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'Restoration' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Using iGuide for Insurance Adjusting, and Restoration SLCUT 19 2 monthsbriangreul (352): I can vouch for the iPad Pro 2020 for measurements. The native Measure app is pretty cool. I'm pretty sure they are using the lidar device in conjunction with it for enhanced measurements. It's far more accurate than my iPhone 7+. Admittedly the 7+ is getting old, but it still works. TCO= (cost-resale price) / duration of use.
Matterport Pro Wanted: Des Moines, Iowa (and Winterset/Indianola) DanSmigrod 2 2 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): This opportunity has been handled. Thanks, Dan
Matterport Resources Available in Insurance/Fire/Flood/Remediation Space DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): WGAN-TV Matterport Meets Insurance Claims-Fire and Floor Remediation and Restoration #1127-Outro with Matterport Director, Business Development and Head of Partnerships and New Market Development Tomer Poran Hi All, In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1127, above), Matterport Director, Business Development and Head of Partnerships and New Market Development Tomer Poran discuss Matterport resources that are available about the Insurance...
Transcript: Matterport Insurance Claims: Flood/Fire Remediation/Restoration DanSmigrod 3 4 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): Hi All, WGAN Forum discussions tagged: ✓ Fire ✓ Flood ✓ Remediation ✓ Restoration ✓ Insurance Plus ... ✓ How to be Certified: Actionable Insights Matterport Certification (AIMC) ✓ Transcript: WGAN-TV: Matterport Meets Insurance Underwriting and Risk Mgmt Best, Dan
Insurance Claims: Matterport TrueSketch™ & TrueSketch™ PLUS for Xactimate DanSmigrod 4 4 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): Matter Hacks | TrueSketch vs TrueSketch Plus | Video courtesy of Actionable Insights YouTube Channel (7 March 2019)
MSPs: How to get more Matterport biz from winter storms (and at full-price) DanSmigrod 3 7 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): @johnwheatley Thanks for asking. Here is the full interview: ✓ Transcript: Matterport Insurance Claims: Flood/Fire Remediation/Restoration And, a related upcoming WGAN-TV Live at 5 show: (Wednesday, 11 December 2019 | 5 pm EST (GMT -5) ✓ WGAN-TV: Matterport Meets Insurance Underwriting and Risk Management Please do share your ideas as a restoration contractor. Perhaps you can use the WGAN Find a Matterport Pro Map to source Pros...
Matterport Webinar: Restoration Estimate 20% Faster; Speed Claims by 30% DanSmigrod 2 8 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): Hi all, Reminder: Register for Free Matterport Webinar Best, Dan
WGAN-TV>Matterport Meets Insurance Claims>FloodFire Remediation/Restoration DanSmigrod 9 8 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): (Continued from above) - Yeah, that's definitely a big part of what we do in business development. - It's super exciting to hear. It sounds like if it's not this week, next month, next year, it seems like it's inevitable that the insurance companies for all the reasons that we've been discussing today at some point are going to say, this is the minimum level of performance that if you want to submit a claim to our insurance company, you need...
6 Videos: Matterport for Insurance & Restoration DanSmigrod 9 8 monthsDanSmigrod (21980):
11 Opportunities for MSPs with Water/Fire Mitigation-Restoration-Insurance DanSmigrod 6 8 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): Hi All, Interested in Matterport Meets Insurance Claims: Flood/Fire Remediation and Restoration? Add this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show to your calendar (optional: and receive reminders) Best, Dan
Matterport Webinar on Water & Fire Restoration | Tuesday, 23 July 2019 DanSmigrod 3 11 monthsDanSmigrod (21980): Hi All, Here's the link to watch this Matterport Webinar - Claim cycle efficiency, capacity, and customer satisfaction made easy at Chicago Water & Fire Restoration - that was held on Tuesday, 23 July 2019. Dan