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Are you a product seller or a service consultant?9790

bryanhscott private msg quote post Address this user
For background about the topic title, recently, there was a forum topic that briefly debated the merits of marketing to only the upper 10% of top-performing, tech-saavy, real estate agents who "get it" vs. pursuing new business with less tech-savvy real estate agents, who "don't get it" and up to this point, have not used, nor see the need to use the type and quality of services we provide to market their listings (the other 80-90%).

One school of thought is that the less tech-savvy, lower producing practitioners are not worth pursuing, because they don't get it and the time and money spent trying to convert them might not be worth your while. After-all, you surely don't want to take your eye off the prize of working with customers who you don't have to sell.

Another school of thought is that if you spend more time training these agents, up to the point of handholding in order to make them smarter about why they should be purchasing our services by educating them on what's in it for them, you might be able to create a dedicated, paying, real estate media convert.

In order to convert the less tech-savvy, a provider arguably needs to become more of a "Service Consultant," which to me, means the whole experience, from consultation to delivery of media services, including helping create the whole experience for the customer and their end-users, then analyzing measurable results. In other words, a real value-add.

An entity that is just "Selling Products," to me, means advertise it, take orders for it, deliver it and move on to the next customer, which probably works OK for the more tech-savvy.

Do you lean more towards being a product seller, or a service consultant?

Do you believe the less tech-savvy customers are worth pursuing? If yes, what tricks or tactics do you employ to convert them?

I would love your feedback on the topic. Thanks much in advance!
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3DVirtuallyThere private msg quote post Address this user
Target those that get it, the rest will follow.

In my state a product seller pays sales tax, and a service provider doesn't.

I'd like to be a solutions provider of reality capture media.
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bryanhscott private msg quote post Address this user

Got it on the target customer.

Regarding being a product seller or a service consultant, my point was not about sales tax laws and their application to labor (services) or products (widgets). It was really more about methodology and procedure.

In other words, when you walk into Walmart to shop for TVs, you have to already know what you want and why, because you will likely not get any real assistance from an employee. Conversely, when you walk into Best Buy (at least the one close to me), a "sales consultant" will greet you with a smile and a whole bunch of experience to assist you in making your purchase decision, then will set you up with Geeksquad to get your new purchase installed & and set-up to your specifications.

One method is order taking and filling. The other is a more immersive, customer experience, yet the price for the same TV in both locations is nearly identical. Tough model to follow in our business, but you get the point.
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