WGAN-TV GeoCV FAQs with GeoCV Co-Founder and Anton Yakubenko-Short Story #482 - How is GeoCV Different Compared to Matterport?

Hi All,

In these WGAN-TV Short Stories (#482, #483), GeoCV Co-Founder and Anton Yakubenko summarizes the differences between GeoCV and Matterport.

How else do you see GeoCV being different than Matterport?

The full WGAN-TV episode appears below.



P.S. Matterport apparently thinks GeoCV looks too much like Matterport. See:

Lawsuit: Matterport, Inc. versus GeoCV, Inc. - All Legal Documents
10 Reasons Matterport will acquire GeoCV

WGAN-TV - Matterport versus GeoCV with GeoCV CEO and Co-Founder Anton Yakubenko, PhD (17 January 2018)