Let's talk about the tools everyone uses to keep up to date on the trends in the industry as they affect your client base.

We really like the NAR (National Association of Realtors) Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Report. We pour over it as soon as it's published to see how the landscape has changed for home buyers and sellers.

After all, we need to be able to sell our services to the people who sell our products to the home buyers and sellers. Always best to keep your eye on the long game!

If you want to purchase the report for yourself you can go here - https://store.realtor.org/product/report/2018-profile-home-buyers-and-sellers-download

**Please note that we do not receive any financial advantage through the sales of the report. We are just suggesting it as an effective vehicle for keeping up to date on the latest trends in Real Estate.

But if you're not sure it's a worthwhile expense, watch our first introductory video in the Building Blocks - Know Your Customer series and see how Kevin interprets the trends and data.