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[Resolved] Unable to upload MP Pro2 scans "Can't Upload, Camera Mismatch.." SeattlePhotog 2 3 monthsGETMYVR (831): Welcome to the forum and the pro 2 is only supported on certain new plans, not the starter plan so that would make sense. If you're in this for the Long haul you might want to see if you can find a classic plan, and good luck I hope everything works out for you.
Long term HarlanHambright 5 5 monthsDanSmigrod (25839): @Wingman Yes. Thanks for sharing that. @HarlanHambright You may want to duplicate the space before transferring. However, spaces cannot be transferred OUT of a Free or Starter account. This is to prevent abuse by users uploading to a Free account and transferring out to avoid processing fees. If a Schematic Floor Plan or Matterpak Bundle was purchased for the space, those will need to be downloaded and sent to the new host separately ...
Manage your Matterport plan and save money dave3d 4 6 monthsBrokerBruce (254): Understood. Thanks
Cloning Matterport spaces schaferu 7 10 monthslilnitsch (3073): Unfortunately, even if a Matterport support staff were to duplicate the model all of the edits (mattertags, highlight reals, etc) would have to be re-done as it creates an entirely new URL Even back in the day when we had the Amazing Dee still at Matterport to merge models together she recommended not making any edits until after she had merged the 2 spaces together
How to enable a Collaborator to upload to my Matterport account? DanSmigrod 9 1 yearDanSmigrod (25839): @3dshowcaseuk Ha! Point taken! Thanks for the additional clarification. Hi All, Like @3dshowcaseuk says! Do that instead of allowing Collaborators to use their own email address. Dan
Using a customer's Matterport Account jpierce360 3 1 yearjohnwheatley (138): . . . Or you can scan and upload with your account and transfer it them at no cost to you, easy peasy.