the map you see on the device is not final, it only represents the basic alignment of panoramas one by one, and no actual alignment of the ones from different parts of the scan. But of course it's done during further processing, so in 100% cases final model would look better and more aligned then the one you see on the phone. Of course it doesn't mean you don't need to check it time to time, not to miss some serious...
Help with space re-scan ... ELAN42 1 11 monthsELAN42 (125): We did this recently: Due to sunlight and rain, the 3D model is bad in the main outdoor area. Id you look further, you will understand the problem is my umbrella above the camera (that was sometimes spotted by the camera itself and puddles that was reflecting sunlight creating "holes". Question is, is...
External 360 to 3D aligment angusnorriss 10 11 monthsHome3D (1836): It'll be great when there's more user control over the process. I certainly have no knowledge of the coding complexity of these things, but it sure is easy to link 360s however you want on dashboards like NodalView. It's actually fun linking them, like making a link jump from Master Bedroom balcony to Aerial panos and back. (see attached) User control is the key. I know, much easier here than lining up point clouds, but we should have more...
Insta360 One X won't show in capture app Bycha 3 11 monthsBycha (52): *UPDATE* for iOS devices apparently you can not have the Insta360 app running in the background with the Capture app. I had to close the app and then the scan started to appear. I completed the first test scan of a unit and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the scan. I definitely will be keeping this tool in my arsenal and creating a separate pricing structure for it.
Sports Stadiums VR Houstonsummers 2 1 yearDouglasMeyers (932): I don't have that but maybe you can use these as a view of something close.
Matterport turning scan into 360 Snapshot Ghagendorf 10 1 yeartresdepro (221): @Ghagendorf You can do that inside workshop, when taking a snapshot choose 360 icon, then exit workshop go to photos tab and download it to your laptop. You can edit in photoshop to add text, color, saturation, etc or nadir patch, and if you lose the metadata use Exif Fixer to inject it back ...
First time with Matterport Pro2 Dolloff 2 1 yearHelloPado (118): I've been trying to decide if I want to make the change to a Pro2. I've only been an MSP since March and am impressed by the Pro1. Knowing what you do now about the Pro2, would you have made the change sooner? Thanks!
Matterport trimming issues Liam_Tayler 8 1 yearDanSmigrod (20550): @Liam_Tayler So @rzphotoman is at least one other Pro that is having the same problem. Hopefully, Matterport can figure-out what's up. This needs to be a rock-solid, automated process with out the need for manual intervention of changing a trim line and trying again. Enjoy your weekend, Dan
Prices in Italy DmitriyReev 1 1 yearDmitriyReev (40): Hi everyone! Italy colleagues, can you please advise prices for 1 m2 for scanning of objects in Italy. I have Russian client with objects in Italy and want to make a economically feasible offer to her. You can send info in private message. It will stay private. rgds, Dmitriy
Floors Flip Flopped BrianM 4 2 yearsBrianM (148): No, just labeled were backwards. Seemed odd. I never seen this happen.
Preview Anomaly? Anyone else getting these? George_WALKINTOUR 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): @George_WALKINTOUR See if this WGAN Forum discussion could be related: ✓ Question of the Day: Any reason not to use Matterport Fast Capture? Please let us know what Matterport Support says ... Best, Dan
Matterport scan time estimate fotoguy 7 2 yearsfotoguy (406): Thanks everybody. Apparently we are in the zone because it took us 3:45.
Help! Scanning Multi-Unit Bldg for sale and need to make 1 model! lcorbett 18 2 years808virtually (55): Great you were able to tie the upstairs in with the downstairs! As far as feedback, I prefer the walkthrough tour versus the slideshow. You could hide a few scan locations that are not needed, making the journey through the space smoother.
Hi from Uruguay 3D Oculus problem Fmarta 2 2 yearsKoaWare (106): Hey Federico, Have you tried updating the start location within the Matterport Workshop view of the scan? This may not be an issue with your Oculus Go - just a quick update on the Matterport site. I've attached a screenshot of where you can do this on the scan. Best, Alex
MP tripod shadow MKourani 4 2 yearsMKourani (31): Thank you "harlanhambright" i cannot do 300 scans with BLK each scan takes around 5 minutes. Also thanks dor "3dvuz" i am new in MP i have both BLK & Campro2.i am thinking to buy a projectors with many colors (yellow and white) inorder to delute the shadow. What do you suggest? Thanks again
Question of the Day: The Smallest Matterport Scan that you have done? DanSmigrod 8 2 yearswalkintour (13): We did a bus. Let me see if we can still find it...Nope, it doesn't look like we still have it. We think we got rid of it due to the hosting limit. lol We did find this from one of our reps in Seattle that scanned micro-apartments.
2 realtors working together to sell a property Liam_Tayler 7 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): Wow! That's not only great, that's a feature Matterport should add.
Floor Plan over 10,000 sq ft Liam_Tayler 4 2 yearsQueen_City_3D (2493): @Liam_Tayler If you end up going through Matterport, they'll likely charge for 2 (or possibly more) orders of schematic floor plans for a property that size. If I recall correctly, they billed me for 2 orders for a model of mine that was just over 8000 sqft.
30,000 Sq Ft Library scanned in 2 1/2 hours rzphotoman 15 2 yearsHome3D (1836): Very nice work. I look forward to seeing the 360 Tours pano with links when you have approval to post it. Congratulations.
Changing puck angle wvmb 2 2 yearswvmb (1): Silly question — it shows the angle from the direction your approaching :) Nevermind
Navigation Problem Input requested frstbubble 4 2 yearsfrstbubble (604): @Metroplex360 I couldn't get into the bathroom from the scan point by the desk. But the trim trick did work. Again thanks!
Question regarding sqft vs scans 3dvirtualview 8 2 years3dvirtualview (119): @sbl110 that is a lot of great feedback! Thank you!
Replacing art pieces in Matterport 3D Tour? Tette99 6 2 yearsfrstbubble (604): You would have to redo the scans that you can see the changed artwork in. Any scan that you could see or zoom in on the artwork you would have to rescan then delete the old scans.
3D printing starting with a Matterport Scan Ramblinman 7 2 yearsLilyCollins (1): @Ramblinman my husband has a hobby he makes models of small figures of various animals on his 3d printer in the garage. As for the scanner, he has the opportunity to take Artec from his work from time to time, the problem is that the scans are obtained in black and white, as he says. Last time we scanned our cat, it was quite difficult, we had to keep it still
Matterport LARGE Scan | 23,000 SQ FT Cabrahams 10 2 years3dVuz (320): Here’s 20k Sq Ft on 4 levels. No problem. clickable text
Newbies favorite tools for scanning rzphotoman 10 2 yearsrzphotoman (1304): I saw those also but I haven’t experienced anything like that yet. Works great so far.
Creating a 3D render of a sloping empty lot Liam_Tayler 4 2 yearsteamadcor (4): Hi Liam, I would map it with a drone and use software like Drone Deploy or Pix4D. BR Team Adcor
ScanComplete: Predictive Scan Complete and.. mori 4 2 yearsmori (729): At the moment this is for research only, but this could be used to e.g. fill capture gaps in the dollhouse view. Combined with other AI this could also autogenerate "one button click" variants of chosen interiors within you rooms and much much more. For inspirations check out the other videos in the channel.
Fast Matterport Scan... Wow! ArtisticConcepts 22 2 yearsMontreal3D (202): @ArtisticConcepts Mind to share the OBJ? Would'nt mind to sign NDA, simply have high interest in the current output data.
