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'Nodalview' Topics

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Question of the Day: Which Virtual Tour Platforms Offer a Dollhouse View? DanSmigrod 23 7 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): @WeGoVirtual @MeshImages I elevated your discussion to its own WGAN Forum topic here: ✓ How to import a FBX/OBJ file into 3DVista, or ...? Best, Dan
Suggestions wanted: cheap, fast 3D solution Expertise 16 9 monthsExpertise (654): We're going with Zillow 3D, slideshow and stills for $150. We have experience with the Zillow thing, we have a ll the equipment and it's got name recognition... and there is no hosting cost. I also suspect they will roll out an evolution of it soon.
Transcript: Nodalview Webinar for VIP Reality Launch DanSmigrod 2 1 yearGlennTremain (2283): @DanSmigrod awesome! worth listening to and to post in social media to stir interest
what's the best ios app for taking HDR stills? denlee 3 1 yeardenlee (130): Thanks, I did have the HDR turned on, but it doesn't do as well as Nodalview for stills.
Nodalview Platform Partners w/ Brokerages>Visit this house from your Couch DanSmigrod 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): Inman (6 May 2020) VIP Realtors rolls out multiviewer virtual visits on all listings "Notable independent brokerage Crye-Leike will be introducing the same Nodalview-powered concept to its southeastern US offices as the pandemic continues to hamper in-person showings," reports Inman. --- WGAN Affiliate Promo Code to Save $20 on Inman Subscription
Nodalview with Sandmarc wide angle lens? denlee 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): [nodalview][/nodalview]Nodalview Virtual Tour by We Get Around Atlanta Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod (Created with iPhone 8 and Nodalview Kit @denlee Yes. You could use an iPhone 11 and Sandmarc wide angle lens and case with the Nodalview rotator and subscription. WGAN does not have any special offers for Nodalview subscription plans or for the gear. I do like the quality of the 360ºs...
If You Could Only Pick 1 and Why JayInLA 13 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): @JayInLA Which Which 3D/360 Virtual Tour Platform and which 360 Camera are great questions, EXCEPT the answer typically depends on for whom and for what use. For most WGAN Forum Members, here's the WGAN short list of: ✓ 3D/360 Virtual Tour Platforms and Single Property Websites for Real Estate These WGAN Forum resources may be helpful too: ✓ List of 140+ 3D/360 Virtual Tour Platforms and Single Property Websites for Real...
Pivo? fotoguy 6 1 yearfotoguy (732): Here is a rotator designed specifically creating panoramas: ✓ Nodalview Rot@tor ($149) You would want the: ✓ Nodalview Rot@tor ✓ Smartphone Case ✓ Replacement Nodalarm ✓ Fish-eye lens for smartphone You can use it with Nodalview - or any other platform that uses 360ºs ... This is the kit that I have used with Nodalview and @Home3D :heart: this too :cool: ✓ 10 Reasons I like the Nodalview Kit for Capturing 360ºs ✓ My...
Video: How to access Nodalview Panoramas and HDR Photos DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): How to access Nodalview Panoramas and HDR Photos | Video courtesy of Nodalview YouTube Channel (6 April 2020) Hi All, This is one of many Nodalview training videos uploaded to the Nodalview YouTube SA/NV Channel today (Monday, 6 April 2020) Transcript (Video Above) Remember, a tour is a virtual visit to a house or an apartment, for example. To create a virtual visit, we're going to enter the...
I need help choosing a 3D Virtual Tour Platform for by Real Estate Listings ExmouthGroup 7 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): @Alex_iGuide Gareth gets around! I visited with him at the 2019 Google Street View Summit in London too. What's different about Metareal meets 360º photos meets floor plans meets dimensionally accurate is that you can calibrate the floor plans with known measurements. Plus, Metareal will create the 3D model and 2D floor plan for their customers if they do not want to use the DIY option. @ExmouthGroup When you place your order for floor...
Inman: "Need a virtual tour solution now? Here are our top picks" DanSmigrod 4 1 yearEricTsai (171): Thanks for sharing Dan! We are honored to be featured on Inman again as we continue to ramp up our operation here in the US.
