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WP3D Models FAQ: Can I Used WP3D Models WordPress with WIX or Squarespace?

Hi All,

Question: Can I use WP3D Models WordPress Plugin with WIX or Squarespace?

The following answer is from WP3D Models Developer Ross Peterson ( @rpetersn ) ...

The answer is yes AND no. WP3D Models was built as software that must be installed into a WordPress-based website. In the WordPress world, this is known as a "plugin" and is a big part of why WordPress is so flexible. 3rd party authors (like myself) can build specific tools that can be "plugged in" to WordPress to meet the needs of a specific audience of users. In the case of WP3D Models, the audience is you guys...the Matterport Pros. To recap though, WP3D cannot be installed/activated/used on any other platform other than a WordPress-based site.

With that said, many WP3D Models customers and installations are completed on something called a "subdomain site". This means that if your domain is "myfancy3dtours.com" (built with WIX, or Squarespace, etc.) then you can easily set up a separate "gallery" or "portfolio" site that exists on a SUBDOMAIN.

This new/separate site can then be built with WordPress & WP3D Models and will house all of your Matterport tours AND your unlimited single property websites. WordPress setup & hosting can be created quickly/easily and will remain entirely independent from your "primary" marketing site. Additionally you'll still benefit from WP3D's great SEO value, even when integrated as a subdomain.

Using the example above, a potential "subdomain" URLS would be:


-- OR --


-- OR --


You, as the owner of "myfancy3dtours.com" have the opportunity to select whatever you like as the "subdomain" portion ("gallery", "portfolio", "tours" and this is quickly/easily installed on a new WordPress site.

Does this help clarify things a bit?


I will add:

We Get Around Atlanta (www.we-get-around.com) uses Squarespace and WordPress, as Ross describes above. Our Gallery is a Subdomain of we-get-around.com ...

Here is an example Single Property Website created with WP3D Models and hosted on our site.


Note that: "gallery" is the sub-domain to we-get-around.com

We created our website before WP3D Models existed. If I was just starting out, I would use WordPress to host our entire site and then our Single Property Website would not need the Sub-Domain. The above example would look like this:


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