R U doing "Tips 4 Realtor" Video 4 Matter GeorgeK 1 2 yearsGeorgeK (958): I know getting to Realtors is HARD but with the right approach you can get their attention. Look at this. This is a Great HACK for Instagram Posting. Watch the end to see how two Realtors work in "Friendship and Collaboration" to both grow using video and social media. JUST CLICK HERE!
My First Few Scans mojack93 2 2 yearsfrstbubble (604): @mojack93 Not sure on your use case. I am assuming a website for cabin rentals. I would suggest that you use WP3D models for posting to the site. Many good options in that Wordpress plugin. As for the scans, I like the walkthroughs going outside! To make the dollhouses look a little better you could trim around the models and/or mark the windows to clean up some of the spray (stray pieces in the outlying regions) of the dollhouse. In one of...
The Strength of Matterport 17 seconds video GeorgeK 6 2 yearsGeorgeK (958): @Bycha... thank you for the nice comment.... I am always thinking of ways to bring a difference with quality... I am going to expand of this.. .I feel a vlog entry.... Subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you do not miss it. Http:// Again, Thank you G.
First Scan for Feedback Liam_Tayler 5 2 yearsHelen (754): @Liam_Tayler I did notice them on the stairs you can always turn some off in workshop if you feel there is to many.
Let´s do it: European Alternative mori 4 2 yearslauks (19): Hi, always interesting, keep me posted Luc
Page navigation WP3D Plugin 3DPLUS 4 2 yearsrpetersn (1914): Hello - yes, trying to load 1000 Models would likely be slow. :) But, if you’re planning to develop a large scale site like you described, it would be relatively easy to add some custom development that controls the way models are output in lists. (ie: adding pagination/lazy loading/etc.) Alternatively, you can currently break up your volume of models (into separate pages) with WP3D “model types”. This does not require any custom...
How you Scan inside cars ? DroneProjects 17 2 yearssbl110 (283): Hi Dan, This was one of those "let's try this for fun" scans. My son photographs cars for a living and he gets his hands on some pretty nice rides every now and then. It's not often that one gets to play with a $177,000.00 vehicle. As an alternative, I was going to try and scan a Smart car as a comparison! Not sure the Matterport camera would even fit. Another reason is that it allows me to experiment with Mattertags. This...
Add lower floors to already done space DroneProjects 7 2 yearsJakeRees (91): @DroneProjects I add anew floor halfway up/down the stairway- you can do it however you want to though. Its more preference than anything else. This only effects the model when you select to only see one floor and half of a stairway will show up.
Won a Listing with Matterport and Free AVI GeorgeK 1 2 yearsGeorgeK (958): It was a pretty good day yesterday [Thursday, 2 November 2017] presented a listing with Matterport and won the listing. Still trying to hit my goal of 100 subscribers on Youtube so I pushed a little humor in my last Realtor Vlog. OF COURSE I mentioned and showed Matterport in the video to continue informing my peers about Matterport. Feel Free to share this video with Realtors in your area. Could open some doors for you. ...
Airport scan cswartz 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): @cswartz Here's one of a airport hanger ... ✓ Matterport Tour of the Day: NASA P3-B Does this help? Dan
Google Street view starting location Prism3DTours 10 2 yearsMagnaShow (32): Thank you so much for the advice, you all were very helpful!
Routes / Mattertags mistyjamjo 3 2 years360now (4): Searchable mattertags would be fantastic. In fact it is necessary if you want tho Use as a CMS
Worst Scanning Experience BrianM 14 2 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): Hi All, WeddingWire goal is adding 2,000 Matterport Spaces to their listings by 31 December 2017. They use the We Get Around Network Find a Pro map to source Matterport Pros. I write about WeddingWire sourcing Matterport Pros in this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ I need help with up to 2,000 scans in the US While pricing and terms may be less than you like, if you are just starting out, you may find WeddingWire projects helpful...
How Can I Improve My Matterport Space? Briski2208 1 3 yearsBriski2208 (147): Hi All Just scanned a museum Portal center which is what I would describe as round/oval in shape. Is there any thing I can do to smarten up the image? Any suggestions are appreciated. Kind regards
Walk out the door Issue LeventeSolczi 4 3 yearsLeventeSolczi (52): Thank you! I going to trim the door after i'll upload again.
Scan not aligning & panning direction Riaan 2 3 yearsaristepp (58): I'd love an answer to your last sentence. I have read one explanation about controlling the pan direction. Can't say that it was helpful at all. I continue to work at understanding the machinations of the process so I can control it. Sometimes the pan works out exactly as I want it and other times I simply cannot win. Explanations welcome.
Help (Virtual Tour and Pictures htimsabbub23 2 3 yearsDouglasMeyers (932): Thats a tall order... I think 23 Mattertags ,,, one for each both is the best way to feature each vendor. If any are competitors they will not want to be seen on the same link.
Nice project from Berkeley Labs mori 3 3 yearsmp2fp (424): I like how they have like multimillion tonnes of electronics and then just random floor fans everywhere. Would´ve thought they could afford some proper ventilation :D:D:D:D
Sun washed out problem with new camera judysmithre 16 3 yearsjudysmithre (91): Thank you for the feedback
Scanning by humans is so 90ies mori 1 3 yearsmori (729): Autonomous scanning - for this I am sure it will happen - the question is when? DIY Gear for this: SDK: If there´s anyone out in the area of munich/germany or amsterdam/netherlands who is...
Scariest scan so far (for camera safety) kjoman 6 3 yearsLeventeSolczi (52): Here is the right link: This model is from Hungary - Debrecen (Great Forest WaterTower and Bar)
Keeping Tours Private For Clients Snap 5 3 yearsSnap (187): Thank you @rpetersn, I will have a look. @JonJ that is actually a great idea, I went through the prompts as a collaborator to see what they see on their end and I'm not too impressed with the fact that in the sign-in information it has a box automatically checked off for the collaborator to receive 'marketing communications' from Matterport... I'm beginning to understand the frustration service providers are experiencing with the lack of...
Fullscreen Parameter George_WALKINTOUR 7 3 yearsHarlanHambright (1641): Thank you. We Matterporters are much more effective tech support than tech support.
Indoor Swimming Pool Meets Matterport Stingo 7 3 yearsStingo (4): Our swimming pool turned out fine on walk through and no 360 needed. However half pool was black in dollhouse. We will look at the ways of eradicating that next time.
360 Snapshot Ghagendorf 3 3 yearsQueen_City_3D (2493): Momento360 is another good free program to use to share.
How to scan a +16,000 sq ft house MarcelloM 8 3 yearsMarcelloM (51): Thank you all for the useful contributions!
Examples of small out buildings Wonderdawg 7 3 yearsBale100 (175): Thanks for info. I think the ninja poles could serve a purpose in certain markets e.g. events etc. For the Puig Redo Villa, it is situated on 3 hectares and a rising slope of 25 degrees. Drone @ legal limit of 400 ft is the solution for carto map if we manage to obtain aviation approval.
Long running upload Ghagendorf 3 3 yearsjustinv (1030): @Ghagendorf I have reached out to support two different times in the last couple of weeks and had a reply within an hour. I am not sure if you are able to make a duplicate with the model uploading, but if you can, I would and upload the copy as well.
