Screen Grab: The Grommet | Carabiner Power Bank

Hi All,

Ha! Two of my favorite items in one!

"re-fuel by Digipower has merged two on-hand essentials into one smart helper that keeps you prepared, wherever you go. How? By integrating a 3000mAh charging battery into a sturdy aluminum carabiner that can carry up to 132 pounds."

"Clip the carabiner power bank onto a bag or stroller, or stash one in the car to help you do heavy carrying jobs, while at the same time being prepared for an unexpected dead phone. It can deliver up to two full charges and over 11 hours of video time or over 10 hours of talk time. It’s function meets convenience meets a just-in-case back up you’ll be happy you have."

Source: The Grommet

Did I mention that my birthday is coming up?


P.S. Saw this online while I was having lunch.