Inman Connect 2020 in New York City 28-31 January 2020 DanSmigrod 5 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): For WGAN Forum coverage of Inman Connect New York 2020, please see this WGAN Forum tag: ICNY2020
How to Peel a Gazebo Home3D 3 1 yearHome3D (2990): Most shots were on the iPhone using a Zhiyun Smooth-C that I bought a few years ago. As 3-axis tech continues to improve, there are probably much better ones available now, perhaps including from Zhuyun.
Will Matterport Offer a Smartphone Capture Solution? DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, I wrote this two months ago. Seemed timely to move to the top of the WGAN Forum. :cool: ✓ Matterport Demoed 3D Capture for iOS and Android Smartphones: in Beta 4Q19 (26 September 2019) Dan
Nodalview raises €1.7 million for its virtual tour platform DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsHome3D (2990): Congratulations to NodalView. I have created dozens of NodalView Tours and rank it with Matterport and GeoCV as a “must offer” service for my clients. I now create NodalView on ever project I shoot which does not elect for Matterport or GeoCV. Nodal view is gorgeous plus has an easy and elegant system for retouching panos and adding aerial panos. I love NodalView! [nodalview][/nodalview]
Asteroom 3D Tour Creation leeverdon 5 2 yearsHome3D (2990): If my NodalView didn't load, I think it's something on your end. Works fine for me on all browsers.
Borrow a Nodalview 360º Kit from the WGAN 360 Camera Loaner Program DanSmigrod 9 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, If you would like to borrow a Nodalview Kit via the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program, please complete the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program Request Form. The password is in your Welcome Onboard Letter or Private Message me with the subject line: WGAN 360 Camera Loaner Program Password WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members are eligible to borrow a Nodalview Kit from the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program. Much thanks to ...
MatterView / NodalPort anyone? Home3D 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @Home3D Cool mashup of: ✓ Matterport ✓ NodalView ✓ WP3D Models WordPress Plugin (Single Property Website) ✓ Aerial Thanks for sharing, Dan
How to create a teaser video with Nodalview DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385):
Zillow 3D Home (yeah, should be 360° Home) Home3D 4 2 yearsTrustedPhotoDC (1108): Go to App Store and leave a 1 Star review for a product mis-named.
Fun with NodalView Home3D 3 2 yearsHome3D (2990): NodalView system uses your own smartphone in a custom case with their NodalView fisheye lens and mounted to their Nodalview Rotator. You launch the NodalView app, it connects to the Rotator via bluetooth, and the base rotates, automatically clicking off super-wide shots, capturing bracketed HDR photos which it automatically blends, and these are all uploaded to NodalView's system which stitches them into photospheres. It's all easy and...
Los Angeles-based Kevin Dole on Nodalview: "I Love it!" DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Video: WGAN-TV Los Angeles-based Kevin Dole in this WGAN-TV Short Story #519, Kevin talks about GeoCV, Nodalview, Ricoh Theta V and Ricoh Theta Z1. Hi All, Starting at 2:56 in the above WGAN-TV Short Story, Los Angeles-based Kevin Dole talks about Nodalview ("I Love it!"), Ricoh Theta V, Ricoh Theta Z1. We cover a lot of ground in this under 9-minute segment from this WGAN-TV show, including 360º video...
(Matterport versus GeoCV) versus (Nodalview versus Zillow 3D Home 360 tour) DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @TakedaSan In December 2016, @pcollart wrote for the WGAN Blog: ✓ Compare 3D/VR Platforms for Scanning/Shooting Homes: Matterport, InsideMaps, Realvision, iGuide, immoviewer (and More) It was – and still is – the single most comprehensive study of its kind. That said, it did not contain GeoCV, Nodalview and Zillow 3D Home (to give you a sense of how quickly the market is changing). The Guide is available free as a .pdf for...
Video: Why Shoot Zillow 3D Home (360º Tours) Today-Today-Today DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsHome3D (2990): No comparison there. MP and GeoCV are comparable (without GeoCV’s astounding Outdoor view) so I price these similar. Zillow 3D home and NodalView (which looks better and can include aerial panos) are both fast to shoot, so I use them as an argument that all listings should now include a “walkthrough” experience. If a client asks me for just HDR stills, I include Zillow or NodalView without charge. I’m committed to changing the agent...
Nodalview 360º Tour versus Zillow 3D Home 360º Tour DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsKumar (505): The 3D model must be the neatest of all opi have seen. Real good. PS: closer look tells that it is just flat images stacked In different planes. Nothing is 3D there. May be a good compromise may be not.