MP floor plans Ghagendorf 2 3 yearsmp2fp (424): @Ghagendorf I believe Matterport will handle that as a new order, you could always try their support and let them know what´s been updated. As a Basic member of the WGA forum you get a 10% discount on - the price for a floorplan equivalent to the Matterport floorplan is $ 14.40 after the discount. i.e. cheaper than matterport. And dare I say that our customer service and turn around time supersedes Matterport by far :cool:
Our first paid tour fotoguy 9 3 yearsfotoguy (406): @tocha, I found on my Iphone that I did get stuck in the hallway but on my laptop I don't. Not sure why that is unless it's a sizing issue. I will look into doing the mesh to fix the problem.
Matterport Capture app crashing dtavres 4 3 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): @dtavres Hmmmmmmm.... What does Matterport say? (3:30 am in Atlanta. Going back to ZZZzzzzz.... Dan
How can it be done with 200 scans vrescape 10 3 yearsDannyBasting (1171): @VTLV I don't think it's a bug, but let me try to elaborate how it works. Let's take this scan I did recently as an example: The model URL = Now take that last part of the URL (behind /show/?m=) which is dUuWy5LygHH in this case. Now go ahead and paste that on the end of the following link: ...
How to improve the Matterport Dollhouse View DanSmigrod 13 3 yearsBiggles (43): Thanks Dan, I'll keep playing with it and see how I go. I updated 30 models last week, some were fine, some not. I'll see if there are any standouts but in the meanwhile I've updated one in particular that wasn't working this morning and will let you know how I go. Chris
How many scans to become proficient? dtavres 7 3 yearsjustinv (1030): Proficient? Are you talking about scanning with absolute fewest scans to get the idea about property? Or scanning every nook and cranny to complete the doghouse? I use the first method. I don't feel it is necessary to scan pantry, closets and other small spaces. I like to let people use their imagination on some places because I believe people don't use their imagination enough! After a few scans, you will know what is necessary and what...
Group Photos Just Got Fun Again! ArtisticConcepts 8 3 yearsmp2fp (424): #matterportmannequinchallenge :D;)
Matterport MIrror FIx viewnvisit 3 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9253): I have suspicions that Matterport are either planning on offering a service to us in the future, or allowing us to do this ourselves. If I had an estimate for this, it would be before GSV launches -- as we likely need to be able to blur license plates and people's faces.
LIDAR Scanning with Drones DougTse 2 3 yearsfrstbubble (604): Depending on the desired output requested you shouldn't need LIDAR pictures should be good enough. If you are looking for wire connection issues then infrared would be best.
Did I miss something? justinv 9 3 yearsrpetersn (1914): Hi all... Sorry for the delay in posting here, was away from the screen today. From what I can tell, it sounds like all of the issues being described here are related to iOS. Matterport is aware of this issue and is fixing things up...if they haven't already. Thanks & have a great rest of your weekends! Cheers, Ross Peterson WP3D Models
Stray Floating Scan Point Icon in pano View ArtisticConcepts 8 3 yearsArtisticConcepts (650): We will wipe your memories and it will all be forgotten. Just look at this pen...
Processing Errors this week samgaetz 3 3 yearssamgaetz (49): Yes! I'm so frustrated! Why has Matterport not said anything yet? Why the change all of a sudden??? It was working perfectly before!!
Brain Teaser: Scanning 1 Floor as 3 Floors? DanSmigrod 9 3 yearsArtisticConcepts (650): 1. Tours will be viewed in VR and you are accommodating for viewer perspective options (taking into consideration special needs and children). (See also: Request for Matterport Pro "no later than April 10th" for Furniture Showroom" ) 2. Each floor would represent a different scan height (or viewer perspective). 3. There is matching scan data (which would be needed even if there were actually three floors) so you get...
Deleting Matterport Models on an iPad davidpylyp 5 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9253): @davidpylyp @Queen_City_3D Matterport has sent out several surveys over the past six months including potential features that MSPs would like to see. If I remember correctly, they've been polling MSPs to see how important restoring models from the Cloud would be. I'm hoping that everyone voted and continues to vote in future surveys for features like this!
How to copy model before deleting scans 3SixtyNow 4 3 yearsnat_vanveen (595): @Metroplex360 Thanks, I was wondering too! :)
iGuide Sales andersonl 3 3 yearsMichael_iGuide (1): Anderson, I will reach out to you tonight via email and give you a call tomorrow afternoon. Please excuse the delay. Thanks to all, there has been a lot of positive inquiries, and we are excited to see everyone's interest in the system. Thanks Kindly
Example: Hiding a Camera from a Mirror Metroplex360 6 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9253): @qpoisson In this thread, I'm just posting something that I did that I thought was a little bit ridiculous, but that worked nicely. There's no way to replace image files that are uploaded to Matterport. I have published a proof of concept at that uses a custom proxy to inject edited files at runtime - however, there's a serious performance hit in this method not to mention that it's a TOS violation, therefore, this is NOT a...
How does Real.Vision measure floor plans? khaled 2 3 yearsJuMP (1027): @khaled I am not a user of RealVision, can't answer your question. But I am working on how to measure floor plan for Matterport space. If you are Matterport user you can try our measure tool JuMP-ME at We use the OBJ result file from Matterport which include a real value of dimension in it. After loading it into Chrome browser we calculate the projection area for the measurement. BTW "Magic...
Sample request PHILG 4 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9253): Me too. I am the webmaster for a MAJOR association in Texas that works with all of the vineyards, wineries, etc -- and I'm trying to pitch Matterport and Street View to boost Texas Wine awareness through the agency that I work with... this was a sample :)
3D Showcase vs Direct Sunlight Conditions matthew 6 3 yearsJonJ (1550): I agree with Douglas with regards to how this scan is possible. By my estimation, the camera is set to a height of only 3 ft 6 inches. The scan positions are also very close together. The third thing that makes this possible is the fact that all of the surfaces available are solid. This allows for sufficient structures to allow for correlation of scan points. Also important to note is the fact that the dollhouse view is very incomplete....
Self inflicted mirror aristepp 5 3 yearsaristepp (58): no, I didn't see anything that looked abnormal at all. I am confident that it can be fixed. Has to be my oversight, somewhere.
First major space 43,000 sf DFWVT 12 3 years3SixtyNow (372): Very nice!! I was going to contact some of the local churches around my area. I was afraid they may be to big. Thanks for proving me wrong @DFWVT!!
Image with multiple links frstbubble 8 3 yearsfrstbubble (604): @RobinLycka Thanks for the link. I added it to my it is possible to do this with my scans list. Wow, it just amazes me how far people can push the limits of technology and what they can provide!
first scan feedback please bonfire21 4 3 yearsbonfire21 (16): @JuMP thanks! @lisahinson I did notice that! Thank you for the feedback!
Quick Trimming Question Joelbcollins 3 3 yearslisahinson (784): @Joelbcollins I had a similar situation where the bottom floor extended beyond the top floor and it was not possible to mark windows on the top floor because it caused misaligns below on the bottom floor (and to add something else into the mix... the windows on the top floor were 'normal' about 7' up and then slanted in 45 degrees).. I trimmed the top and it worked great! DUPLICATE the model first though. Let us know if it worked for you!
Is it possible to edit or blur? BobbyG 10 3 yearsBobbyG (28): Although I don't know about the tech of the google cams, Not too sure I would do that. I've seen the finished work for interiors from them. Matterport images and the 3D walk through is more impressive. Pros and cons to everything.
