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Help Wanted! How to view GeoCV tour in VR on website9966

Liverpool U.K.
Convrts private msg quote post Address this user
Hello WGANers!

I mentioned this in another thread but thought it worth starting it as a new topic.....

Basically, you can't currently view GeoCV tours in VR.

I have just sat down with a client who loves the GeoCV offer and wants to self host but 100% needs the tours to be viewable in VR.... so we're stuck between a Matterport tour which is viewable in VR (but they don't have control of the content) or a GeoCV tour which isn't (but can be self-hosted).... a dilemma!!

There are potentially 60-80 properties so I was wondering is it at all feasible to build a way to view the GeoCV tours in VR online with a Google Cardboard etc similar to Matterport? I know they used WebVR to create their VR viewer but I wondered if there were any developers out there who had any idea of the potential for a viewer?
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New York City
AntonYakubenko private msg quote post Address this user
Unfortunately, we don't support VR yet. Our surveys have shown that only a couple percent of customers would actually like to use VR. Perhaps, you're in this exceptional group

But you could download all or selected panoramas and use third-party virtual tour solutions to build VR experience. We have not used any particular solution, but you might try

I'd recommend to significantly limit number of panoramas used for VR, maybe 1-2 per room, and some connecting panoramas in between. Users would teleport between them anyway, since smooth continuous movement between panoramas could cause motion sickness in VR.

I understand that manually downloading panoramas from GeoCV and uploading to a another service is not great user experience, but it could be a workaround for now. Hope this helps.
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Liverpool U.K.
Convrts private msg quote post Address this user
And that right there is one of the many reasons the GeoCV experience is so good.... you post a message asking for advice on this forum and you get a reply direct from Anton!!

Thanks for the advice Anton, as I've posted elsewhere we don't really work in the realty sector and for many of our clients the VR experience is an important requirement, so yes unfortunately we very much sit in that couple of %!

If we can create a VR experience from our GeoCV tours for clients then we're happy to do a bit more work in the meantime!

Thanks again Anton, the GeoCV system and experience is fantastic and you guys continue to impress!
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