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Introducing Envivo9922

Envivo_App private msg quote post Address this user

We have had the privilege of being part of the WGA community for a few years now and we would like to thank Dan for the opportunity he has provided us to learn from entrepreneurs and develop a strategy to introduce a new venture. We would like to start off by providing a brief history of our business and our journey to date. We are aware that there are many of you currently going though development strategies right now with your own initiatives.

I am the founder of our business, Envivo, I am Surveyor by profession. We have been operating in Australia in the surveying industry since 2011. Our surveying equipment is very costly however, it is worthwhile in the long run as it allows us to provide accurate information for our clients. Scanning has become a large part of our business so we purchased high precision scanners to enable us to move forward with technology and to provide us with a competitive edge in our sector. We originally started looking at diversifying our business as the cost of the equipment was so high (up to $200k) for industrial scanners.

We came across Matterport a few years ago and we immediately saw the connection it had with surveying as some of the principles of capturing a Matterport space were similar to surveying a building. We purchased a few Matterport cameras and developed agreements with developers, scanning their display homes. We also made contacts in the Real Estate industry and began using Matterport in that field. We are not marketing experts however, we were aware that we needed to become more familiar in this field in order to promote our business. The Agent would advertise the properties online, in the local paper and in their shop windows. We realised that by advertising via print media ie. magazines/ newspapers and in the Agents window,
there was no way of tracking who was looking at advertising. The Agent paid for the advertising space and then just waited for the phone to ring. Surely it would be more productive if there was a way to find out who was looking at the newspaper advert, which led us to develop our Envivo app.

Our App is based on image recognition. We have been working on this for 12 months and naturally we have encountered objections as to why this wouldn’t work. We do not profess to be the inventors of this technology however, we believe that we have developed a niche product that has potential.

You can discover more about our company on the following website:

We have encountered comments from the general public suggesting that our app is similar to a QR code reader. Well its similar in the way that you use your phones camera, however whilst this is indeed true, the client (advertiser) is unaware who is looking at their ad when the user scans with a QR Code reader.

The Envivo app is not only for real estate, in fact we are using it for all types of advertising and businesses. Our aim is that the app becomes usable for a number of cases as it logs the users’ details, which includes email, phone and location. This information can be used for remarketing purposes and could be valuable to some clients. We have found that we are having some success in the retail sector.

Our App could be offered as an add on to a Matterport business or a stand-alone solution for capturing leads. The users are specifically looking at your property and have taken the time to scan it and look further, so this app is of value to the realestate agents you work with and the user details can be provided as a qualified lead. All it takes is for you to upload the scannable image to our platform, then the image can be recognized and linked into the Matterport space.

I am happy to receive any feedback as we are always refining the app and I can answer any questions or comments you may have on the forum or please feel free to contact me privately.

Thank you


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Las Vegas
VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
The idea is certainly interesting. I suppose I have been so far removed from print advertising, I suppose this could help out those who still use it.

Do you guys have an average age of user figured out on this app?

I would see some reluctance of some to not want to download the app and simply would want to go to the website if it isn't too difficult to type. Where others may be open to adding one more app to their phone only if space allows. Where again, the time to download would be faster to type the web page (bitly link).

I downloaded the app to scan your images above. After visiting those 3 images on the site. What do I or other leads do with the app now? Is the incentive for guests who downloaded the app to have a log of sites they visited bookmarked in one space? Is there another pool of photos/services to direct them to in order to want to keep the app on their phone?

Thank you for taking the time to share this.
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Envivo_App private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the feedback!

When we started our R & D, we were looking for a way of improving the returns for the print marketing of Property Developers, advertising new properties. We viewed placing an advert in a newspaper a very inefficient way of promoting the development, as once the ad was placed, that was it. The developer would then hope that someone who viewed the ad in the newspaper would then call to make an enquiry. I think this is how it was in the early days of the internet, until marketing experts worked out remarketing and "pay per click". As we know, when we click on a link on a web page, our data is captured and then all of a sudden we start getting pop ups on our browser. Well why not apply this to the print media? This is what we are bringing to print media advertising.

We believe that the user (the general public) understands that they have a choice about which apps they download. Let’s say i have a client who engages us to enable their product in our app. If a user sees the advert in a magazine and they are interested in the product, however they decide not to download the app, then the cost to my client is zero. They have just paid for the print advertising like they always do.
If the user is really interested in the product and decides to download the app to enable them to scan the image and find out more information, then my client has now gained a qualified lead for a small fee.

We have found that if incentives can be offered by the client (advertiser), then the user is more likely to download the app as they will receive a benefit. For example if a car dealer advertises in a newspaper with our app, they have a banner "Scan here with the Envivo App" for free on road costs. This provides the extra benefit/ incentive to the user and they are more likely to download the app.
We are hoping that eventually the user wont need to specifically download the app when they see an Envivo enabled advertisement, as they will already have the app on their phone.

The average age of our users however, is defined by the clients that we work with. If we are mainly working with property, then the advertising will be aimed at the 25 to 50 age bracket and then this would follow on with the app downloads. If we work with event/ entertainment organisers e.g. festivals , then we will receive more app downloads from a younger generation.

In answer to your question ...

Originally Posted by VTLV
I downloaded the app to scan your images above. After visiting those 3 images on the site. What do I or other leads do with the app now? Is the incentive for guests who downloaded the app to have a log of sites they visited bookmarked in one space? Is there another pool of photos/services to direct them to in order to want to keep the app on their phone?

We have a "recently viewed" section in the App where you can browse the adverts you have scanned. This way you can scan now and view later, or keep a record of properties/cars/TV's that you have been interested in. We are also looking at notifications and creating a "latest offers" section which will enable users to view any special deals.

I would definitely love to hear of any other suggestions anyone has that could possibly benefit the end user.

Thanks for your time.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

If you have a client that is heavy into print - newspaper or magazine - you might you might want to play with the Envivo. (iOS, Android) App and the images above.


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