Ontario, Canada MLS example ShahBatroukh 4 3 yearsQueen_City_3D (2493): This probably doesn't help because it looks pretty much the exact same as your link, as I also use the WP3D model plug-in: If you had the plain Matterport link, the listing would look the exact same on The only difference would be when someone clicks on the multimedia button. That will direct the customer to whatever link the...
Weirdest Matterport Model of 2017! Networker 9 3 yearswalk360 (79): I have had the same problem couple of times.... if you are able to determined which scan is making the misaligned problem... just delete that one... you might not have to go back and re-scan. Make a copy model on the iPad and delete the 'Problem" scans... and see what happenes.... if for any reason you have to go back to the model it will be just for 10 mins to re-scan few spots. Is that a building in Bogota, Colombia?
Matterport related article in mori 1 3 yearsmori (729): Here a short article about MP:
scanning Problem: camera/ipad kept freezing 3SixtyNow 5 3 years3SixtyNow (372): I've only had my camera for 1 1/2 months. This is only the 3rd model I've done. The iPad is new and has nothing else on it. I rebooted the iPad and camera and that did the trick. This is just very time consuming if it's going to happen all the time.
351,000 SQ FT Scan: Best Scanning Solution? DanSmigrod 23 3 yearsGannon (4): The main output of the scanner is a colored point cloud. We can also make the images available as well (placed in the correct location). Eg: without color With color: Raw image:
Cold job site with Matterport Camera? Ramblinman 6 3 yearsMarcel (341): Lol we're on the other side of spectrum in Australia. Average temp these past few weeks being 90-100° F. The camera seems to handle it. No problems with scanning so far but omg it's hot... #hotashell #wishitwouldsnow
Need Help, why can not Enter this Room!!! abalkhail 6 3 yearsabalkhail (40): @JonJ thank you very much، its woking now with no problems. what I did is trim out the doorway. clickable text best regards Abdullah
Matterport Stitching Error George_WALKINTOUR 8 3 yearsProperty3dNZ (613): @aznparkranger Hi There - our second photographer had this happen a couple of weeks ago (in a very important) 3 hour out of Auckland shoot! She assured me that she was checking the tripod etc.... a few days later she did admit that there had been a movement in the camera warning - she kept the scan and carried on (again and again) - then she mentioned that the plate was loose... I would suggest that this is whats happened here! I had never seen...
Scan points accessible on other floors. George_WALKINTOUR 3 3 yearsjustinv (1030): @aznparkranger Can you post a link so we can experience it and maybe help you out a little more? I agree with @GarySynder that it is probably the sun. Was the windows/mirrors marked correctly? Have you tried trimming it? Of course, make a copy before you change it too much.
Can I clone a scan? jmprop 3 3 yearsjmprop (52): Easy enough even for a newbie! Thanks JC3DCX,
Missing entire spaces Sandiemcr 3 3 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): @Sandiemcr 1. Delete the scan in the wrong location 2. If you put the tripod lowest height, you should be able to complete the space successfully 3. Go back and scan at normal height 4. Disable the low scans in workshop Dan
Stained glass windows Sandiemcr 4 3 yearsSandiemcr (56): Thank you This is a Catholic Church and so is covered with stained glass. You can see some coloured light coming in but cannot see items through them. So should they be marked as windows?
NewBie Questions BobbyG 23 3 yearsBobbyG (28): But the Matterport website is very slow.
Scan multi-level without stairs? PhotoJoe 7 3 yearsJonJ (1550): If you scan the stairs to connect the floors, will the model turn out correctly if you trim them off before uploading? Just curious. I have never had to do this before, but you never know...
Matterport Spaces 3D Tour: USS Hornet CIC George_WALKINTOUR 4 3 yearsSpencerlasky (96): Yes reminds me of being on the USS Enterprise, great use of this technology!
Tip: how avoid mirror reflection PedroAvilez 9 3 yearsJonJ (1550): Drum roll please.... original showcase Better or worse? You be the judge. Feedback welcome! Jon
Matterport>How to Successfully Scan Outdoors DanSmigrod 5 3 yearsaerialpixels (145): @justinv nice work! but what i really wanna say is - omg! what a house!
Our Air Force One MP scan on WIRED Tosolini 11 3 yearsfrstbubble (604): @Tosolini of course, you want to do a top 10. you would have 8 of them! You do some incredible work! Keep pushing the limits it shows us what is possible!
Theatre cast experiment ArtisticConcepts 12 3 yearsArtisticConcepts (650): Baxter & Lisahinson, thank you for the encouragement!
Price over 100 scans conVRts_JB 17 3 yearsTourMySpace (61): Yeah thats no fun.
New MP-ad & landing page for Pointcloud mori 15 3 yearsAlex_iGuide (317): With more scans you collect more data and, as a minimum, that data will result in a denser point cloud and finer mesh. That will increase computation time and storage requirements, so MP must draw a line somewhere for practical reasons and may limit how dense the point cloud is and how fine the mesh is that they store and make available for download. If you leap-frog along the wall with more scans, the overall room length error will be smaller...
Why is the wall bending in? Dolloff 5 3 yearsDolloff (124): Hi Everyone, Thank you for the wonderful feedback and advice. After making copies and deleting some scans, I went back to the space and just re-shot that area. Matterport explained it as "Loop Closure"- It is a very large space, so if each scan was just a touh off, by the time you close the loop, the scans are a lot off. It is a very large space, so I was thinking about starting with the walls first and then filling in the...
"Editing" a room in an existing model JohnLoser 3 3 yearsJohnLoser (281): @DannyBasting Thank-you.
Transfer Scans To Another Account BrianM 2 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9253): Ask Matterport's Customer Care. There's no automated way to do it.
iStaging LiveTour - Anyone Used It? ChrisH 10 3 yearsChrisH (55): Please let me be clear I still promote and film most of my stuff with Matterport. I was just looking around online for ideas one night and came across this product. For the money it was worth playing around with. Essentially its a web based software platform you enter all the info into. Nothing too difficult or complex. If you read there website and watch their YouTube clips you will see. The $60 literally gives you access to login to the...
Blurred panel within a scan? akirk 4 3 yearsakirk (4): Thanks I got some response from the Matterport support forum and i8tvlooks like I must have moved the camera to soon - I've deleted the scan and now it looks fine!
Just got our first REALLY BIG project JohnLoser 17 3 yearsLizzg (127): John, Well done, it looks great!
Scan still processing after 30 Hours Lizzg 8 3 yearsLizzg (127): The copy processed! I'll upload the link later today. Thanks for you helps! Lizzg
New firmware update for Matterport Camera? yoon2366 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 3 years360Verbeelding (340): Hi looks good. great update from MP. The scans are getting better with almost every update. The realy work on picture improvement. What i don't understand is that losts of our MP friends are wondering if a scan takes 40 seconds or 60 seconds. Good scanning takes time. Because i as a photograper can't do anything with the camera then let it spin a am realy glad that MP takes the time and effort so the scans get better and better. So please...
Last model is very bright Wyzlo 6 3 yearsLizzg (127): Hi Willow, Any luck with your model? Lizz
Google launches Tango AR smartphone system GarySnyder 23 3 yearsUserName (586): @JC3DCX - That was my concern not only about price but feasibility. A realtor would probably have to keep adding office space just to hold his physical dollhouses unless the realtor could print dollhouses on demand AND make them vanish when they're no longer needed. I keep forgetting we're still living in the 21'st century but maybe in the future, every tech device we think of as amazing may sit in the antiquated devices section of a...
