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Topics tagged with RoOomy'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Roomy virtual staging prices for Matterport tours Wingman 13 4 monthsMetroplex360 (9206): It's been demoed using a scan from AMLI. There hasn't been too much adoption though. Just a demo.
RoOomy Integratedman 3 5 monthsScena (13): You might be getting the request because the agent has heard/seen a variation of this When, is a million dollar question.
WGAN-TV Matterport 3D Virtual Staging Powered by RoOomy (Coming Soon) DanSmigrod 27 6 monthsDanSmigrod (19326): Still in beta. "Coming Soon" Dan
Ro0omy Virtually staging of our matterport tour 3dshowcaseuk 6 8 monthsDanSmigrod (19326): @Integratedman Please see this related WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ WGAN-TV Matterport 3D Virtual Staging Powered by RoOomy (Coming Soon) Best, Dan
virtual staging inside matterport recommendations GlennTremain 9 8 monthsDanSmigrod (19326): RoOomy
Matterport already virtually staging multifamily scans 3SixtyNow 11 8 monthsizoneguy (331): Hello Dan, You wrote: With RoOomy, you will have at least two options: ✓ affiliate - get paid when your clients order a RoOomy virtual staged tour directly ✓ make the spread – RoOomy transparent to your client. You charge your clients and you pay RoOomy This was the information I was trying to get from Taylor. But have had no definitive answer(s)... Is this program still being developed? Thanks
Tip: How to Add a RoOomy Tour to Matterport Showcase App (Offline Viewing) DanSmigrod 2 8 monthsDanSmigrod (19326): (Hi All, I will fix the screen grab numbering later. Got to bolt for social plans; today, Sunday.)
Details/Status of announced MP cooperations with Meero,Roomy,Multivista mori 3 10 monthsmori (711): Thanks for the update. I would have expected, that the Multivista-Solution would be provided as a feature solution to MSP´s especially for construction documentation or at least be provided as example code to build your own solution based on this code. I hope really the MSP programme will not be replaced or separated in 2-3 programmes: a) Basic MSP Programme for Hiring via MP, Meero or others b) Pro MSP Programme for advanced partnerships for...
Virtual Staging for Matterport Showcase GFHoge 5 1 yearGFHoge (34): Thank you all for your input and information. This solution will be an amazing addition to our services when it is finally released to work in the showcase. I am imagining builders who will kill for this for their undecorated spec homes. In my experience, most buyers don't have the ability to conceive how to arrange furniture, much less pick it out. Geof
roOomy Announces Matterport Collaboration Riaan 10 2 yearsPointCloudVR (103): Enabling roOomy to build a virtual staging app ) using our platform will transform how real spaces are experienced, allowing users to easily personalize a space and visualize any changes made to it,” said Bill Brown, Matterport CEO. “We anticipate the utility and lifespan of a Matterport 3D Space to grow with valuable applications such as this.”
Lidar 2D Floor plan Helen 9 3 yearsHopscotch (106): Someone just showed me MagicPlan, which seems a lot like Rooomy. I haven't tried it yet, but imagine that you could experiment/practice with it and get pretty good at it. In the App Store by Sensopia.
Matterport Design Studio kmjennings 13 4 yearsStevenHattan (1510): In Chicago VHT is the premier provider for virtual tours and stills. Half the pictures I see from them are fake. It reminds me of a dating service. Some B!@#$ will put up her High School picture (she's 35 now) and when you meet her in person you're like WTF?? "You aren't the person I saw online!" Same with houses. People want to put up fake pictures so when the buyers get to the property they are immediately disappointed. Just...