Comparing Cupix, GeoCV, Matterport, Nodalview and Zillow 3D Home Platforms DanSmigrod 12 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @Metroplex360 Thanks for sharing that MPEmbed enhancement ... :cool: -- WGAN-TV Los Angeles-bsaed Kevin Dole (@Home3D) with on Matterport versus GeoCV versus Nodalview versus Zillow 3D Home Hi All, Thanks to Kevin Dole for shooting the same multi-million home in Calabasas, CA with four different virtual tour solutions and sharing this experience with the WGAN Forum Community. Platforms/Cameras used: ✓ Matterport 3D Tour...
Today on WGAN-TV: Comparing Matterport, GeoCV, Nodalview and Zillow 3D Home Home3D 4 2 yearsHome3D (2990): In case helpful, here again are direct links to the four finished walkthroughs: Matterport model - GeoCV with exterior terrain - (in WP3D wrapper with my video and stills, FYI) [wp3d][/wp3d] Nodalview -...
3D/360° tour comparisons: Matterport, GeoCV, NodalView, Z-3D Home, (Cupix) Home3D 24 2 yearsShakoure (313): @AntonYakubenko ...Very thankful & humbled that you - as co-founder of a direct MP competitor - make the time to engage with 3D spatial photographers on WGAN. If only MP would have a c-level or VP person on this platform to engage members in dialogue and answer questions. That level of inter-personal connection will take you a long way. Thank you.
Ben Claremont: Insta360 ONE X Review: Why It's The Best DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Insta360 ONE X Review: WHY IT’S THE BEST | Video Courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel One X: TEN NEW FEATURES | Video Courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel INSTA360 ONE X: Best 360 Camera Right Now? | Video Courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel BEST FEATURE of the ONE X | Video...
Nodalview Wide Angle View versus Nodalview Wide Angle Extraction DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Option 1: The following wide angle views were extracted from 360º photos shot with the Nodalview Kit 1 - Wide Angle Extracted from 360º Panorama 2 - Wide Angle Extracted from 360º Panorama
Nodalview Tour After Editing of 360º Photos DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @rzphotoman Ha Ha!
How much would you charge for this Nodalview 360º Tour? DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @HugoPerez Thanks I have not shared this We Get Around pricing with the client yet: ✓ Option 1 ✓ Option 2 This is value-based pricing with a reality check of would I do the same job again for the same pricing. That said, We Get Around would typically always charge an upfront fee so that if the client wants a refresh on the space, We Get Around always gets some $$$ for that phase of the project. Your thoughts? Best, Dan P.S. Since...
Nodalview: Photos via Wide Angle Lens or Extract Wide Angle View via 360º DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsizoneguy (468): Hello Dan, So I was looking at the pricing for NodalView. At the $59 per month - it says unlimited panos - what does that mean? Do they host them or do they send you a package so you can host them yourself? Can you extract the max res pano to use them in other applications? Thanks
Nodalview Guided Realtime Customer Tour Home3D 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Thanks for translating to English from French. That was kind of you. For PDFs, once they are hosted somewhere, you can use a text link. For example: Nodalview Guide (English) Thank you for taking advantage of the the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program by borrowing one of three Nodalview Kits and writing about your experience using it. Best, Dan
WGAN-TV eXp Realty Chief Product & CTO Scott Petronis on Matterport v GeoCV DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsBriski2208 (147): I'll go one further,why have Estate agents in the everyday medium market? In the near future smart phone technology will enable the seller to photo stitch, upload, order & distribute their own content. Companies like Matterport, GeoCv & Ricoh to name a few will have an even wider consumer market to target & fight over. Matterport are scared of the on coming competition, that's why they're offering the insta/Ricoh package, therefore...
WGAN-TV An introduction to Nodalview 360º Shooting and Hosting | #ICNY19 DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Yan Bohyn, Regional Director of Sales Nodalview USA (Orlando) and Thomas Lepelaars, co-Founder, Nodalview (Brussels, Belgium) at Inman Connect New York 2019 ( ICNY19) Hi All, WGAN-TV interviewed Yan Bohyn, Regional Director of Sales Nodalview USA (Orlando) and Thomas Lepelaars, co-Founder, Nodalview (Brussels, Belgium) at Inman Connect New York 2019. (Video above) Your thoughts about the Nodalview...