5 Story Dallas Uptown Townhome Matterport Metroplex360 11 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9253): 212
Disable Dollhouse view?? Dolloff 3 3 yearsDolloff (124): Thank you Andrew. Sounds like something I should have known, but always learning new tricks! Thank you!
Misalignment - Is this fixable? Hide scans? ScanMan 1 3 yearsScanMan (253): Is this classic misalignment ? Im seeing scans from the floor below appear on the upper floor as can be seen in the smaller circles in the image attached. Is it fixable other than hiding the scans.
Is There a Way to Turn Off Scan Points? plorenz 5 3 yearslisahinson (784): I've ordered from @alx3D before - awesome work!
CoreVR Starting Points/How They Select Scans Property3dNZ 3 3 yearswalk360 (79): great news! thanks for sharinng
Anyone providing Mattertag service?- photos Dolloff 5 3 yearsJohnLoser (281): Please share the completed example if you can. I'd love to see the result.
New 3DTour - AtlasIED Training Center JohnLoser 2 3 yearsGlennTremain (1889): Nice Job
Exporting Equirectangular Matterport George_WALKINTOUR 8 3 yearsgrmngrl (932): @Metroplex360 I can not understand how this can be legal. The 360 sphericals don't need to be hosted. And at the point in time when they where made available I do not have a choice but accepting the t&c. Could Nikon, Cannon etc just update their conditions and not give us the raw files either? I really think it was a bad choice from my side to buy the camera. I would not be so upset if Matterport would provide me with the service I...
New Processing Images Delay RenderingSpace 16 3 yearslisahinson (784): Is it 'safe' to do the latest firmware upgrade ? I just received the firmware upgrade option and was wondering I should do it - :O Thanks for the feedback.
Disable a scan in Workshop? Dolloff 5 3 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): @Queen_City_3D Yes. We find it VERY ANNOYING that we can not disable a scan that we want for a SnapShot. For example, we want a wide shot of the kitchen for the Matterport Spaces 3D Tour "thumbnail" ... So, we would like to scan from the corner of the room. That same scan, we want to hide after we use it as a "thumbnail" ... no can do. Seems obvious to all of us. (The good news is Matterport reads every word of the We...
Aligning Scans Distinctive360 4 3 yearsJohnLoser (281): Here is my very first test scan. It had alignment issues. I was scanning near one staircase on the first floor when I noticed it aligned with the other one. I made additional scans near the first staircase and also made certain I could see the mail boxes as "unique features". Then, I re-scanned and it aligned.
White marks on glossy wood Olivius 4 3 yearsGarySnyder (1814): I see what you mean, it almost looks like some form of interference. Please let me know what MP has to say about this.
Going through the walls NestorSarmiento 5 3 yearsNestorSarmiento (22): Amazing! You all are the best. I´ll first try to delete the scan points and re process. I´ll get back to you with the update. Thanks by a million!
Connecting 2 scans via link / mattertags FloridaProperties 22 4 yearsJamwoc (16): Here's the non-shortened link to other model,
Capturing a retail store (dollhouse view) joez 5 4 yearssuncoastskyview (178): We always cover up any sensitive areas before scanning. Use a flower pot or other obstruction to hide it.
Big Alignment Problem JosePino Jump to first page31Jump to last page 4 yearsJosePino (1): Thanks again, Dan For me at this point is good to know that this is not a normal error of the camera, so it should be replaced for a new one. I sent messages to Matterpot support team yesterday and also this morning. I hope they answer me ASAP. Regards
Feedback on My First Scan plorenz 3 4 yearsRadie842 (243): I think nit looks great. congratulations!!!!
Floor plans into 3D virtual tours valen_felipe 3 4 yearsvalen_felipe (19): Hi Tim, Archilogic works only with a 2d floor plan. You just need like the blueprints or the floorplan in PDF file and upload it to the website. You also can attach as many details as you want in images (wall color, floor size or material, etc) so Archilogic team can create an accurate model. Time takes only 24-48 hours. You also can have a pro license where you can draw from scratch the models or import 3D data (.obj files) if you want to do...
Cursor problems (blue circles). FuturePhotography 10 4 yearsFuturePhotography (13): Yep, tried restarting and closing all the tabs. Here is a link so you guys don't think I am making this up ;). Thanks. It took me a total of three days to do both villas, the still photos and I had a little fun with the drone. Still working on editing all the material into one good video. I can feel you Queen_City! In the summer we have 50 C which is just as bad! Here is a picture from my outdoor scan in 48 C heat! ...
iOS 10 + Matterport Capture App? homepagerealty 4 4 yearshomepagerealty (25): Dan, I've been running iOS 10 on a phone all summer. I've not had any 'brick' issues. Mike, thanks for that! Their twitter told me it wasn't compatible but thats nice to see. Thank you guys!
Uploading issue from ipad CaseySmith 7 4 yearsalirizacil (132): They mailed me very detailed explanation about how to do it. I searched it in my mail account. Here it is: "On a Mac or Windows PC, install the free version of iExplorer (i.e. 'Demo' Version) from the following site - - Click the blue Download button next to the orange Buy button. Connect the iPad to the computer and launch iTunes. If your version of iTunes is newer than 12.2, you'll need to open...
Building with 3 floor 3500sq/m Fuse 4 4 yearsPieroBortolot (218): Yes, you can this is 4000 square meters (4 floors, 200 scans)
How long does it take you to scan ?? ScanMan 12 4 yearspirusan (184): Forgot to comment on the issue of this thread. I average about 1,300 sf per hour on my iPad Air2 I also manage expectations like @DanSmigrod I tell the customer to allow 1.5 hours per 1,000 sf. I do double scan bathrooms at normal height and at lower height to avoid the camera to show on mirrors in the final Space.
I need to connect two separate models KateKratochvil 17 4 yearsHarlanHambright (1641): parameters in the URL defeat the starting location when traveling between models and dumps you in a random spot. i wanted to use &start=1 to kill the dollhouse and my continuity was lost. this is 3 models (and 2 copies of 2 of them to account for different start locations.
Huge property w two basements Cabrahams 8 4 yearsCabrahams (61): Thanks for all of the responses to this question. Not only were there two separate basement spaces w two separate staircases leading down but also two upper level spaces w two separate staircases leading up. I guess Gary's explanation was the easiest to process for some reason. Anyway, the model turned out great: Thanks again! Charlie
Mega Mansions Stevecosta 6 4 yearsStevecosta (1): Very helpful thanks!
Need Tip for a shoot on Hallway with mirror hometakes 3 4 yearsrenderingreal (31): I bought white butchers paper. Cheap. Comes in rolls, 36 inches wide by 1000 feet. Amazon sells it, as do restaurant supply places. That and a razor blade, scissors and some scotch tape. I cover the mirror neatly and carefully and kiss reflections on difficult mirrors goodbye.
Ready Action Tablet Mounts Cabrahams 4 4 yearsskycamguatemala (22): Nise product. I am using this with an iPad mini, so then I free my arms to move The tripod around I got It at Amazon too.
Problem with bright reds, oranges and yellow manolohk 5 4 yearsmanolohk (49): So I just wanted to update you guys. The response from Matterport was that they are releasing a color correction firmware and that I have to "reshoot" the place. Oh and they say "Sorry" as well. I find this kind of issues unacceptable. This was a huge client for me and now its lost. Beware of this lighting problems.
Facebook disabled account due to Matterport kenman 5 4 yearskenman (1): Thanks guys, It could sent be to a web page. I didn't want to create a landing page for each scan buuuuut.... I was just thinking that hundreds of links to scans get posted daily and surely FB is not disabling every Matterport users account. The click bait thing sounds reasonable... I didn't make that connection. Explains a lot.
