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'Matterport App' Topics

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Matterport: Can you scan upper level first? Before lower ones . skyload300 3 28 daysNoddy (105): @Skyload, yes you can. At the stairs going down to floor below, take one scan on the actual stairs just near the top step, then add/ name a new floor "Basement" etc, then move that scan to the lower floor and resume scanning down the stairs and on the lower floor. Just remember though, if there are any windows as you travel down the stairs, they need to be marked on that lower floor, not the floor above. Good luck!
Is Going From Matterport to BLK360 Seamless? c2astudio 3 2 yearsHarlanHambright (1717): What are the best camera settings for tour quality and no point cloud interest?
Matterport open in new window - skinnedview mikerodin 4 3 years3SixtyNow (420): The user can toggle the "View Fullscreen" in the lower right-hand corner of the tour when loaded.
Will IOS 11 be "Monumental" for Backups? VTLV 2 3 yearsRadie842 (254): I have 2 iPads and I put 11 on o e 2 months ago and have been using it. Seems to have no issues yet. I did do a backup before the download just Incase.
Matterport MIrror FIx viewnvisit 3 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9284): I have suspicions that Matterport are either planning on offering a service to us in the future, or allowing us to do this ourselves. If I had an estimate for this, it would be before GSV launches -- as we likely need to be able to blur license plates and people's faces.
Virtual Reality Run Around to get app again VTLV 4 3 yearsVTLV (2114): I sat with the client and the issue came straight from the website on an S4 smartphone. I tried the same with my S6. Both phones got cycled into get the Matterport app with no tour showing up on the app. Tried it again this morning on my phone and it worked fine. Called up my agent, just got a text saying it works. Went straight to the Matterport App with the tour. I'm taking a guess that someone at Matterport came across the issue posted...
Updating downloaded tour in Matterport Cloud Richierichks 2 3 yearsaristepp (58): You need to duplicate the raw scan first. Make changes on the duplicate copy and upload that copy. You will then have 2 copies of the same scan in your account but one will be called 'copy".