Nodalview Tour: My Hotel Room at Inman Connect NYC 2019 DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): By the way, do you like the height that I shot at? It's such a small room, that I placed the camera height slightly above the desk. A bit lower than door knob height. (I believe) this camera height: ✓ makes the room look bigger ✓ looks better "walking around" ✓ keeps the camera out-of-view in the bathroom ✓ keeps the camera out of the reflection in the TV Your thoughts? Best, Dan
How to Include a Nodalview Tour within WP3D Models DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Grab 1 from WP3D Models WordPress Plugin | Step 1: In WP3D Models on the Models Tab, select Model Base type: Generic iFrame Grab 2 from WP3D Models WordPress Plugin | Step 2: In the Generic iFrame Embed block, enter the iFrame code from Nodalview Hi All, It is...
My Second Nodalview Virtual Tour (Including Navigation) DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, You can see the "photos" that were extracted from the 360º panoramas in this Single Property Website powered by WP3D Models WordPress Plugin. How do you think the photos in the VRBO listing for this property compare to the "photos" exported from the Nodalview shot 360º panoramas? Dan
Inman Connect NYC 2019-3D-360º-Photography Exhibitors DanSmigrod 13 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi Harry, The exhibit area is free on Tuesday with the Agent Connect registration. ( Compare Options) Inman Connect Agenda Best, Dan
Nodalview: How to Create a Teaser Video from a Nodalview Virtual Tour DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Video from this Nodalview Virtual Tour Hi All, I created this teaser video (above) of this Nodalview Virtual Tour - all within Nodalview. How to Create Teaser Video within Nodalview Virtual Tour Content Management System Select Panoramas --> Select Make Video Step 1 of 3: Select Digital Media (I selected 5 of the 360º panoramas) Step 2 of 3: Set the Start Point/End Point/Amount of Time (Tip: Zoom in/out - Mix up pan...
WGAN-TV Live at 5: Creating Nodalview Virtual Tours for Newbies DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): WGAN-TV Creative Nodalview Tours for Newbies with Thomas Lepelaars, co-Founder, Nodalview (Brussels, Belgium) and Yan Bohyn, Regional Director of Sales Nodalview USA (Orlando) Hi All, Breaking news ... Nodalview co-Founder Thomas Lepelaars demos a 3D version of a Nodalview 360º Virtual Tour in today's WGAN-TV Live at 5. Nodalview will officially announce this at Inman Connect New York City (28 January - 1 Frebruary 2019). The object is to...
My First Nodalview: 10 Reasons I like the Nodalview Kit for Capturing 360ºs DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): [nodalview][/nodalview] Nodalview Virtual Tour: before connecting the 360º panoramas into a walk around experience. | Test Shoot by We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod | Location: Atlanta Tech Village; co-working space includes We Get Around Network office. Nodaview Rot@tor - Automatic panorama head for 360° panoramas | Video courtesy of ...
WGAN-TV Live News: Inman Connect NY 2018 DanSmigrod 5 3 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Video: Inman Connect NY 2018 Highlights with Blue-Sketch Founder Petra Soderling Hi All, Petra gives us the highlights of her experience at Inman Connect NY 2018 to help you see what news might affect you. Enjoy your weekend, Dan P.S. For all Inman Connect NY 2018 coverage in the WGAN Forum, please see the tag: ICNY18
Matterport-iGuide-GeoCV-Nodalview @ ICNY18 DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, WGAN Forum Member @jackjay ( Jack Jay DIGITAL) in Central New Jersey) shot these images on the exhibit floor of Inman Connect New York 2018 on Tuesday (23 January 2018). (Tagged: ICNY18) Are you attending Inman Connect? Share your photo here too! Best, Dan Overview of One Section of the ICNY18 Exhibit Floor Matterport ...
WGAN-TV: Nodalview 360º SmartPhone System DanSmigrod 5 3 yearsron0987 (1787): I like the photos, I like the exterior capabilities but again this falls short on no doll house, and the reality this is no different then other 360 degree software like Kolor that allow you to build your own tour package. After reading thru this it appears you have to pay for photo downloads, I saw this in the store section talking about photo downloads and limits. You are just paying someone else to build the tour. I still like the overall...