Low budget video showcase skycamguatemala 5 4 yearsskycamguatemala (22): Thank you all, good points. I did it, with a HDMI recorder, and edited on final cut, to trim some mistakes and crop the top, where it shows iPad. regards from Guatemala
Ceiling height and trim jntooker 3 4 yearsjntooker (109): Thanks @danmorell, I will try that. I wonder if maybe I can temporarily move the suspect scans one at a time to a different floor temporarily - in theory, I should be able to see which scan is offending. I have a bad feeling the offending scan is the one directly in front of the front door, though, and in that case if I delete it I will have no circle at the entrance. :( I may just have to live with it.
Yacht Scanning and pricing Gregclicks 5 4 yearsOlivius (91): We are also scanning yachts in the French Riviera. Some are really complexe to do when shooting at sea. See our last one For info this have been done in 5 hours and around 200 scans it's not perfect, but will be fixed and completed in september with the new matterport features announced ;)
shopping Malls ThreeDImaging 3 4 yearsThreeDImaging (74): Is that not the owner of the malls problem? Becides he wants to use the scans to show the space people can rent, he doesn't really care about the Company currently renting the store.
First Scan Tips & Advice tomjones2787 2 4 yearsJonJ (1550): Hi @tomjones2787, First of all, I will say that overall, this was a good scan. You did a good job with the scan placement. Navigation through the property was smooth and natural. There were a couple of areas that could have used additional scan points to fill in for the dollhouse view. Most of these were by the large windows where the sun was shining in. When this is the case, shut the blinds and rescan the areas doing the best you can to...
Shooting Differernt Buildings Szwed87 6 4 yearsfrstbubble (604): Sorry was looking at this post to reference. Posted to wrong on. LOL
Matterport Scanning Tips: Mirrors BayAreaAdam 6 4 yearsfrstbubble (604): Wonder if you had some scenic pictures on a thumb drive and put the still picture on the screen if that would keep it from acting like a mirror.
The mothership has landed! leeverdon 14 4 yearsfranmts (175): @leeverdon This model has 443 scans in workshop. The new iPad should save you some time, 10-20%. But the main problem is the distance between walls.. it was huge 35-40 meters with no obstacles in the way.. so it was very difficult to find a good configuration for the boxes and had to go up and down with the camera uncountable times. Happened many misaligned points as well that if I didn't pay attention would create several errors in the model....
Need tips and advice on shoot ben629 3 4 yearsron0987 (1246): @Ben629, I think it looks good, I think the time of scan was good, obviously its a business where the time you can scan is limited, but with the windows up front you were not dealing with sunlight on top of everything else.
Scans Appearing in Wrong Places BayAreaAdam 5 4 yearsJC3DCX (823): I have experienced the same on previous scans, especially with sunlight interfering with the camera's infrared sensing. I just keep a watch on where it place a scan and if wrong delete immediately, move camera closer to previous successful scan and try again.
Just what is State of the ART? GeorgeK 3 4 yearsrpetersn (1914): Thanks for posting this @GeorgeK! I love how the Theta content is integrated. @Queen_City_3D, it's easy to add the Theta imagery via the "3rd Party Content" option. You'll just add this to the end of any Theta-generated URL: "?view=embed" For example, here is George's stock THETA URL: But what you'd need to enter into the "3rd Party Content" field is this: ...
Windows Viewed from two sides DigitalImageries 8 4 yearsJonJ (1550): There are a number of reasons to mark windows that are apparent in the final product. 1) If you mark the window, in the dollhouse view, the image on the window will be fixed. It will not change as though you are able to look through the window into the yard or patio space. This would be the desired effect if there are no scans on the opposite side of the window. If the window was not marked, often times they will appear as black holes in the...
Scanning the inside and outside of a house sstarkey 15 4 yearsBayAreaAdam (70): @sstarkey ahh, got it, thank you
Sunlight Issues Inside Homes BayAreaAdam 9 4 yearsJonJ (1550): @steve3d your comment is true. However, if you strategically position the scan away from the window, but still encompassing the "black hole" this should not pose a problem in the dollhouse view.
Tours on VRBO, VHR, and AirBnB BrianM 25 4 yearsKen100 (22): Two questions. 1. Why does not Matterport host a platform for real estate listing? 2. Can we crowdfunding a new platform XXX by Kickstarter or Indiegogo? If it works, all matterport 3D users all over the world can list their works easily. What's your thoughts?
Some window shots good, others bad DigitalImageries 1 4 yearsDigitalImageries (43): Even when scanning in the late afternoon, spins further away from windows display ultra brighty. Spins closer to the windows are great. Is there a way of balancing the light across all spins?
First scan open up into wall. EnvisionedSpaces 3 4 yearsWyzlo (100): Hi Jennkeen in the Workshop !! you can set your starting point and view ! an many other things !!
Re-use partial scan? MagnusM 10 4 yearsBarrieFisherPhoto (34): Thank you!!!
Adding to existing scan rkeefe91 8 4 yearsmichelg (49): hello May be this can help ?
Walk through now no different from slide sho kenman 5 4 yearsgofastpro (43): Not sure what you are talking about here. The walkthrough is working fine on my models (blue line and all) and I don't know of any other "slideshow" where one can start walking around to different areas like on the Matterport shows and then continue through on your own or hit play to continue on the walkthrough.
New Cave scanning light setup 360Verbeelding 13 4 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): Rene, @360Verbeelding And, great job keeping the camera out of the reflection in the glass cases. Dan
Need help capturing the properties views AllenThompson 6 4 yearsAllenThompson (4): My Dyslexia set in, this unit faces East. I do understand the concept and am scheduling another time to scan the property that may deliver better results. I will post what I get.
Scanning a Cave 360Verbeelding 7 4 yearsBrianM (148): Send that out for the new schematic floor plan and see what comes back. That wound be interesting.
Any one use for signage? JoeMontaleone 3 4 yearsJoeMontaleone (22): @GarySnyder Thanks, Gary! That's good to know. I'll conduct a test after sundown sometime soon, and we'll see what happens. Much appreciated!
Testing Tourspace 3 4 yearsTourspace (1): I wasn't talking about the matter tag but the place I had scanned near the window. The two spots are both in the air and I was wondering if it's because I scanned to close to a window?
Matter port won't align any image 2bookpix 5 4 yearsDaK (113): An ipad mini first version? Will not work. I ran into the same thing. Got an ipad mini 3 and haven't had a problem since.
blocked at the end of the hallway PieterMartes 16 4 yearskmjennings (1): thanks!
Client Want To Add Garage to Tours BrianM 6 4 yearsdanmorell (73): I've gone back and completed a walk up and through a front door with what @ron0987 is recommending and it worked out fine. The initial time of day for the original scan had way too much sunlight in it, hence revisiting once the sun moved.
Delete A Snapshot BrianM 8 4 yearssuncoastskyview (178): We usually take a lot of snapshots then dump them into Dropbox. The customer can select their favorites and download them as required.
LED and Florescent lighting effect on MP yoon2366 3 4 yearsyoon2366 (61): Thank you for your advice, Gary. I really appreciate it.
Matterport Capture App 2.0.7 (25 March 2017) lisahinson 7 4 yearslisahinson (784): hey thanks @VTLV
Free Matterport MP 3D Tours for Your Website DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): Promoted Post --- Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) by Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers getting started are: 1. "Does any one have some Matterport 3D Tours I can include on my website to help me launch my business?" 2. "I am trying to get business in [category]. Does anyone have an example that I can embed in my website?" I (try to) listen hard to solve...
