Hi All,

A WGAN Member reached out to me today (Sunday, 7 July 2019) asking me for a checklist of things to do to start a Matterport Service Provider business.

"I have been following the forum for 3 months now trying to stay on top of changing landscape. I am now ready to kick off my business using a Matterport camera. While I recognize you have/offer a ton of great information on your site, how do you recommend one gets started? Do you have a comprehensive checklist of the things to do? Recommendations for website designs, plug-ins etc?"

While I do curate the tools to succeed faster starting a Matterport Service Provider business - WGAN Standard Membership – and 70+ hours of training videos in the WGAN-TV Training Academy, perhaps surprising, I do not have a check list, per se, for starting a Matterport Service Provider business.

If you created a checklist – when you started your Matterport Service Provider business – could you share it either here? I could imagine that you even did a spreadsheet ....?