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Southampton, New York
Company Info
  • NY 360 East
  • NY 360 East and NY 360 Tours takes pride as a leader in digital marketing imagery. Named "top performing" Google Trusted Photographers in 2015, we continue to evolve and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Our 3-D Virtual Tours combined with fine art photography, video showcase, interactive floor plans, and many other products make NY 360 East and NY360Tours your partners for all of your digital marketing needs. Conveniently located in Sag Harbor and Huntington. -- NY 360 East
  • Mobile: 516-270-7612
Contact Info
Portfolio Examples
Photography Services
  • Google Street View 3D Tour
  • Still (HDR)
  • Videography
  • Aerial
  • 360° Spheres
  • 360° Videos
Additional Services
  • Floor Plan Creation (2D)
  • Floor Plan Creation (3D)
  • Floor Plan Tool
  • Home Staging: in person
  • Home Staging: in 3D models
  • Video: from 3D Showcase
  • Video: from .OBJ
  • Video: Creation Agency
  • Enhance .OBJ
  • Object File Software
  • Virtual Reality Agency
  • Augmented Reality Agency
  • Website: Single Property
  • Laser scanning
Languages Spoken
  • English