Problem, Next floor Would not Align judysmithre 5 4 yearsHarlanHambright (1641): Are you SURE you had moved the capture app back to the first floor? I had that issue once. And sometimes I scan, create a new level and scan again w/o moving the camera.
Matterport Crash Test Results RenderingSpace 6 4 yearskenangiguere (46): Thanks for posting! I do lock doors when my camera is in front of it. Especially the front door! I've always been nervous about someone knocking it over.
Will the Next iPhone Include a Scanner? DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsLookingGlass (133): Or it could be more like LG's G5 that was just shown off at the WMC in Barcelona. It has dual cameras an 8MP and 16MP. The 2nd 8MP camera is for wide shots up to 135 degree angles.
Current Scan Limit AdamplatinumHD 9 4 yearsMikeFrey (19): This is my first attempt at sharing one of these on this forum. Please bear with me if I get it wrong...
Suggestions to fix this please... pixelray 21 4 yearspixelray (406): FIXED!! It was a combination of what Cabrahams and Harlan suggested. Thanks guys! I moved the mirror out further on the chiffonier and I marked the fireplace as a mirror due to it's reflection and it worked! YES! Thank you guys!
Scans disappearing during mark features pixelray 12 4 yearsPeterMatterport (58): See this link for Release Notes on the recent Capture and Showcase releases. Peter
Contracts/Disclaimers IntheD 4 4 yearsfburch (28): From another thread on this same subject: FREE PHOTOGRAPHY CONTRACT WRITTEN BY A LAWYER
Feature Idea - Zenith/Nadir Photo Correction Metroplex360 7 4 yearsron0987 (1246): Metroplex360 I totally agree if it would not extend processing time, but like you said if it could do that, then a simple skin or mask for the camera in the mirror would be great or a slight color adjustment here or there would be another great feature. Ron
My first scan BabluN 8 4 yearsBabluN (49): @Queen_City_3D and @Max_Sodomovskiy, thanks, will try that...!
When to mark? DigitalImageries 4 4 yearsHarlanHambright (1641): Yds, mirrors must be marked sometimes to allow alignment. i missed a mirror today, unaligned a scan, marked the mirror and successfully scanned without moving anything. An unmarked sliver of a mirror went unmarked last week. It caused an errant 3D object in the hall beyond which showcase would not walk through. Marking the mirror and reprocessing the model fixed it. So you can mark stuff anytime you want.
Available Scan of New Construction Wonderdawg 6 4 yearsGarySnyder (1814): KRP If you want to offer a service like this which I think is a very good idea you would be far better off shooting pano's of each room as you can host them or even offer them to the home owner to save on their PC, NAS or memory stick. If you offered this service in a MP format and your were very successful and shot 1,000 homes you would have to pay a fortune to MP monthly for ever. The other issue is MP going to be around in 5 or 10 years as...
Any way to increase quality for VR? Dennis_N 4 4 yearsDennis_N (88): very enlightening Dan. Thanks!
Is the Matterport GearVR app only monoscopic 3Dmatters 10 4 years3Dmatters (1): Hi All, (Dan asked if I could replace the image with a family friendly one) so here's the original image It does not benefit from the slight touch-up that the previous finished image had, so there might be a stereo anomaly when looking toward the Apartment's main door.
My first scan cswartz 11 4 yearscswartz (71): Well Thanks
Happy Holidays, How to Copy file 360Verbeelding 5 4 years360Verbeelding (340): Hi, thanks for the advice. Is there a way to copy the captured file to lets say my Power MAc setup. I do a lot of work on a big mac :D and that is a lot easier than fiddeling around on a Ipad. Grtz Rene.
Not connected spaces 360Verbeelding 11 4 years360Verbeelding (340): Hi, experienced major problems with the Showcase of the Spa. Because there was a lot of infra red interference the scans did not aline correctly. The pool that is at the end of the hall way now showed up in the middle of the hall way. This was one oa the conclusions from Glenn at MP. Glenn found the time to send me a amazing email with detailed information about everything that might have gone wrong. Absolutely great service. It looks like a...
Scan button does not light or work dphi 5 4 yearsShawen (37): Your problem was the date. So here is what happens. The Camera acts as the WiFi access point and hands out IP addresses to any device that connects. This connection procedure does not care about the dates on either device. Here comes the problem, The iPad connects to the camera via HTTPS. Even if you try and connect to port 80 you are automatically forwarded on to port 443 for a secure connection. When the date on the client system, in this case...
My first property scan Dennis_N 2 4 yearsfalconshakka (68): good points to Sun light...BAD!! the idea behind having good coverage is to create a nice clean doll house and floor plan view can always disable those scan points that you used to build the 3D geometry and have a nice flow through the house going up spiral stair cases, it's better to have more scan data to prevent artefacts or stitching errors...doing every other step seems to work pretty well minimizes...
Missing Room in Dolls House Noel 4 4 yearsron0987 (1246): On your Ipad did you use the trim tool, I have seen this when the trim tool was not complete and or not used appropriately. I also saw that when you went outside it was extremely bright which does not work good with this system. I also saw you could not come in from the outside on the patio, was the sliding glass door ever shut? But back to the original issue, you usually see the missing rooms when you do multiple floors and trim tool not...
Pleasant surprise. (I hope) Dennis_N 1 4 yearsDennis_N (88): I did my first scan today, of a beautiful property (made by the best builder in the area) and afterwards I realized how much a bottleneck uploading will be. I'll definitely have to bring my ipad home because Time Warner cable treats home connections with a far better upload bandwidth than a business connection. (isn't that ridiculous) The pleasant surprise is that the app supports resuming uploading, and didn't freak out once it lost...
One mistake that you first made? nwihomes4sale 9 4 yearsfalconshakka (68): doing staircases ...I find that shortening the distance between steps gives you better alignment especially doing winding staircases and doing exterior shots, I find working from the inside out works best for me and making sure the doors are open from any scan point the camera will see that open door, I tried going back to a shoot the next to to go through a once closed door thinking the scan would work out fine ...later to find out that the...
Image missalignment artifact Dennis_N 5 4 yearsJamie (1848): Or the quick release bracket (if you have one)
Riddle Max_Sodomovskiy 6 4 yearsMax_Sodomovskiy (226): Yes, that's the first floor.
Cannot move thru doorway kitchen to living joy 7 4 yearsjoy (2): Dan- Thank you for your help! It is very much appreciated. See you in New York! Joy
Direct to Seller Marketing Idea. smcclell 12 4 yearssmcclell (155): Hi Cathie, Yes, the latter of your examples was where I was heading. Suggesting different agents is not a practice I would want to do when they have someone already. I would just want to promote the services. It's good to know then that as an agent you would be OK the seller speaking with you about it once they found out about the service. The association and that they email blast for you is a great tip!
Have You Ever Been Caught? BrianM 7 4 yearsmikeE (34): Thanks Bill! Very kind of you.
Floors too bright? Glare causes issues! Jake 6 4 yearsUnrealerAleksi (49): We've had issues with sun light all the time. We are quite up north, so in the winter sun is low and really makes it difficult to scan some rooms, if there are no blinds. Does anybody have any ideas how to handle the situation, except for planning the time of the scan etc.? We were thinking about getting some type of canvas/sticker with suction cups etc. to place on the windows, to be able to "capture the dollhouse" when there are no...
