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'Mirror' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Try JuMP-MIRROR to remove camera from your mirror JuMP 15 2 monthsKumar (426): Take your time... Plans - I most welcome 'pay as you go or one time buy' than fixed subscriptions :)
Can we remove the Matterport Camera in the Mirror-lined exercise room? Sandiemcr 11 8 monthsSandiemcr (56): Thank you everyone for your responses... levity appreciates too
Video: Matterport Academy Marking Windows, Mirrors, and Trim (Lesson 4) DanSmigrod 1 9 monthsDanSmigrod (22104): Matterport Academy Marking Windows, Mirrors, and Trim (Lesson 4) with Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel (28 September 2017) Hi All, If you are just getting started with Matterport, here is Lesson 4 of 11 from the Matterport Academy Marking Windows, Mirrors, and Trim (Lesson 4) (above) with Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank. ...
Tip: How to keep the Matterport Camera out of mirrors DanSmigrod 1 10 monthsDanSmigrod (22104): [wp3d][/wp3d]Matterport 3D Tour by We Get Around Network Photographer Dan Smigrod Hi All, This hotel room (above) has four mirrors: 1. a full-length mirror as you walk in 2. a super-large mirror on the wall behind the bed (and the mirror is titled downward) 3. a mirror on the wall behind the bathtub 4. a mirror above the sink Despite the...
Camera In Mirrors... HELLO It's 2019 3dVuz 13 1 yearKumar (426): @Home3D, Which tripod is that? Thanks
Open door - close door issues pixelray 11 2 yearspixelray (569): @shak - yes! That's right! Thanks for reminding me
Video: How to Scan a Floor to Ceiling Mirror with the Matterport Camera DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsMetroplex360 (9281): Nah :) I've had this scenario come up so many times recently. These vertical columns of weighted balls seem to be the rage in fitness centers right now and I'm always using them so that I can block the camera and scan! Then you don't have what it takes! Bring her to your scan so that she can pick them up and move them around for you!!!!
Question of the Day: Matterport Trim Tools: One Thing You would change? DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsBuzzStudio (22): It would be nice to have a Door Trim, so that you could make a way to walk through a door. Thanks Jeff Hutchinson Houston, TX.
Matterport Camera removal from mirror Bernardhhi 10 2 yearsBernardhhi (202): @JuMP Thanks for sharing this tour. The reflection in the bathroom mirror of the sample Chinese tour looks like a similar camera to Matterport with additional equipment on top - Have they reverse engineered a Matterport? The dynamic floor plan overlay is very cool and the toggle for room measurement overlay that dynamically changes as you walk through the tour shows just what’s possible. Hopefully Matterport will sped up further...
Matterport Mirror mark-up confusion angusnorriss 8 2 yearsJuMP (1250): @rzphotoman I think the only problem you may get is when you have a special wall and there are two mirrors back to back on the both side of the wall. If you mark wrong direction it may get problem. Normally the scan process will generate a hole at the mirror area if you don't mark it. After you mark it, Matterport generation code will add a piece of rectangle to cover the whole at that place. Matterport can get the direction information...
Mark Features not working VTLV 1 3 yearsVTLV (2064): How is your Mark Features Option working on your app? My mark windows and mirrors feels useless this month. Are you getting loads of spray in your scans creating blocks in the walk throughs?
Tip: how avoid mirror reflection PedroAvilez 9 4 yearsJonJ (1649): Drum roll please.... original showcase Better or worse? You be the judge. Feedback welcome! Jon
Need Tip for a shoot on Hallway with mirror hometakes 3 4 yearsrenderingreal (31): I bought white butchers paper. Cheap. Comes in rolls, 36 inches wide by 1000 feet. Amazon sells it, as do restaurant supply places. That and a razor blade, scissors and some scotch tape. I cover the mirror neatly and carefully and kiss reflections on difficult mirrors goodbye.
Glass Walls Issue?? CharlieB 23 5 yearsTim (355): Many scans at many different heights...
Mirror on celing alx3D 3 5 yearscraigsauer (1020): I know rescanning isn't an option, but I had an idea that might be better for future mirrored ceilings than the Matterport suggestion: Instead of covering the ceiling with something, you could probably fashion a mask for the camera, something like a piece of thick cardboard or foamboard painted black, and mounted securely to the top of the camera. As long as it didn't wiggle much while the camera was moving, it might work to block out the...
My first Coach Drew 3 5 yearsfabien (28): Same problem with noises coming from high ceiling on an exhibition booth : Actualy, I do not find any solutions to remove these artifacts afterwards. Looking for some suggestions. Regards, Fabien
New Member Cindiewozniak 2 5 yearsJohnBecker (385): Cindie, other than turning on lights and/or closing blinds, you're pretty much at the mercy of the ambient light. The system handles it reasonably well, for the most part. As for mirrors, just try to mark them as early as you can. Even if they're not all the way visible in the scan, mark approximately where they are and then touch up the mark as the mirror's position is revealed more accurately in successive scans. The biggest obstacle I've...
A New Scan Question CharlieB 8 6 yearsGarySnyder (1816): Just got back from a job but I'm still using the old app until Matterport give the all clear. Rpetersn, welcome on board. Once I know that the new app is working without a hitch then I'll try as Charlie and you suggest not marking the windows or just trimming them to see how they look.