Yesterday I did my first two scans. BrianM 5 4 yearstradetickers (10): I find the highlight tour guided system to be annoying. Not smooth enough yet. Not yours, just in general.
Camera output and RAW data csnoke 8 4 yearsGarySnyder (1814): FYI, it's easy to get the data from the iPad the hard part is to decrypt it. It seemed that the Russians did just that but the last time I checked their site it was taken down and just the landing page was left.
Why was a new Floor Created?? KenBanks 4 4 yearsKenBanks (19): @Daniel1977 There are only physically 3 floors in the house. However in the showcase model, over on the bottom right where you can select the floors, the software created 4 floors for some reason. Standing out on the patio is floor 1, then a step inside the basement is now listed as floor 2. That should all be Floor 1. I had this issue once before but there was an obvious bad scan. I don't really notice anything strange in this model.
Remove security cameras from a business BrianM 10 4 yearsBill (285): This is good information mwaychoff as we are GSA Schedule Contract holders and we will soon be offering 3D Matterport Services through GSA. thx
Upload speeds Kracka60 26 4 yearspixelray (406): Ok, I think I figured this out - at least I hope so anyway. Late last night, I took apart my router. Cleaned it and then reset it and then did some updates. Changed a security setting. Re-uploaded one more time. Woke up this morning and everything was uploaded and I had final 3D models. So, I'm guessing all this was a problem with my router. It's just weird b/c I have done many other uploads that worked fine. If this happens to me...
App Bug / Alignment Bug / Wifi Bug Richard 2 4 yearscdpmedia (49): Richard, Sorry I cant help resolve any of your technical questions. But your entry brings forward serious concerns I have with MP. Foremost, How is it that you have to turn to a forum to resolve this unresolved problem. How is it that the company that sold you the $4500 camera and the hefty processing and monthly fees hasnt jumped to attention to sort it out? And my even bigger concern is how could a well established user like you with...
Full rescan Mikesobay 7 5 yearsMikesobay (127): Thanks for all the responses.
Matterport Staircases-Bottom Up or Top Down? DanSmigrod 15 5 yearsHarlanHambright (1641): Here's something I just did: I'm scanning a HUGE beach cottage with 2 separate second floors. After finishing the first one, I got halfway up the stairs to the second one. After a scan, without moving the camera, I switched to 2nd floor then scanned again figuring that might help the device figure out where it was. It posted the new scan in exactly the right spot relative to the initial series of 2nd floor scans. Maybe a waste of a scan but it...
overlapping rooms in preview qmutton 11 5 yearsPieroBortolot (218): Hi guys, I made this work in 2 separate times In the Capture App it was created an overlapping in a room, as shown in the picture As you can see from the images, result two doors between the two rooms, in the floorplan and in the dollhouse In the showcase I can't go through the door and I can't go from room to room and the rings are on the wall What should I do to fix this? (in the same palace, on 2nd floor I had another overlapping...
Door Issues (URGENT) 3DListings 7 5 yearsCarlosFHdz (602): 3Dlistings, deleting a scan and uploading is different than disabling because of what Dan said, it changes the mesh and will chenage the ability to walk through places.
Advice for re-scanning craigsauer 12 5 yearsRobV (25): Thanks Guys... Rob
Scan problem. 2500sq.m Andrew 5 5 yearsAndrew (223): Hi everyone! Ipad Air2 fixed my problem :) (as @DanSmigrod said). So, the result of my first matterport experience is here: I will be glad to hear advices, criticism and recommendations. Andrew
Max Listing scannings per day. Whats your #? alegonzabot 18 5 yearsjustinS (13): What percentage of your work comes thru the wegetaroud website? Very glad I found such a great resource of information and fellow photographers. Dan you seem to know a great deal. What's your average price per 1ksqft?
Pre Scan Checklist smcclell 8 5 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): @falconshakka I recall capturing for 12 hours on one charge, so I never bought the inverter car charger cable for the Matterport camera. Matterport Car Charger Inverter Cable (USA) Because the iPad will not go 12 hours on one charge, I always charge the iPad Air via a battery in my pocket. iPad batteries...
problems with scans PieroBortolot 20 5 yearsPieroBortolot (218): Hi guys, I rescanned the abbey and now the SC works good I deleted the old scans where there was the problems and add new scan The blue stains disappeared and I can go through the door between the 2 little rooms (2nd floor) Problem solved here the SC clickable text
First scan advice and observations... Lbelland 9 5 yearsRenderingSpace (604): Great Job. I'm a big fan of keeping the camera height around 5' or lower and it looks like you did it just right.
Over 100 scans AdamplatinumHD 17 5 yearsAdamplatinumHD (31): 5YZG73eAWc9
Why I Shot 300+ Scans for this Model + Risks DanSmigrod 14 5 yearsAdamplatinumHD (31): Thanks @DanSmigod Great advice!!
3D printing of models davidpylyp 5 5 yearsjessetutt (67): Hi David. It sure is. As mentioned there is a lot of cleanup needed, but it is possible. The challenge is that there is ~$500.00 CAD of work (the newest MP update that fills the holes likely will reduce this) to thicken the walls, strip the furniture that won't print (E.g. 4 x chair legs can't support the weight of the plastic of the top of the chair). Printing via sculpteo or Shapeways is ~$75.00 CAD. Tour:...
First Scan/Showcase Tconroy21 7 5 yearsseanminor (40): Nice job Tim. Why on Tim's scan did it not think the step down was another floor? I've seen complaints posted here. Did MP change something?
Upload process for scans Q smcclell 10 5 yearsCarlosFHdz (602): Yes, trimming is done while scanning, on the iPad. You can trim once the scan is completed too, from the iPad. Here's a video MP published on how to Scan a space. LINK You can add tags or name to a room using the workshop view function; however, measurements and tags are only viewable using the work shop view.
First gen camera and new app update 2.0.7 issues Jamie 3 5 yearsJamie (1848): Interesting. Thanks Charlie. I will email support as well and see what they have to say.
First Complete Test Scan 5000+ sq ft EscapeVelocity 2 5 yearsEscapeVelocity (25): Support responded that there's a bug in the trim tool. Engineering is going to look into the tearing issue.
Dollhouse Levels grantmuller 11 5 yearsgrantmuller (28): NICE!
Issues with Capture JakeRees 10 5 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): @judysmithre @Tim I got the wobble message while positioning the camera on top of a bed: a different way to generate this message. :cool: (By placing a flat board on the bed, I was able to get the scan I wanted.)
model doesnt upload :( Kracka60 4 5 yearsKracka60 (73): Hi Cindie Thanks for the reply and tip as it did the job. A quite reboot and logout and it fixed the problem.
Compare Matterport Camera Versions WeinigerHomes 13 5 yearsWeinigerHomes (13): Good to know john thnx
Scanning a home with detached area EricThomas 17 5 yearsDanSmigrod (20550): @EricThomas I added your wish to the Capture app "wish list" thread. 😎 Dan
Yachts Drew 14 5 yearsDrew (79): Night scan of a cool yacht from December. Heading to the Miami Boat Show this week to grab some new clients. Jet scans are coming soon...
A New Scan Question CharlieB 8 6 yearsGarySnyder (1814): Just got back from a job but I'm still using the old app until Matterport give the all clear. Rpetersn, welcome on board. Once I know that the new app is working without a hitch then I'll try as Charlie and you suggest not marking the windows or just trimming them to see how they look.